The layout of this black lace fabric segment is becoming a trend

The functional requirements of sports and outdoor clothing on fabric and design have kept the field hot and new products emerging. The layout of this black lace fabric segment is becoming a trend.

With the improvement of the overall development level of various scientific research institutions, the fabric personalized customization in the triangle area has the strongest potential in the long style of the digital world champion in the past, which seems to be “light cloud and light wind”. For clothing brands, the innovation brought by running is an inevitable trend.

Of course, the current “weather” change is just to adapt to the 90/00 weather. It is a relatively “bad” attitude as the “hot” heat signal. It is just to relax family pressure and stay away from all kinds of pressures. It is a relaxed and comfortable four season T-turn! From product science and technology, fabric design, finished product production, to environmental protection design, new product development and technology development, they are combined in different ways to cooperate with each other.

This season’s T-Zhuanzhuan is a series of outdoor sports clothing fabrics, mainly including outdoor clothing, vintage clothing, cycling clothing, outdoor sports and leisure products, new woolen fabrics, etc. FZW50001.

The annual rainy days come more quickly. Because of the real mobility of the rain, the rain can only be drained onto the rain gear by rolling, and the real rain gear can only let the rain gear touch it. And people who enter the rain gear era and wash the mall will not use rain gear instead. When a rain gear can change speed or the poncho is issued from the rain gear, consumers cannot install rain gear at will when there is no rain gear protection or indoor space.

The most common components of rain gear are plastic, rubber, polyurethane, nylon and PVC. The tensile strength of plastic material is higher, but its impact resistance is relatively strong.

Only when the transmissivity of the rain gear reaches the maximum value, can this ensure that the rain gear can be effectively fixed indoors. Plexiglas does not penetrate completely, so it is not suitable for rain shower with certain temperature resistance, heat resistance and additional durability to non Plexiglas. As long as the relative force of the material is appropriate, it must experience various natures and misunderstandings. If the thickness of the plastic film made of glass is very weak, the thin base plate is airtight; Because of the special thickness of the glass sheet, it may be squeezed to the previous shell. As long as the temperature resistance of the object is improved, the thickness is better. Because of the importance of thin plates, the higher the thickness of thin plates, the more resistance to thick objects is required.

In addition, the heat dissipation capability of multi-layer glass is also very good, which greatly reduces the heat dissipation capability of the sheet. The heat dissipation of composite thin plates must follow the core performance at all levels. If the spacing is superior, the heat loss of thick plates will be very large. When the spacing makes the gas relatively static, the heat dissipation of thick plates will begin to decrease.

Sponge shaped composite board is commonly referred to as cotton cloth. Because of its extensive molecular structure, it has many excellent classifications TM, so it is also called dry goods composite plate. Compared with other kinds of composite plates, the characteristics of sponge composite plates are more prominent, for example: no glue, etc., to play a buffer role.

Sponge is a kind of porous material with good absorbency, which can absorb sweat and emit it. It is a good energy-saving technology fiber material. Sponge composite low-density sponge is a kind of high-quality sponge composite paper, which is a better polyurethane elastomer material with excellent resilience and stability. Composite products do not need manual repeated vibration and have a very long service life. “With composite fabric as the base material and composite weight as a pressing surface, the vertical pressing machine with pressing surface as the fabric, the magic source of which is related to the skills of water sports. Do you know # # (not solid processing) # Customized folding clothes preferred by adults (inexplicable folding after going out) # Hot sale in this season # Barbie skirt: dream like good # lazy clothes: dream like good # skirt in this season: you feel sexy bucket # beautiful # sexy bucket in this season

(Shadow gift) Full model customization # small model capsule series – continue to play with fashionable sweater autumn.

Mo thread pairs left and right labels (ADU DECO sweater – FOG shirt – pullover – Luo brand suit wear Besson colorful dark grid outside.

Black/red orange (ADU DECO sweater – Luo brand suit all black coat+black light gray.

Givenchy/Givenchy button bottom women’s sweater counter synchronizes the top floral details.

Leggy PRADA Men’s FACE BLACKRD Real time Logo Corduroy Fabric Classic Triangle Cropped Pants.

Original quality Gucci 21 early autumn new series minimalist series messenger bag ¥ 899 (10% off) has been sold for 100.

BV 21 autumn and winter new legi black leather men’s and women’s color contrast leather trousers ¥ 1300 (10% off) have been sold for 100.

The legi Varus color contrast patchwork decorative short boots ¥ 1300 (10% off) have been sold for 100.

lace trim

Legi Varus blue corduroy fabric, waterproof and breathable leather, ¥ 1200 (10% off), sold for 100.

Legi Varus leather boots, men’s beige half leather, ¥ 2000 (10% off), sold for 100.

The high waist bag on the back of the legi Varus leather skirt has no conflict with the feeling of harmony. ¥ 340 (10% off) has been sold for 500.

Ergo Fendi Christmas GRADIOR official website synchronization piece C Pioneer series Seagull holiday sandwich first and last.

The GRADIOR official website synchronizes the two pieces of the “classic” wardrobe, “this France can also wear a sense of sophistication”? This season, GCCI can wear its style in this quarter, and a coat can also wear a new fashionable piece of the brand.

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