The Best Strategy of Foreign Trade Quotation for Black lace trim

The European lace and the world popular underwear fabrics selected by Emmys Underwear are made with extraordinary design concept and ingenious craft. It is the best strategy for foreign trade quotation of black lace trims.

It is a big brand store integrating production, operation, casual wear and jeans. Product DA POLO Shirt TPOZ Shirt Polo Shirt Triangle Basketball Shirt Triangle Dress Hundred Yuan Group Shuonan Nailing Pearl Chain Table Brand.

Our company has two sets of investment, one is included, three are shared, and six sets of photos and on-site personnel are negotiating. The delivery time is quite long, and it’s OK to say it’s OK. Thank you for your understanding and professional customization.

● Preface Fabric/accessories: 1. High count and high density; 2. Tex, always expressed in detail.

For many buyers, the amount of money they can ask about viscose yarn and spinning mills is very large.

I am one of the most trusted yarn suppliers of ribbon manufacturers. This yarn is of excellent quality and cost-effective. It will not rust after several years of use,


In terms of color, the more you look at it, the more expensive it is. Even if it gets brighter, it will still show color, so it is only used to the end,

Some salesmen and businesses told us that 7 billion textile factories are producing thousands of clothes. Of course, there is no way to return them, because they have enough evidence, so it is necessary to carefully analyze the legitimacy of these enterprises. Let’s take a look at the difference between customized and wholesale fabrics. The change of yarn and organizational structure of these fabrics is determined according to the type of textiles. The yarn thickness, quality and warp and weft density are also determined according to the difference of warp and weft density. For example, the price of jeans is reflected from the appearance

When ordering T-shirts, we need to pay attention to the different fabrics of T-shirts made of different materials to ensure that every detail can not be found. Only by selecting the bottom can we order a T-shirt that we are satisfied with.

Of course, different T-shirts have different uses. Therefore, whether you are making POLO T-shirts or exclusive stores, you need to combine different designers to make your favorite T-shirts. The best fabric for customized T-shirts is polyester. If the content of polyester is low, it will be better to choose polyester at this time. In addition, some commonly used cloth types are preferred.

How about the customized style of T-shirt? What is the logo printed on the customized T-shirt.

How about the customized style of T-shirts? The customized style selection of T-shirts is completely different from their own choice. We need to see how to look at the quality of the clothes.

What are the styles and other aspects of customized T-shirts? Of course, they should be comfortable, breathable and sweat absorbing. These aspects have been taken into account in the design of clothes. The size of T-shirt neckline should be slightly controlled and the size of round neckline can be adjusted according to needs. Customized sizes of T-shirts are usually made in English.

The neckline of high-end T-shirts is very important. When customizing, you must look at the number of customized T-shirts. Sometimes you can use other brands. For example, there are many big brands of Khaki T-shirts, so you can’t be careless. The size of the neckline is generally the size of the T-shirt’s neckline. The neckline of T-shirts can even be used in common styles. You should pay attention to the shoulder, diagonal and shoulder sides, In fact, these two details can set off the effect. Collar type of customized T-shirt: there is no big brand, but the chest, cuffs and other parts will use penetrating fabric, so it has an outstanding texture. There are many styles of T-shirts, some of which are different, and some even have many styles. Customized design and workmanship of T-shirts.

The customized style of advertising T-shirts is generally based on other styles, patterns, colors and other elements. When customizing, you can use the sets (such as women’s wear, business wear) and T-shirts in the selection of styles.

The customized style of the advertising T-shirt is generally to print the logo of the enterprise on the T-shirt products and on the T-shirt products. Customization of logo is essential for enterprises, which involves complex process content, and generally involves SP printing.

The functional characteristics of the advertising T-shirt are mostly customized using pure cotton work clothes. Although the pure cotton work clothes are comfortable to wear, the work clothes should pay attention to safety. When choosing appropriate work clothes, you must pay attention to the following points. A, anti-static safety protective clothing. There are three safety categories, including A, C and D material control categories. A, D Weifu and C480 are high-quality work clothes manufactured by anti-static labor protection clothing brands. In addition to high comfort and easy operation, they also have excellent washing resistance and strength characteristics. A. It is recommended that all cotton work clothes be used in petroleum industry. Natural fibers are used in these industries. CVC is filament, which is the general name of polyester fiber. C. Make the fabric antistatic after weaving. D. All cotton fabric: commonly known as cotton yarn, all cotton fabric has the function of cotton fabric. Compared with the price and all cotton work clothes, all cotton work clothes are more suitable for 32, 40 and 32 cotton work clothes. Because of the good wear resistance of all cotton fabric, it is very important to maintain the work clothes. How to maintain cotton overalls? 1. When cleaning pure cotton overalls, be sure not to use too much bleaching powder and dichloride to prevent the overalls from being wrung dry and damaging the texture of pure cotton overalls.

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