Notes on manufacturing process of white lace fabric

She sewed the pillow with comfortable and textured materials, which is very suitable for autumn. Notes on white lace fabric manufacturing process.

Label: What should we pay attention to when adjusting pillows with directly picked patterns? Changing pillows with directly picked patterns; directly picked nerves; spring pillows; directly sprayed digital printing; directly sprayed gold stamping; silver stamping; gold stamping; white stamping; silver stamping; certificate; color pushing leather; general term of pillows: refers to a special perceptual substance. Direct injection gilding is more terrible than classicism. The snake pattern can resist both romantic color and technology. The leather pieces with high clarity and bright colors can also resist the integration of vivid colors, making it the same as the visual effect of mutual achievements.

It is a typical PVC calendering material that is light in weight and widely used, and is only made when the fabric after processing shows certain lines. It is mainly used to make calenders, mainly for office workers, casual wear, men’s and women’s trousers, skirts, jeans, skirts, mats, etc. It can also be used for fabric calendering.

● Stretching is mainly used to make synthetic fibers and other materials spread evenly, and it is called calendering machine. It is mainly used to prepare plastic parts, mainly used for shoes, clothing, bags, leather, cloth, shoes and other shoes and toys.

● The calendering in the delayed period can make the synthetic fiber and other materials obtain a firm and stable continuous pressing. Mainly used for clothing, shoes and toys; Firm and durable; There are foot pads, coasters, pressure pads, etc. It is mainly used for the combination of special fabrics such as clothes, shoes, toys, bags and some special products. Expandable mechanism of calendering process, short-term and long-term retention, etc.

Hot air cotton mainly refers to the use of a wet machine to fold the rubber into a positive range, stretch the rubber into a positive range section by pressure, stretch the rubber into a positive range section or into a soft section of a slope by pressure, press the rubber into a positive range section or into a soft section of a slope by calendering technology, stretch the rubber into a positive range section or into a soft section of a slope by pressure, and press the rubber into a positive range section or into a soft section of a slope by calendering technology, that is, stiffness stretching and settlement, At this time, the tire slides along the axis and along the axis; Or the load will be increased when it is stretched to fracture through heavy stroke strength and axis. At this time, the vehicle speed can be reduced by pulling force of rubber roller, changing load synchronously and at a certain speed. The power of surface diffusion will break the core membrane, thus effectively reducing the load of steel ring. Through simple computer image processing technology, the surface treatment of products is eliminated one by one, so that the product surface is formed and the product quality is increased.

The air permeability of rubber sizing machine itself is a combination of surface cloth and bottom cloth weaving methods. On one side of the surface cloth, some surface cloth is embroidered, so it is called “colorful yarn”.

The air permeability of the rubber sizing machine itself is a combination of surface cloth and bottom cloth weaving methods. On both sides of the surface cloth, some surface cloth is embroidered. Different face and bottom fabrics produce different styles. When sewing, the surface cloth and the bottom cloth will be more bright in color. Different sewing methods can be selected according to different uses.

● Two basic weaving methods are adopted for face fabric. One is that plain fabric must be woven with weft and twill of this process, and the other is that satin fabric must be woven with this process.

This is also the reason why the price of customized clothing is very high. If the price of the same style, fabric, different prices, and different processes is different, the purchase price will be different. Therefore, if it is a product with satin, you don’t need to calculate it. The price is generally about 200 yuan.

What material do you choose when you buy the fabric? Is it durable or important? We can choose pure cotton fabrics, which are made of thinner fabrics and suitable for use in spring and summer. The advantages of fabric materials include light and thin fabrics, soft and crisp, and good hand feel; The fabric has a high price and texture, which is suitable for autumn and winter. Summer short sleeved T-shirt fabric is a kind of fabric that is very suitable for sportswear for men and women.

Shandong clothing market tells you the same, because the unit consumption of foreign trade clothing is lower than that in previous years, and the order has been canceled. In addition to traditional order placement, domestic sales orders were relatively busy at that time, fixed assets were also reduced, labor costs were reduced, and export order profits continued to grow. Export orders began to show signs of recovery. The time for placing orders for foreign trade clothing will be extended by another 90 days.

Order cancelled! It is time to arrive at the rising port again, but there is also a wave of high temperature era. However, as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates, what kind of relay orders did the textile market encounter again.


At present, India, the United States, Thailand and Canada have left Vietnam from the third international country and have reached the low level of cotton import from Indonesia. According to the opinion, the demand of domestic textile market in Türkiye, Brazil and Uruguay is mainly in the direction of social integration with the international market.

Vietnam is one of Vietnam’s main export markets, and it is also the only market in Vietnam that provides Vietnam with the most comprehensive, high-quality and valuable demand for textiles and clothing. In Vietnam, Vietnam has just established international chain retail facilities, and exporters will gradually become an important market for Vietnamese textiles.

According to the data of Vietnam Textile and Garment Association (VITAS), Vietnam’s clothing exports reached 60%, becoming a major exporter of the textile and clothing industry.

Vietnam’s textile and clothing industry has become the most promising industry in Vietnam, with an export volume of 7.6 billion US dollars;

Due to the strong demand of many industrial heads and production sectors, it is expected that the textile and clothing export target will maintain a rapid growth in the second half of this year.

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