The customer development effect of black lace fabric must be different

Knitted denim fabric is more popular in the market. It has a good three-dimensional effect and can be made into a variety of clothes. The customer development effect of black lace fabric must be different. As for other designs of knitted denim fabric, some use needles to bend the yarn into a loop shape, and some use stretch without fluffy shape. This irregular bending is relatively fixed for knitted denim. In addition to knitting, there are many new technologies for the raw materials of knitted jeans, and knitted jeans have reached the national standard. Sometimes we think that sportswear has no shrinkage function and is uncomfortable to wear, but down jacket is sometimes a terrible thing. It is very arrogant like a tiger, and it will frighten you.

Under the influence of tension, knitted jeans have always been very straight and stable, with less elasticity, so the quality of fabric is also important. If we are sensitive to the difference in thickness of the cloth, we can choose the cotton fabric with high weight when we choose to wash it. Because the weight reaches a certain physical property, we need to use a brush to scrape off some objects before the process, so as to obtain a lasting bean.

Sand washing is a kind of sand washing fabric. It is a kind of chemical fiber synthesized by special solvent after alkali bleached cotton fabric is mechanically sanded or sand washed.

If you want to transfer this matter, I can make your white clothes more shiny, but some white clothes need maintenance, especially when washing silk.

● Don’t often go to the dry cleaner to clean cotton clothes, because woolen fabrics will be much heavier when washed with water, and will shrink more easily if there is water dripping.

● Always use cold water to wash clothes. It is better not to use a washing machine to wash clothes. Every time you wash clothes, avoid boiling water. Don’t forget to iron in a cool and ventilated place.

● It is better to wash cotton slacks in cold water, not with chemicals such as bleach, bleach or leveling detergent, nor with hot water to avoid discoloration and exposure to the sun.

● Before washing the casual pants, please measure your weight above the knee first, and then when washing the casual pants, you can put some clothes in the ironing pants. It is better to wash other clothes, and the pants legs should not be exposed to sunlight. Since the pants will fade a lot when exposed to the surface of the pants for a long time, the pants should be naturally laid flat.

Personally, trousers should be worn in the shade, and these clothes should be worn properly. Long sleeved clothes should have reflective stripes in summer, so that they will look beautiful without embarrassment.

● What is customization? There are many styles and colors for customized POLO shirts, as long as you choose POLO shirts that meet the nature of your work; If you are the work clothes required by the company, the customized POLO shirt is made of cotton fast drying, breathable, moisture absorption and sweat wicking fabrics, which will be more soft and fluffy.

The all cotton quick drying T-shirt uses knitting technology on the characteristics of the fabric, which not only overcomes the softness of ordinary cotton clothing, but also presents different colors and patterns, giving a more relaxed and clear feeling.

Customized fabric of quick drying T-shirt, the difference between polyester and cotton Customized T-shirt fabric, the difference between polyester and cotton Customized T-shirt fabric

What is the difference between cashmere and cotton in high-grade bridegroom’s T-shirt fabric

Because of the different fabric, organizational structure and cotton count of high-grade bridegroom’s T-shirts, the fabric’s texture is also multi-functional because of the different count, and because of the high count density, it is not easy to darken, and also because of the different warp and weft, it is more popular. Natural fibers and blended fabrics are more conducive to beauty and wear, and men’s style is also more popular, Of course, if you encounter a blend that does not conform to the design, it will rarely directly lead to a classic and beautiful woolen fabric. The casual pants version will be simpler than the women’s version. Basically, there will be no AD series withering color matching, nor will there be any irregular arrangement and combination. This kind of woolen fabric should be paid attention to.

lace trim

On the basis of adapting to this style, double-sided fabrics can often form flat lines on the surface. This texture is women’s clothing, which may be more prominent because of the texture, and when we see the texture, it is more eye-catching. The soft off white and off yellow are matched with delicate off yellow printing strips to increase the aesthetic feeling and texture.

The double-sided snowflake material is an ancient double-sided snowflake material with a thousand bird pattern. The fabric is added with a colored pattern. The opening degree of each pattern is handmade. The mold degree of each case is the ability of hand making and other materials, so the double-sided snowflake material will be made better. These design combinations make the clothing more layered. On the background, only the classic double-sided elastic snowflake material is used to embellish the women’s clothing, which makes the clothing feel full of integrity, especially suitable for fashionable women’s clothing.


The fabric of 10% wool+weaving method has a three-dimensional, vertical and glossy feeling. You can also use rib knitted fabric matched with superfine fiber jacquard fabric or fine grain fabric, which is soft, fine and smooth.

For coarse tweed and easy to wear overcoats, it is recommended to preheat them in the near future. Influenced by the style trend, each color represents a style, highlighting the maturity and stability of autumn and winter.

Two kinds of materials: the same fabric, two kinds of curing fabrics have better effect than other fabrics, more texture, luster, clear texture, and are not easy to decolor. Different products are selected for different occasions and purposes, which have the advantages of high intensity curing, not easy to decolor, friction resistance, soft and comfortable feel, etc. High intensity curing can extend the service life of the fabric, and extend the service life.

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