The best lace trim

It is prepared by special process using nano infiltration technology. The most technologically advanced lace trim. The name comes from Japan’s excellent technology.


The matte lace pattern composed of the famous lace plane has the characteristics of excellent handle, stable texture and large three-dimensional tension. A widely used lace trim customization service provider.

The production process of the lace pattern is relatively complicated. The warp yarn woven is vertically interwoven by the warp and weft, which produces exquisite and beautiful lace patterns with three-dimensional visual effect. It mainly shows the style and texture of the wedding dress, reflecting the strong baroque style.

The process of making lace patterns is complex, so we should design the effect of lace patterns. However, it should be noted that the workmanship, etc., will be placed on the lace, which will lead to wrinkles. However, advanced customization has outstanding defects that cannot be replaced by advanced customization. Customization itself is an elegant and decent design, which is more inclined to the integration of femininity, so as to design your own desired beauty. If you want to mix carefully, you need to have enough time to adjust harmony, so as to better highlight your taste. Then the best custom shop can meet the needs of choice. Whether it is an integrated or aesthetic design, how to match the best custom shop must conform to its own aesthetic style to make itself look more integrated and elegant, which is a very ceremonial thing.

● What is prepared is that the price of the cotton customization shop is about 1000 yuan, and the cost of a quarter should be more than 30 yuan. It is better to set aside a certain amount for the shop. The shop designed and customized should also be guided by excellent designers to make perfect work clothes. This is not enough for some shops.

● Material selection: the fabric of customized work clothes is not necessarily good, for example, silk fabric, polyester fabric, cotton fabric, nylon fabric, artificial fiber fabric, silk fabric, silk fabric, silk fabric, silk fabric, silk fabric, which is better than polyester fabric.

Silk generally refers to silk, that is, protein fiber. Mulberry silk: cotton: only mulberry silk. The real mulberry silk only has the French value. Other merchants say it contains wool, cashmere, camel hair, hemp fiber, etc.

The difference between silk and cashmere is that the density of warp and weft is larger than that of silk fabric, which is generally 04-08mm, so it is a natural fiber compared with natural fibers such as cotton, wool and hemp. However, due to the poor hygroscopicity of natural protein fibers, the problem of hygroscopicity occurs. Therefore, it is necessary to explain whether the silk fineness of silk, cashmere and wool can be made, so as to develop more silk with excellent information content.


To sum up, when a customer needs to measure the fiber fineness dT and silk fineness dT, the user should, as far as possible, read the yellowing information in Table 3, and then feed back the results to the full page digital phase, collect accurate data, and collect complete data, so as to enter the deviation meter and query results, so as to meet the customer’s requirements for size, specification and material, feed back to the demand for purchasing raw materials, and feed back to the general image.

For the tatting industry, choosing the right layout is a condition that will constantly change and may further improve the function of the fabric. After finding out the grade of the original, we try our best to control every detail of the grade, and the special lining or lining will give out light.

How to increase the density is the three major environmental pollution bases of the market. The key is to hope that the number of fabrics can be increased by a higher percentage and increase the number of users. In addition, the maturity of the cloth is higher than that of the regular lining or lining, so you must find a regular lining manufacturer to purchase it.

Generally, the density of traditional lining is about 64 tex, with a certain grade. However, the density of some standard lining fabrics is higher than that of finished fabrics. The higher the density, the better the better. There is a certain level. But there are also some high-level standards, such as double warp and double weft. There are also some larger standards, such as color cloth, special grey ratio, green Malden, etc. It has a certain level. In addition, if the unit length, gram weight, door width and gram weight are all standard.

Their conversion is a multiple of one yarn. The square meter (N/100) of t-shirt is 36 yarns, so it is also called single yarn.

Single yarn strength, yarn strength and elongation are all related to yarn count. Especially in E42, the range of yarn strength is 35 times.

● High yarn is related to fabric density. When the density is high, the density of woven fabric is low. The woven fabric has high density. The density of knitted fabric is small. The fastness of yarn is low.

DTY weight: the breaking elongation is between 18% and 22%~25%, the breaking strength of single yarn is about 42cN/dtex, the friction fastness during cracking is 4mm, the woven fabric is twice, and the specific gravity is about 9 dtex.

● It is used for finishing knitted fabrics, underwear, jeans and other knitted fabrics; 4. It can be polished, lusterless and non glossy; The touch of light is beautiful and has certain infectivity;

● After the above tasks are completed, the fabric can be pretreated to make it more suitable for regular washing, anti-static, non stick and other purposes to improve these properties. Make various fiber varieties reach or improve to form a good washing resistance.

Yarn thickness, bending property, weight, moisture regain and abrasion resistance, moisture regain and water absorption of cotton fiber.

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