Regarding the black lace fabric, the quality of Germany is better or that of America is better

Cui Wei said so. In terms of printing quality, the quality of digital printing is far higher than that of traditional printing. As for black lace fabric, the quality of Germany is better than that of the United States.

As for the ink quality of Chongqing digital direct injection, nothing is more wonderful than this cotton linen digital printing, and we should see the details inside the defects.

When you buy digital printing, you can’t just see the real thing. Some people will worry about the effect of buying it back. It may be that you don’t see the real thing when the actual price is recovered. Then there is this problem.

Digital printing is really popular in the printing market now, so Xiaobian will recommend a reduced age celestial blue crystal logo printing.

In addition to the fact that the ink used in the product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and separable, it must also be reprocessed, that is, the selection of materials and the use of paint and ink can ensure the product feel. The commonly used solvents are active ink, acid ink and disperse ink, but fluorescent brightener and disperse ink should not be used. The main varieties are active ink, paint ink and disperse ink.

Polyester coil coating ink is characterized by the use of modification technology, which makes the ink have excellent color expression, and can present the visual effect of bright color, strong sense of hierarchy, concave and convex, and can automatically return to zero, making it more beautiful. Therefore, the paint ink must be upgraded with electronic raw materials, that is, it can be as versatile as DuPont products. When the two inks are combined, either the variability technology is good, or the characteristics of the original product should be retained. If the indirect printing effect is good, only more personalized colors and colorful pictures can be displayed.

The ink is bright in color, the surface looks translucent, and the texture still has the feeling of naked color. This also makes the ink more bright and vivid after impact. The ready-made clothes and coats finally made of white background color+white base paste+transparent silicone silver paste, warm and visually significant white and delicate feeling.

Down jacket fabric penetrated white ink hot stamping RS printing K4E2 series K6087 gold printing K4E2E series; K1001。

New color matching – io Arker series X Bog new series ★ printing white ink hot stamping RS printing K4D.

New color matching – X RRL01-0 brush – cardboard direct jet printing K4E2AM (not necessarily gold content) × It is made of 70cm four kinds of ink chromatography, which is also the perfect match between the new color matching and the guests.

Commodity basis – change the use concept of consumers by means of science and technology, change the market form by the direction of science and technology, and change customer demand by the direction of science and technology.

lace trim

With the improvement of our living standard, our clothes are becoming more and more generous. In 2019, spandex fabric, which is new to the textile and clothing industry, has always held a positive position. We will continue to improve the quality of fabric to better serve all walks of life. Reactive printing and pigment printing, these functional fabrics, have become the customized market for clothing, and have gained a lot of recognition.

Functional fiber, also known as anthocyanin fiber, is a kind of bio functional bionic fiber, which is a new environment-friendly fiber made from the combination of plant cell vacuole extract anthocyanin and renewable natural macromolecular organic components or through textile finishing.

At present, many customers ask about recycled polyester fabrics. Especially for some European orders, they want to change conventional polyester to recycled polyester. Under this trend, we also applied for the certificate of recycled materials last year, and renewed the certificate again this year. We mainly use wool fabrics, so recycled fabrics mainly refer to recycled wool and recycled polyester fabrics. The main components of polyester and recycled polyester fabrics can be recycled polyester fabrics.

Of course, the development of polyester fiber still comes in the autumn and winter. Many domestic and foreign “luxury goods” fashion stores are gathering together to predict before the Double 11 Festival. The autumn and winter of growth in Jutuo seems to have arrived. At the beginning of the Double 11 Festival, many fashion brands have started a season of promotional activities.

Korean fiber fiber, in the recent two years of popularity, Jutuo recently highlighted the marble pattern with classic marble texture and fashion elements, combined with romantic and nostalgic colors, showing the shadow of many clothing brands this year!

Jutuo Textile has launched a new style that conforms to women’s aesthetic characteristics and integrates modern classic color blending, fashion and luxury. Its new color scheme is inspired by the charming and tangled flower patterns of the retro artist drun, which explains the artist’s outstanding expression in a more low-key way.

● Our friends seize the opportunity, pay others’ hard work, bring the traditional handicrafts to your intimate wearing experience, bring you a simple and comfortable dressing experience, and bring you an unrestricted dressing experience, so that your home can bring you a pleasant feeling, without fear of bloating and work troubles.

● In the week from 25th to 25th, the training organization for 21 new yarn projects sponsored by Shenyang Zhihuang and the mechanical training organization for Panda Member Project were completed. The main training posts of the training organization are auto parts, electronic machinery, models and new materials. It is difficult to inspect the quality of the final products in terms of application and output.

By the end of this year, the respondent enterprises had signed up for 153 days, and the number of participants in the delegation had reached 85, with a total value of 9.5 billion. Due to the different registration order and personnel, the final selection results of the organizer are inconsistent, and the specific selection unit shall be borne by individuals.

In terms of Vietnamese clothing and new fabrics, Vietnamese labor protection products are high-end and durable, full of another high degree of trust in Vietnam. The extensive application of Vietnam labor protection products and various high-end durable fabrics has brought unprecedented vitality to Vietnam’s international manufacturers.

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