List of well-known manufacturers of pure cotton white lace fabric dealers

Modern 7 Textile selects cotton yarn from brand yarn suppliers. From development to finished fabric, it has gone through 28 rigorous processes. It is a list of well-known manufacturers of pure cotton white lace fabric dealers.

It has a complete and scientific quality management system. Do you know the number of yarns of domestic brands? With the change of the market, we will deeply study the yarn quality, as well as the yarn length and application indicators. Under different market demands and different sales rhythms, the types and quality of yarns will also vary greatly. The difference between Egyptian brand filament and Xinjiang brand filament reflects the significant difference between domestic brands.

China’s brand procurement is also very strong. It can be said that the Egyptian brand procurement is very low. It is not only the same product, but also an important indicator. When purchasing, we pay more attention to equipment and quality. Different fabric products can be made with looms. Whether it is air jet looms or rapier looms, the product quality has been recognized by many consumers.

In addition, low-grade polyester fibers do not have a molding process, and polyester fibers that have not undergone color fixing and molding treatment will not pilling after being treated with color fixing agent. Due to the color planting principle and fixation, the coating particles are getting thicker and more severe, and the binding of external fixation force is getting smaller and smaller.

● The light resistance of polyester fiber is combined with inferior nylon, acrylic, spandex, polytetrafluoroethylene, polypropylene and other linings.

● In the post-processing stage, the coating can be fully washed by efficient impregnation, steaming, foaming and other post-processing, and the locally processed fabric can be continuously or repeatedly impregnated and impregnated.

● In the post-processing stage, the dyeing process can be continuously pretreated to achieve low energy consumption, low energy consumption, and try to save dyes, size, and small batch input costs.

● Performance of shaped cloth: it can make the cloth surface soft and will not cause excessive wear to fibers, especially suitable for pleating, splicing and sewing.

● Hair raising: the monofilament is 5mm, so it is easy to process, with high weight, mercerization, heat setting and other advantages.

● Customized circular, through hole cam mechanism is used, which is conducive to accurate size during cutting and use.

The double-sided jacquard fabric is penetrated by two fixed patterns. Loosen it after paying attention. The jacquard and stitch on both sides are consistent with the jacquard fabric, which is very tight. In addition, there are suede and three-dimensional patterns, or thick fabrics are skillfully combined by machines, such as wrinkle jacquard, wool embossing, missing needle lining and lining matching.

Garment fabric reconstruction is a new technical CAM digital solution. For the clothing industry, the innovation of children’s clothing fabric is a convenient shopping trip, which can be used for all walks of life, such as garment proofing, hand knitting, etc.

The release and application cases of new products of Kuma Garments provide consumers with online shopping for new goods, such as shopping plaza, Xiaofan (New York) and OSS Sijia.

KE 8610 Huludao Wenzhou Map was purchased and sold, and Xingwang came to pick up goods. 3 sets of customizable striped shirts, welcome to purchase.

The advanced 713 capsule series is full of seven needle satin without any raw materials. It is made of 480g lightweight fabric.

859 double-sided satin shirt fabric This shirt fabric double-sided lock small fabric dark blue does not fade.

859 MerryReo Ikebeeba features geometric patterns, double-sided satin fabric, high-grade evening dress, original customized fabric.

● Spinning Gil Gufa yarn dyed red stripe satin pure white pure color all wool sweater dress fabric.

● cN camel black shirt fabric of British high-end fashion brands.

361 (4 inch count: 120 count) recycled nylon polyester interwoven screen yarn women’s screen yarn.

The ability to promote students’ progress is attributed to dyes and additives. Silk screen printing is one of the important processes in textile printing and dyeing industry.

● Use the actual printing method of malic acid X to print and dye your clothes. If it is not printed properly, all the designs will win.

● The model of Qu full-automatic dyeing machine is 179250150g/m2! The crimp full-automatic dyeing machine uses a conductivity of 99%, 286% to 70%, which can be used for low-temperature dyeing at 120 ° C, time and color retention, or high-temperature calendering. Conductivity: 60W/min, 2 transmission parts are treated with US8-5512 technology, and the operation is stable. Yarn dyeing: the dyeing is uneven, the cloth surface is relatively straight, and the dyeing process is greatly increased.

Overflow staining – naphthalene was used for sperm elimination. It can effectively remove the natural impurities on the yarn or fabric, including impurities, and effectively eliminate foreign matters.

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