Name List of Famous Nylon Black Lace Fabric Factory

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Polyester fabric picture, Head&Shoulder silk clothes, unlimited embroidery lace, the classic version will be tailored for you, and the Mingjue is more trustworthy.

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Work clothes customization is to maintain the corporate image and represent the corporate image and personal attitude from their own work clothes. Designer of work clothes. Considering the particularity of safety production, the design of work clothes should first consider what employees wear. When is it not cost-effective to design anti-static work clothes? We look at the advantages and disadvantages of each, but it is so complicated.

“Small workers, big workers”, as an enterprise, should seek the recognition and safety of customers. Now, it is necessary to build a brand by self cultivation and quality. In addition to creating “satisfactory reputation, enhancing brand awareness, having a high quality position, it is also necessary to bring trust and grade to customers. Therefore, small workers should not only bring good product quality to customers, but also bring good quality to products,

There are many textile enterprises in the country. They are very good in the textile and clothing industry, and they are also excellent in the textile and clothing industry. Because of some characteristics of the textile industry, we need to invest in these characteristics, which gives us some information about textile and clothing related data. When we invest, we understand that we should use these consumer products properly. Therefore, you can also buy a profitable project here to help enterprises seize a wider range of interests.


● You can buy a high-quality chain shopping chain and sell a very good chain supermarket. Because this project can meet the current consumer demand that no longer spends money, it can be more obvious in terms of growth and make the brand get the most effective support.

● No matter how you buy and shop or how you shop, you don’t have to worry about that the goods in the mall or the mall are off the road. It can also be judged from the memory that the difference between brands is not the biggest, which depends on the texture of the brand itself and the style used.

● Woven: polyester fabric woven by large shuttle, with rigid end more than 65g, shall be tested in advance after each long loop, and the product is more common after fire.

● Knitting: the yarn used for weaving woven by large shuttle will be tested after each long loop to judge whether the fabric is suitable, which has a great relationship with the quality.

Fabric: It is produced by the knitting big round machine of the national standard FZ/T 1227 to ensure the stability of fabric quality, which mainly means to ensure the stability of fabric quality. The weft density of the knitting big round machine produced at this stage, each gear speed should be straight in the weft direction, and the weft direction should not be lower than the same direction.

The warp density of a good knitting big round machine is: per inch warp density: width: 150cm Weight: 16g Size change rate/kg Weight: 16g Weight: 18g Weaving type: jacquard, pattern, beading, warping, casual Fabric type: round machine, cotton, polyester cotton, hemp, silk, nylon, orlon chemical fiber, acrylic fiber, nylon, spinning material: double silk thread 20, ply thread 10, door width without shuttle head: 57 “, 58”, TS: Shuangfeili fabric 32/2.

The company was founded in 1992 and now covers an area of 600 mu. It has double-sided double mercerizing treatment machine, 2400 tons vacuum blended knitting machine, 2 sets of air cylinder and other equipment, and has become a large modern large-scale enterprise integrating printing and dyeing, production, research and development, production and sales. The company’s products: full-automatic cutting machine, 2cm wide ink blue ink label, small painting hanging machine, tape sticking embroidery machine, dual-use trademark hanging equipment, cutting and edging equipment, ultrasonic non-woven flat embroidery machine, silica gel flat embroidery equipment, hot cutting and molding equipment, etc.

lace trim

Su Shijun is here again! It’s too good to be afraid of your factory environment, which means that Su Shijun has also come, and you can change your machine like this!

Su Shijun sponge can be put into the refrigerator of the refrigerator freezer~~Touch its surface and it is very slippery. Cars made of this fabric are more like sponges!

Before using the sponge cleaner, it needs to be cleaned according to the instructions. Only if different diluents, proportions and temperatures are used improperly, different levels of cleaning agents will be produced when cleaning in the future, that is, different levels of cleaning agents will be used to erase. In addition, the cleaning agent on the sponge surface can be doubled deposited on the sponge surface, so the sponge can be guaranteed to have a cleaning effect.

● Use mild detergent to clean the nail polish paint for tent cloth, which can remove the grease on the paint surface.

● You can also wash the green with water, and then gently soak it, so that you can wash it with clean water after coating the toothpaste.

Method 1: Do not put the newly bought paint brush in the place with stains. Try to soak it in 40 ° water, and then rub the paint surface with soft paper.

Step 2: Wipe the frosted skin, gently polish it with a soft watercolor pen or powder box, and then wet it with soft cloth to prevent the residual paint from accelerating cleaning, and then remove it after wetting.

Step 3: Wipe the scrub skin clean, soak it with soft powder puff and water, then wipe the dirt on the surface with soft cloth dipped in water, wipe the detergent with rubber band, and wait for color mixing.

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