List of Famous Manufacturers of Pure Cotton White Lace Fabric Factory

Silk fabric: For the work clothes made of silk fabric, it is recommended to dry them in a cool and ventilated place. List of well-known manufacturers of pure cotton white lace fabric factory.

lace trim

Polyester cotton woven fabric: It has always been used as the fabric of work clothes. 100% cotton fiber has good wrinkle deformation length. Polyester cotton woven fabric is not easy to pilling, but most of the cotton fibers are short fibers, so the strength is low.

The above are the characteristics of pure cotton woven fabric. I hope it can help you all round collar entrepreneurs and Hongsheng can help you.

Customized factory of work clothes. Work clothes are specially made for work needs, and are also uniform clothes for employees. Generally, the factory or company issues uniform clothing to employees, which is called work clothes. So, how much do you know about custom work clothes.

Work clothes are specially made clothes for work needs, and also uniform clothes for employees. Generally, the factory or company issues uniform clothing to employees, which is called work clothes. With the continuous development of the work clothes industry, more and more industries and enterprises need to use work clothes. Customizing work clothes has become a trend. Today, I will introduce the customization of work clothes.

Customized work clothes should be suitable. If they are not tailored, they should be selected. Especially for some special working environments and special working occasions, it is more necessary to provide personal protection. If the work clothes have been used in flame retardant, anti-static, waterproof and other special working environments, they must be carefully selected.

Now polyester is almost the version of all clothes, and its price and strength are worthy of attention, so many enterprises will choose different fabrics to make their own work clothes. Today, I would like to introduce the commonly used fabrics for polyester work clothes and their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, so as to make it more convenient for everyone.

Second, we should determine our own company. We have a good manufacturer of work clothes and our own production team. Even from the perspective of fabric, the manufacturer can provide you with the best guidance. If you need to customize work clothes,

The third is that you can choose customized work clothes according to the characteristics of the company or products, or make work clothes for customers according to the work needs of subordinate companies, or customized work clothes are more appropriate for the overall or enterprise needs.

In order to achieve the drapability of the cloth, push the cloth by hand. The arm cloth is required to be bent into a 45 degree angle in the longitudinal direction, while the other side is required to be 45 degrees, and the tightness should meet the design requirements. Sometimes, in order to match the design and processing technology of high quality, the cuffs, trouser legs and other accessories manufactured under pressure can maximize the absorption of human sweat, thus creating a smooth and anti-skid feel.

● Planning is not the development of the times, but the breakthrough and innovation of modern life. Economic progress also reflects people’s pursuit of high quality. Extraordinary design can bring full decoration experience; Unique design can bring full experience; High end aesthetic design, coupled with exquisite production, can not only create a unique decoration for yourself.

Long working time: 2 hours Production color: 1 hour Width: 27m ± 27m, 6000m ± 3m, special width: 1m 18m, specific width depending on the finished product: round.

The quotation must be guaranteed when ordering goods. Due to different styles and materials, the price is also different. Naturally, the port is the main port. If conversion is required


The number of packages of bulk goods is 100, one package, one large order, the number of packages is 50/yard, and one part is 1-1.

Chengtong tridie is an integrated R&D project independently developed by a factory, land and shield manufacturing company.

Major technical breakthroughs and industrial project managers in multiple fields have arranged these partners to witness the technical strength of high-end equipment remotely and at all times.

Remotely responsible for the research and development of various ultra flexible material wires and new patented technologies recently developed by the company, and obtained excellent engineering progress. It provides huge market potential for manufacturers.

Through continuous research and development, a series of new special nanofibers and ultra short curly wires have been formed, such as new end length, high hardness, high thermal conductivity, etc., which are used to make silk, and ultra-fine fibers with ultra-high performance price ratio have been made, and ten inch ultra-fine fibers have been developed.

The continuous development of technical solutions and products has also formed an efficient and comprehensive capacity for the development of ultra light polyester spinning. The cross section of the microfiber is flat, with grooves close to the ground, honeycomb at the grooves or inclined angles formed by the pores above the grooves, which is conducive to the formation of groove codes; However, the section angle of superfine fiber is more zigzag than that of conventional polyester ultralight fiber. In theory, the fiber has a greater inclination or inclination, so it has a good sound insulation effect. The high-strength fibers used in residential furniture, office desktop decoration and other occasions are high-strength fibers.

It can be seen from Table 1 that the cross section of superfine fiber is from inclined angle to uniform angle, and the cross section diameter of superfine fiber is greater than 5 μ Fine fibers, but the microfiber cross-section is 45 μ Root arrangement, this short and thin fiber is called microfiber. The superfine fiber combines the advantages of rubber, rubber and polyester cotton. The material can be composed of a variety of fibers. It not only has the characteristics of fine and soft surface, water absorption, oil absorption and tightness, but also has the unique functions of easy disassembly, easy recovery and available repair. It is a new high-tech green fiber.

Note: Organic cotton fiber is mainly used for women’s clothing. Bamboo fiber comes from America. Bamboo fiber is a kind of natural long fiber,

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