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I can roughly understand the crease of the finished corner. Presumably, many people will find this a very convenient thing. But this is really a problem. Different models are caused by different reasons, and the final effect is different. However, one advantage is that it is actually a very inconspicuous thing.

With the improvement of living standards, we have a general understanding of life. What are the advantages of different styles of clothes? The following will be told by the customized manufacturers of Beijing work clothes.

● Polyester fabric: after washing, it should be put in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally, and the reverse side should face outward. Due to the poor sunlight resistance of silk garments, they cannot be directly exposed to the sun, otherwise, the fabric will fade and the strength will decline. This is especially important for clothes with darker or brighter colors.

● Cotton clothes: only put a small amount of camphor balls in the washing process, gently turn the clothes over and sun them, and then wipe them with a damp cloth and dry them in the air.

● Chemical fiber clothing: when off duty, pay attention to the work clothes made of 375% cotton fiber

Polyester cotton winter work clothes: polyester cotton winter work clothes, thickened polyester cotton winter work clothes, polyester anti-static spring and autumn clothes, customized windproof tear shielding, tall, durable and firm! Fine workmanship! Various styles: apron, trousers, vest, jacket, T-shirt, polo shirt, pullover, without pockets. All kinds of power station uniforms.

Pure cotton work clothes are very comfortable to wear and are welcomed by many enterprises. Pure cotton work clothes have also become the preferred fabric for purchasers of many enterprises. Especially now, many enterprises choose the right pure cotton work clothes when customizing pure cotton work clothes. According to reliable manufacturers, after washing, pure cotton work clothes become very small particles of the fabric, and feel very soft and comfortable. Moreover, according to the introduction of professional technicians, pure cotton work clothes are easy to generate static electricity, especially for imported and exported clothes, because the work clothes have been customized and are being customized. Therefore, to a certain extent, the fabric of polyurethane overalls will have the function of anti-static, so there must be certain requirements on disassembly and assembly when customizing. The workers in the dust-free cloth production workshop shall wear anti-static work clothes. Some work clothes are made of cotton cloth finished with anti-static finishing agent as the base cloth, and are blended or interwoven with polyester filament or nylon fiber and conductive fiber. The finished or specially finished fabrics have anti-static properties, or are used in special working environments. In order to reduce the attenuation value in a certain period of time and good cleanliness and cleaning intensity, you must wear anti-static work clothes. They all need to wear anti-static work clothes in safe and clean places composed of social responsibility and human beings. For example, employees working in gas stations or special working environments.

In terms of fabrics, the fabrics of customized work clothes are various, such as polyester cotton, cotton, CVC, etc. What kind of fabrics to choose for the work clothes, the first thing to see is the fabric materials of customized work clothes. In order to facilitate the needs of work, choose the most suitable fabrics for yourself.

Polyester cotton, all cotton and polyester cotton work clothes are made to order with all cotton yarn. The fabric is tight and delicate, soft and elastic.

Iconic: The uniform style is designed according to the natural hardware and proportion of the human body to ensure the functionality of the clothing.

Workplace: In some formal occasions, the personalized image requirements are more prominent, but also pay attention to the safety of wearing accessories.

Air tightness: good air tightness, basically the same function as external mechanical equipment. It has high strength, high wear resistance, high barrier, good deformation resistance, shock absorption performance and washability.

Professionalism: This product is widely used in: electronic instruments, industrial instruments, clothing, clothing, bags, toys, medical instruments, printing equipment, household goods, computers/printing, decorative materials, footwear, industrial cloth, leather goods, lighting materials, reflective materials and other industries.

Specification: conventional 180B-200B; This product is widely used in: electronic appliances, industrial printing, clothing design, printing label, automobile interior, glass, gift packaging, paper-cut, lamp painting, acrylic, toilet seat, shoe mold, leather products, furniture, food packaging, cloth toys, food packaging, eyeglass boxes and other industries.

Gift signs, leisure signs, environmental protection signs, Anxi word planning signs, advertising signs, metal signs, LED light strip manufacturing, metal signs, halogen lamp chandeliers, advertising word planning, acrylic billboards and other industries.

Stone carving products include convex engraving machines, laser injection machines, template cutting machines, film covering calenders, slitting machines, automatic injection mold cutting machines and other forms.

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The use of Wuhuan From Shen Ding to the era of career development and intellectual reference, the progress from Western Arts has gone through countless difficulties. One of the greatest advantages of modern enterprises is to rely on the reform of material selection and board making that stresses the hierarchical structure, and to control the conditional extraordinary breakthrough.

lace trim

Located in Fangguohui, Shending has many experienced designers engaged in fabric, auxiliary material research, fiber experience and other aspects. Through the composition of textile fiber components and manufacturing methods, it has explained and arranged the development of the silkworm industry according to the environmental curve, the Internet of Things (Pointa) and the picture, making it a research and development supplier of high-tech fibers.

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