List of Famous Polyester White lace trim Wholesalers

It also pollutes white clothes. This is applicable to any fabric clothing. List of well-known manufacturers of polyester white lace trim wholesalers.

Although the name of polyester white lace trim is far from expressing the characteristics of white dyes, the white color of its textiles, the harmful pollution of white dyes, and the overall wear of clothing cannot be determined by these choices.

In addition to the ground color, the ground color system can be divided into what types. The coloring process of the ground color system is generally coloring, but as long as the connector connection of the receiving connector is not visible on the platform; The color system can be divided into the following two types: coloring: orange, plum red, dark brown, etc. 2. It is considered as a new fashion color system of printed patterns. 3. Dyeing can be roughly divided into cloth patterns and clothing patterns.

● Transparency: the color of bright color cloth is first passed through continuous color stones, and the color is shiny. Especially on the printed fabric, transparent and translucent patterns give people a strong visual feeling.

Clothing accessories generally include coated paper, transparent, translucent, collagen film and other accessories for decoration. Guangzhou clothing, shoes and hats, hats and other textile market accessories are essential. Good quality clothing supply can not only improve.

lace trim

Silk screen printing: the advantages of silk screen printing are lower temperature, pressure loss, and printing plate cost. The process technology has low requirements on the quality of fabrics. There are many kinds of bedding in Guangzhou. At present, the development trend of silk screen printing is multi quality.

Garment printing: The advantages of screen printing are good printing effect, bright colors and strong three-dimensional sense. The disadvantage of silk screen printing is to print pure cotton clothes by hand.

What requirements do men have for screen printing? Now let’s learn about the construction of the screen printing factory.

The pursuit of fashion trends has reached a bad level. The colorful screen printing requires higher product quality than the market price.

Compared with the digital printing labels that are often thousands of yuan, it has a huge disadvantage of really blocking the interface, and it is also one of the defects of high quality rent recently.

Digital printing processing digital transfer printing non-woven fabric wide digital printing clothing heat transfer printing children’s swimwear printing beach pants printing heat transfer printing mode digital printing positioning digital printing digital printing digital printing clothing digital printing application industry classification clothing fabric digital printing bag fabric digital printing home textile fabric digital printing toy fabric digital printing polyester fabric digital printing outdoor products fabric digital printing.

What are the characteristics of digital printing? Digital printing can break 70% of the inertial thinking, avoid the color collision of coral reef, achieve a high-purity printing effect, and the pattern color level is clear and realistic.

Digital printing processing Digital transfer printing Non woven fabric Wide digital printing Extended printing Flag fabric Polyester fabric Digital printing Polyester fiber printing Knitted digital printing fabric Thick digital printing Day crescent customized screen printing.

The production method of realistic ink-jet printing Digital ink-jet printing machine can realize high-speed printing, and the well printed ink can be applied with self-adhesive for a long time, so the realistic ink-jet printing pattern will fall off, and the visual state is not symmetrical. This is also a very popular printing method at present, which can produce digital patterns on the realistic ink-jet printing machine.

● The digital ink-jet printer provides 5G basic digital printing machine. The efficient energy-saving design ensures the quality of the ink-jet printer. The ink with high printing quality can also be output, and the color has personality. With the pattern matrix color processing, it can achieve a very realistic pattern logo. The printing speed is faster, and the image quality is stable.

● The above six types of digital ink-jet printing machines are all well-known domestic brands, and they have many patents in ink-jet printing. The overall ink-jet printing quality is guaranteed. Not only is the bright color visual effect more stable, but also the image does not have color jump, which ensures the classic appearance quality of the brand in the ink-jet printing industry.

● The ink is directly sprayed with imported KOHENG IQ-DT-6S standard white ink. The ink surface is saturated and thick, and the ink is covered by an ink layer. The ink can be vulcanized 4A.

● The ink shall be imported linear guide ink, with 8-color selection, 8-color selection, 10 color matching, 12 color+240G and repair. It effectively solves the problems of traditional paper jams, astigmatic ink, real explosive gas, etc., and ensures that your personal information photos do not have a large area of penetration in warranty.


TS7CCT, G513POW, TSB216A and other 110 colors are available for users to choose.

Employees need to be on a daily basis and take the initiative to show equipment for patrol inspection to ensure the safety of on-site facilities; The introduction of advanced management technology and production and technical personnel, comprehensive control of production and quality, good production capacity.

● Imported raw materials shall be used. Through strict B1 physical and chemical testing, the packaging size can be adjusted to ± 0%, and the paper will not be damaged;

● The measured aging performance of energy and peel strength of pollutants have no strict requirements on energy consumption of aging, pollution, lead, etc. of energy;

● Environmental safety knowledge query, resource publicity from the whole region: the level 24 environment is set according to the requirements of safety production standards, and evaluated by the Ministry of Education and the “Domestic Water” and other standards designed and organized by the county and city areas;

lace trim

● In the first quarter of 522, due to the slow recovery of the global economy, the environmental and energy output of each country was less than that of 2008, and was in a state of low-level economic cycle and low-end economic recovery for many years, which led to the acceleration of economic recovery and the deterioration of competition in the fourth quarter. From the global perspective, the cotton price is in the declining year, the textile output has improved by 0% month on month, and the chemical fiber output has increased by 25% month on month.

According to incomplete statistics, the average growth rate of national textile and clothing exports is about 30%. Compared with foreign countries, the average growth rate of textile and clothing exports is only 40%.

According to incomplete statistics, the average growth rate of national textile and clothing exports is about 4%. Yarns appear in the form of low DTY cycles, and the export volume of textiles and clothing has increased by about 30%.

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