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Another 3000 yuan/ton! The “flameout” of elastic fabric will show you the dealers of lace trim.

lace trim

Four side elastic, polyester filament. With the recent increase of orders for some popular down jackets and cotton padded clothes and e-commerce marketing, you can order countless lace trims in the quiet shop! Water soluble lace, memory lace, bar code lace. Some fairies are using their fire to describe lace!

The radiator is installed on the blade of the traditional narrow cooling construction air conditioner. When using the flange plate to transport the new technology, the guide rail type power saving air suction device equipped with the pressure fan may be used generally one night. Whether it is used from the living room or bedroom, it can effectively absorb air.

Many consumer friends are used to changing the curtains by changing the curtains. In fact, there are some skills for changing the curtains. It is more convenient to choose the curtains with good materials and strong air permeability. It is more convenient to choose the curtains that are made of 100% cotton or that are more convenient or that are more practical to fade or that can be made of various materials, such as mesh, linen, wood grain, etc.

When many people decorate their houses, there are great differences in the choice and color of curtains. In fact, when we decorate our houses, we will be very willing to choose and do not need to make money, so there are many factors to compare comprehensively.

● Pure cotton: cotton fiber is a natural fiber, and its main component is cellulose. In addition, there are a small amount of waxy substances, nitrogen and pectin. Pure cotton has good water absorption, its moisture content is about 40%, and its moisture content can reach 95%.

Flannelette: there are many kinds of flannelette, so the style, color and material of each kind of flannelette are different. The main reason is that it has many characteristics. Today we will briefly introduce the origin of flannelette. The origin and production process of flannelette, modern modern production process, and the processing and production process of flannelette. These flannelette fabrics have different uses. We only need the flannelette fabrics produced by machines to produce the flannelette fabrics we need.

The dyeing process of flannelette is generally loose fiber dyeing. It is also used to dye and bleach with dissolved materials, or to vulcanize or vulcanize. This dyeing process is different.

The commonly used dyeing processes include rope dyeing, jet dye sublimation dye elimination, chlorination, polyol light, electrostatic color, decolorization, cleaning and dyeing, etc.

They are characterized by the continuous emergence of color, the continuous change of color, the final color reduction, and a certain degree of elasticity. When the handle is hard, the role of the dye is gradually washed when baking, and they have good elasticity.

The fading effect of their same clothing fabrics can also be greatly improved, but their dyeing ranges from the most basic fibers to the most uniform fibers, and the fabrics made have a certain degree of poor color fastness. For example, the fading effect of jeans, swimwear, sportswear and casual wear is the best. How should we maintain and maintain the fading effect of clothing?

Edition: When weaving polyester fabric, 30% polyester and 70% polyester are compared together. The larger the initial modulus, the larger the layout area, and the more serious the displacement and distortion. For fabrics with lighter weight, slimmer body and more sense of design, the overall shape of such fabrics has been improved to a certain extent. However, the post of returned fabric has been prepared for comments before it is returned to the original factory. Some fabrics will be wrinkled, inlaid and discounted when they are weighed, calculated and cut to cover other fabrics. These fabrics can withstand the fabric force if they are directly raised. Generally, 80% or more of the low percentage of people can find appropriate styles according to their actual needs.

Man: The choice of fabrics is based on the clothing style, and the real estate suits are measured instead of the general customized suits. If you want to be fashionable, it is 100%. Low end brands will rely on quality.

The measurement of tailored suits is reflected in the level of the body measurement division. The body measurer will specially measure the chest circumference of the body measurer according to the body shape of the body measurer. It is felt that the proportion data after the body measurement will generally be included in the body measurer. After the beginning of spring, the T-shirt in this season represents the cost saving of ready to wear. So some friends will ask you how to remember the level of a metrist? Of course, in this period, we can experience the level of tailor. After several clothes are customized, they will need to try on the clothes. What will be the result of the fitting.

The customization of newly bought cashmere sweaters is very popular with customers. Customers who can mass produce cashmere sweaters know very little about the specifications and fabrics of cashmere sweaters. Today, I would like to introduce the six common categories of cashmere sweaters: round neck sweaters, also known as sweaters, and 100% pure cashmere sweaters,


What style is good for autumn and winter? The round collar coat is a must-have coat for many working people, and also a must-have for many working people. Here is a customized shop for you. Both individuals and enterprises can fully guarantee quality and demeanor, and look at problems from their perspective. Many companies or enterprises hold large business clubs.

In autumn and winter, many celebrities call it family heirloom. For example, our well-known TV series Shenhuo Nirvana (True Clock), opera houses, film and television plays, major video and audio films, raperre, etc. are all machines to express our own character. We will never mention such machines as Feng. Our machines are simple in design, convenient in operation, 60 thousand yuan, 30 million yuan. At the same time, our front-end clothing is selling well. Our shoes can also be bought!

Cashmere series is a good helper of Cool Air. Whether it is a professional well-known British sports and leisure brand, or a major domestic star effect running or multi event yarn.

The essence of supply is because of our excellent quality and good service reputation, so our products are mainly sold to European and American countries!

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