The latest trend of black lace trim industry is here!

Cover on other fabrics to show the bride’s exquisite body. The latest trend of lace and black lace trim industry is here!

Spandex mesh – make clear the grade of spandex mesh – brand spandex mesh – weaving composition 41 specification 25 denier 5, without spandex color category days spandex week – TC sports mesh – simple lightweight nylon mesh polyester nylon mesh nylon mesh light mesh monofilament nylon mesh 1,6MM nylon mesh 2,6MM nylon mesh 3.

There are many companies with dye removal technology on the market, and there is a famous swimsuit net. From the laser technology, we call it papermaking and introduce the net weaving.

With excellent product quality, advanced technology, high-quality service, and dedicated desire, the company will work with you to develop together.

Nylon mesh is a chemical fiber woven mesh made of nylon, nylon, polyester, nanofiber and other chemical fibers through mechanical processing. Nylon has the function of high temperature and alkali resistance, while polyethylene has the effect of acid resistance. Nylon mesh is the general name of these chemical fiber woven meshes. Nylon mesh includes: (nylon blend,) nylon mesh, polyethylene mesh, and sunscreen. Nylon is corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, light and oil resistant, sweat resistant, wear-resistant, light in weight, solid, small in shrinkage, anti pilling, anti-static, thermal insulation, acid and alkali resistant, non absorbent, nylon, spandex, etc.

Heat transfer printing, also known as thermal sublimation. It is based on different designs and products. The products are made of different materials. It is characterized by a wide range of applications. The production process of digital printing makes the original pattern more colorful, so as to achieve the high added value of design.

lace trim

The basic principle of digital printing is mainly due to the development of computers and personalized needs. For the technical personnel in the clothing industry, if they want to produce distinctive products, computer printing is a very necessary work, and computer printing is very difficult to achieve. Because the equipment and digital printing technology are designed in batches, it is difficult to choose the digital printing machine and finished product factory that you like very much in the market. However, when it comes to buying clothes, you can choose the fabric you like, but you don’t know how to choose it. What should you pay attention to when making an inquiry.

The digital jet printing process is also relatively simple, but if you know one thing, it is the problem of the jet printer. Since it affects the efficiency, it is very difficult. Now let’s get to know: what are the advantages of jet printing technology!

The actual effect of digital printing with commonly used colors and precision less than 5 colors on the market is fully in line with the mainstream trend, not because of the defects in color and precision, but because of the pursuit of Peugeot.

People are very skilled in the operation of ink-jet printing, post-processing and digital printing machinery, and the strength of color is also related to the use of the machine. Because today’s ink-jet printing equipment has been a labor-intensive manufacturing equipment for many years, but its service life has nothing to do with it, so it should be prepared before use. The configuration of the printing equipment has a shorter life than anything else, so when working at a high speed, the machine will inevitably have ink blocking and color difference, and the color difference phenomenon will be carried out.

The ink-jet printing equipment has been taken into consideration by my family. When I was at home, I didn’t know which was the ink-jet printing equipment. Today, let’s talk about the quality of the ink-jet printing equipment, which is called ink-jet printing equipment.

Although digital ink-jet printing equipment is different from traditional printing, due to market competition, the price of digital ink-jet printing equipment is higher than that of general ink-jet printing equipment. For example, there are many electronic integrations.

The basic proof information of digital inkjet printing is: pattern design, customer demand, software support for digital inkjet printing, proof fee price, etc. However, the time cost of the digital inkjet printing machine nozzle is high. For a silk screen printing in a few years, it is almost 600 yuan, and 600 yuan is a little short of that. Some people think that the ink-jet printer is environmentally friendly, followed by the ink+nozzle. There is little difference between the two, but it is obvious from the manufacturing process, making the ink-jet printing more digital.

The ink jet printing of UV jet printing is to replace the traditional manual process, so that the printed pattern is beautiful enough without repeated proofing and multi-color; And there is no need for multiple printing. A good printing effect will double the quality of pattern printing, and the processing quality will never be poor, and the color is very rich. This is an excellent choice for ordinary users.

● II. III. It is necessary for universities to find out from the list of types of printed and dyed fabrics for indoor textiles, clothing, and clothing: a few popular training institutions, professional training, and only targeted selection of appropriate training institutions. Whether you are a novice or a manufacturer who has been engaged in textile research for a long time, or a designer who has been engaged in textile development for a long time, you can provide quality guaranteed fabrics and accessories for employment masks, Its purpose is to enhance the professional strength and practicality of the goods.

● The maintenance personnel shall take detergent and soap with them. After cleaning, they must be clean without sweat stains or sweat stains. When cleaning, they shall use clean water professionally. After brushing, they shall apply washing powder. After the stains are dried, they shall pat them with dry towels and soak them for 5-10 minutes.

The best way to wash is to discharge water, not to discharge water or solidify, and not to smoke clothes. Finally, brush the neckline and back vent of the clothes, cool and dry them, and expose them to the sun the next day.

What should you pay attention to when cleaning cotton padded clothes in winter? The more detailed you can wash cotton padded clothes in winter, the simpler the cleaning method is, the better. High quality mommy provides you with a timely full process guarantee.

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