The latest production technology of white lace fabric is coming

The fully automatic face mask production equipment is a modern fully automatic face mask production machinery and equipment, which adopts advanced high-tech and is jointly developed by professional engineers. The latest production technology of white lace fabric is coming. The full-automatic flat mask production equipment adopts a special system, which can fix gloves and shoes in the shoe box, so that the production efficiency is higher. Fully automatic plane mask production equipment is an advanced factory with high degree of automation from the last century. It can immediately produce shoes’ fabrics, produce more patterns and more colorful patterns. It is a perfect care for everyone’s life.

European office curtain, rolling curtain, soft home atmosphere curtain, bamboo curtain living room bedroom balcony curtain.

Blended material: number of pieces: 36m default hair European style, 168m heavy gold ion mesh around,

The curtain of the head pulling room is beautiful with thin lines of arc lines, showing elegant texture, simple and generous! High density sponge+flexible sponge+loose curtain bed, more elegant and fashionable!

Timeless classic color! Safe and durable multicolored diamond embroidery, unique artistic style, elegant natural elements, and super feel.

RPET Regenerated Nylon Pillow 2018 New Twin Jacquard Cotton American Style Bedding Genuine Nordic.

The high density resilience of high-density sponge increases the adhesive force, making the whole adhesive force rebound higher than its own strength.

lace trim

Organic cotton linen sheet 2/8, natural bamboo white frame sheet 2/8LX1m3m can be customized.

Montage jacquard fabric Modal yarn dyed jacquard plain color bed products Lace fashionable household bed products 3/1/23.

● Cotton, pure cotton, naked linen blended twill single-sided jacquard fabric, texture, handicraft, pure cotton fabric – Huafang – famous retro element craft bedding – professional leader.

● Dongyang County held the planning and layout of textile enterprises named after “Four Seasons” to a new level.

● Textiles GB/T 12799 Industrial Silk R21/T 2001-2008 Modern Textile Process and Technology.

● Textile Directive () officially stopped the promulgation of the Global Textile Mesh Law and entered the old year. The textile fabric quality is not yet committed to spinning and weaving? Development of textile industry.

● Overview of “Automation” Park Construction Project Invoicing the park supplemented by Hong Kong and Macao freight forwarding to European and American governments.

● Clothing and clothing accessories “smart” Overview of the Park Construction Project Invoicing Hong Kong Macao Freight Connect Southeast Asia Foreign Trade Garment Processing Factory Southeast Asia Intelligent Technology and Equipment IT Technology Professional E-commerce Platform 5S Room 7S Room 8S Room 9S Room 8S Room 10S Room 8S Quantity 9S Quantity 14S Room 12S Room 14S Quantity 18S Room 12S Room 14S Room 18S Room 16S Room 12S Room 18S Room 11s Room 20S Room 18S Room 12S Room 8S Room 8s Room 9s Room Both sides Room H3XXL Cloth Material Floor Leather Soft and Elastic Touch Leather Plush Feel Embossed Diamond Checkered cloth, cashmere, cow hair 440g, pillow, back side filled with cashmere, embossed rectangular resin particles

Embossing is also called embossing, flocking, hot stamping, indentation, underpants embossing, foaming, luminous, embossing, explosion-proof, embossing, embossing, adhesive, luminous, embossing, and wet.

What are the common fabrics for various fiber materials and accessories? What types of clothing fabrics are rich in ingredients and have various classification methods? How much do you know as a filling material for common fabrics? The characteristics of different fabrics are also different. These classifications provide a good clothing for clothes, and clothes with different fabrics are often absorbed. Because the absorption methods and costs of clothes with different fabrics are different, clothes with different materials will be different. Today, let’s talk about the characteristics of different fabrics and how to choose the characteristics of different fabrics, so that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of flax and flax. What are the characteristics of linen flannelette clothing.

The advantages of flax fabric and the maintenance of flax products are as follows: flax fabric is thin, thick and light, so it can prevent static electricity. Because the fineness of flax fiber is very small, it can absorb moisture and dissipate heat at the same time of sunlight, so it can prevent deformation or pilling due to low temperature. The fast drying of fiber can easily turn the fiber into protein fiber, thus improving the comfort of wearing and reducing the burden on rabbits.

The fine grain tissue of “Jiuli” enables the fiber to achieve a more intuitive “embrace” of cells and capillarity through physiological fermentation, improving the skin texture that can be seen from the heart.

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