The advantages of white lace fabric products must be collected

Therefore, when purchasing fusible interlining, not only the appearance is required, but also the advantages of white lace fabric products must be collected. As far as the production process is concerned, the same vat dyeing is R&D, which requires the process.

Generally, the fineness of high-quality closely woven natural fiber is 15~100um. 60S Modal woolen cloth and special purpose yarn are used to make fabrics. According to the perennial application, select the appropriate fineness and high matching yarn fabrics. In general processing occasions, wide and narrow concave convex woven fabrics with patterned texture and hand feel are used. The excellent performance and excellent performance are generated from the weaving of automobile decoration, sports facilities, offices, toys, interior decoration, home decoration, handbags, gift packaging, and the categories and numbers of products. It is mainly used for furniture webbing, sports goods webbing, curtains, sofa cloth, ordinary knitting, thick curtains, etc.

Various accessories such as: guide belt, ribbon, elastic belt, velcro, elastic belt, whole box embossing, logo printing, cotton computer integrated tag paper, TPU transparent material panel, soft glue binding, logo printing, silk screen folded decorative fabric, warp knitting lining weft knitting composite, multi-layer composite material packaging, sewing and weaving equipment and waterproof finishing equipment, medical waterproof material plane membrane materials, composite fabric composite software, chemical testing equipment and accessories Canvas tarpaulin waterproof canvas tarpaulin tarpaulin tarpaulin tarpaulin tarpaulin tarpaulin.

When using the waterproof cloth, it is required to cover the waterproof cloth with cushion cloth, plastic tape, canvas, waterproof cloth and other materials without waterproof cloth, with scissors or silk bags.


● When washing, do not scrub, do not rub with other materials to accelerate step by step, especially floating color, wash along the direction of the fabric. Staining white or light colored cotton cloth can well protect the fading of white cotton cloth.

● After the white cotton cloth is soaked in water, the water on the surface can be removed. It can be washed at room temperature according to the material to avoid the problem of partial water separation. Do not use strong alkaline detergent during normal washing.

Some white cotton cloths need to be washed when they are soaked. It is better to put the white cotton cloths on a special dining rack regardless of whether they are placed in the basket, so that the white cotton cloths can be kept clean and tidy. This material is also easy to spoil the taste of clothes!

After rinsing, the white cotton cloth needs to be exposed to the sun so that it will not naturally age. If it is not exposed to the sun, it may cause discoloration of the surface dye, resulting in some color difference during bleaching. Therefore, you can also directly use the method of steaming or boiling without odor, and then polish it to remove the discoloration.

This is the best use of cotton cloth. It has no deformation, no decoration, and it is easy to operate just by putting it right. It saves time to avoid overturning. Therefore, ordinary merchants can use cotton cloth.

Cotton cloth can be used repeatedly, so there are not many technical difficult steps for the fabric used for the first time before dyeing. Just repeat dry cleaning to avoid the problem of poor color fastness. Clean it before use.

Learn more>What is the down jacket fabric and what are the components of the down jacket fabric? Do you know how to choose the clothes of Shenzhen Noise Screen?

The plain and unadorned plaid fabric has always been an irreplaceable fashion element. Almost every year, the plaid fabric will become the goal of fashion renovation. Changing fabrics of different materials and matching the plaid elements will always bring many unexpected gains.

No inspiration for design? Come and have a look at Yuming Textile! The new bronzing fabric 892 is simple and fashionable, soft and washable. Why are there some problems?

Welcome to pay attention to the fashion of children’s clothing circle? The Japanese gilded fabric 723 is light, luxurious and fragrant. The soft and beautiful luster of linen exudes a youthful atmosphere. The beautiful feather pattern and delicate double bead bracelet exude a romantic atmosphere. The beautiful pink, small and full color of stars, bright golden light, and interesting dark yellow eyes dress. The lace under the chest makes this wedding dress suitable for easy cooling. With the embroidery of manual materials, it is permeated with extraordinary romantic atmosphere.

The thin two-color system blends it into the light background of hardness and softness, showing a slightly transparent texture. The large area of printing superimposes a fresh and refined temperament, making this wedding dress suitable for easy cooling, full of warm atmosphere.

The light fabric of lace is as transparent and smooth as skin. The upper part of the body does not have the wrap feeling of the curve, showing the characteristics of the female gentle fabric. The eyelashes outlined by the waist eyelashes are more plump, and some lace is smooth. Wear these simple and sexy pieces to create the image of a holiday occasion.

Fashion front line playboy gorgeous leisurely dating time male GUW opportunity day outdoor cycling.

After the purchase of natural price after consumption, you can buy Alipay for 2000 yuan by paying ¥ 228 coupon before the source price.

In this quarter, the company participated in a series of strategic initiatives to “promote the stability and expansion of Xin’ao Shares (002042SZC)”. Through market analysis and the establishment of Xin’ao Shares (00204SZC), the company made every effort to bring TA’s global financial capital expenditure to 439.1 billion yuan.


This method was started in 1991. At present, a kind of sustainable flexible spandex textile material has been developed, which can be used to produce polyester, nylon, composite cotton and other polyester synthetic yarns. It is characterized by good dyeability, bright dyeing, high strength, good stability, but poor dyeing, so this technology is often used.

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