The “hidden rules” in the foreign trade circle of black lace trim

Rectangle, two green 81 ⁄ 2 “x 21 ⁄ 2”, black lace trim trade circle “hidden rules”.


Although it is hard to stop the imagination, if the inner lines are too fancy, the clothes may make you look like you are burning.

When choosing cotton clothes with soft elastic foam, we must pay attention to the application of appearance levels. Everyone will occupy the position of the key store of the whole clothing. I have recently developed a set of soft elastic foam, all of which are soft and elastic, and all of which are good T-shirt fabrics. What kind of material should we use to customize! Because the ingredients inside are cotton fabrics, we only see the price and brand popularity, but do you know what materials Shanghai work clothes have? We can also introduce them to you according to your specific situation. If you are making work clothes, you can customize the fabrics you need according to your local ingredients, such as suits, T-shirts and other fabrics, which you can choose. Of course, you can choose according to your own design style. Customized work clothes are like other fabrics. No matter what style, you will choose suitable fabrics for the clothes.

lace trim

When you need customized work clothes, you will choose pure cotton fabric, which is soft and comfortable to wear, and rarely choose chemical fiber fabric. This kind of fabric has strong durability, not easy to wrinkle, friction resistance, heat resistance and other advantages. Its disadvantage is that it is expensive.

When you have more work clothes to wear with your work clothes, you will find that choosing pure cotton work clothes is not only comfortable, but also can improve work efficiency and quality. Workwear The first step of design is fine clothing and work clothes, and the design of work clothes is the requirement of work.

The degree of sophistication in the design of work clothes often represents the durability of the clothes worn at work. You can wear several clothes after 3-4 days of wearing a piece of work clothes. You can’t be more reasonable than that. Generally, the staff in the workplace are based on wearing work clothes when making customization. They need to choose the style of work clothes according to their own industry category.

The quality of clothing is often reflected in the details, and the grasp of details is reflected in the fabric. For example, it is better to match the customized work clothes, especially if you have a look, you will find that the upper body color and fabric color will become worse, especially for the construction period. In short, you should choose to do it manually.

The working standards of chefs are generally based on the operation rules of western chefs, the nature of chefs, the operation standards of chefs, etc. They are usually judged according to the user’s use and site conditions, and light bars and chefs’ marks are also used. Usually, we will look from the restaurant situation, in the hot summer; In terms of style, selection of chefs and chefs logo, chefs logo can be used. However, you can consider your own external needs in terms of aesthetics, dependability and effectiveness. According to different feedback from users, customers can provide different colors, styles, materials, fabrics, different weights of materials, various styles, pockets, buttons, zippers, etc.

Chef logo is a colorful, simple and flat image, and is the world’s largest art creation group that widely participates in design research. The US Department of Agriculture has greatly improved the resolution of the picture one day, making it a leading comprehensive technical equipment, and greatly improving the appearance, connotation and connotation of the real economic and physical world.

Size: 3108 # 031 # 041 # 055 # 013 # 041 # 051 # 044 # 05 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 # Waterwood Blue, 050 # Goose Grey, 051 # White Goose Yellow, 051 # Water Pink, 051 # Red, 051 # Fabric Composite, 053 # OMM.

Textile printing belongs to the transfer paper of non-contact textiles. Its principle is to bond the pattern with the printed veneer adhesive, and then use specially designed paper to make stickers. It better combines the design effect with the paper draft, and gives a special technology – three-dimensional composite.

Especially suitable for making ready-made clothes, bags, sofa covers, bedspreads and other household items. Compared with traditional cotton products, its surface texture is clearer.

Disclaimer: The company information, product information and other relevant information displayed on this page are all from their corresponding stores, and the publisher of the store from which the information comes is fully responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and legitimacy of the information.

Eliminate the inventory of some online products and the misunderstanding that “trademarks are paid to buyers”.

If you are looking for CS application, we will also provide you with more valuable materials, and use some materials we provide for you on the website for your choice, so that you can obtain relevant technical materials.

The components of the application materials include fabrics, garments, yarns, fabrics, accessories, designs, costs, etc.

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