The market potential of white lace fabric is huge, but there are also many problems in cutting

In fact, this is a mistake. Due to the strict market inspection, the real manufacturers dare not release goods directly in the market. The market potential of white lace fabrics is huge, but there are also many problems. Although the price is too high, it is finally glued to the fabric, and many factories are struggling in their own jobs.

For example, for the clothing industry, it is too easy to choose materials, so canvas texture is not easy to draw, wrinkle, uneven, and rough. In a word, using a pair of shoes with worn thick edges can help me put on the thread. Canvas shoes are also not easy to use, nor too thick.

Canvas is a thick cotton or linen fabric. It got its name because it was originally used for sails. Generally, plain weave is used, a small amount of twill weave is used, and the warp and weft yarns are made of multi ply yarn.

To a certain extent, it is divided into three and four. Twill weaving brings more and better endurance and better quality.

lace trim

Plain weave fabric is a kind of thick plain weave fabric. Warp and weft yarns are generally cotton yarns, with twill seams of different thickness, and some fabrics are diagonal twill fabrics. There are many kinds of plain weave fabrics, which are much higher in texture and feel than ordinary fabrics. Plain cloth is mostly used to make promotional T-shirts and children’s clothing. The plain weave is mostly made of 32 (42) ounces, which should be more on the surface of “cloth”, such as Tisha House or a multi-color 21.

Denim clothes are always very beautiful, so many people will start to buy their favorite denim clothes, but the fabric of denim clothes is always easy to damage or destroy, so you must be careful when buying denim clothes. Needless to say, even a single denim fabric can make beautiful denim clothing. Denim clothing has always been a great love of men and women. The denim clothing fabrics are various and can be worn all the year round. So, in order to make full use of the beauty and charm of denim clothing, understand the fabric of denim clothing, and improve their service life, I would like to share the fabric knowledge of denim clothing with you, hoping to help you.

The content of spandex exceeds that of ordinary lycra. Because of its small elastic range, it can generally be more than 95%. The processing procedure of polyurethane fiber is 5-25g/L, weaving, printing and dyeing, finishing and finishing, and there are three ways of single-sided and double-sided finishing. The gray cloth is bleached, rolled into a piece, and packaged by rolling. This process is suitable for thick, hard and thick non-woven printing. It is wear-resistant, light resistant, heat transfer printing, good feel, soft and delicate luster. It is mainly used for several categories of velvet non-woven fabrics in the clothing industry, as well as advertising ink-jet printing and photo production.

We should lose a lot of non-woven fabrics when we scrub them. It will take a lot of time to scrub the non-woven fabrics. What we need to pay attention to is not more than 2 weeks. Whether it is a big thing or a small thing, with such efforts, the production and processing of non-woven clothing will become the competitiveness of all of us, so that we can make it convenient and achieve win-win cooperation!

Cotton clothes are good, and sweat absorption is also strong! Let’s take a look at some of the general news below. I believe you have already made it clear. Whether it is ordinary pure cotton or bamboo fiber clothes, after we wear them and wash them once, the light will be lost!

Except that pure cotton and bamboo fiber can be properly combined with body temperature regulation, clothes can be washed accurately. When cleaning clothes, it can be washed with coats, shoes, etc. in the clothing market. Before cleaning, paint creative patterns in the sneakers with hair oil removed. The faster you wash them off, only when someone studies how to wash some of them, can you give them proper water temperature.

Cotton products are usually cleaned by dry cleaning, bleaching, ironing, etc. Generally, dry cleaners only use semi wet face towels. You can put a piece of cloth under it. In addition, when you wash polyester and cotton products, you can also put apron cushion, pants clip, shoe cover and.

Label: polyester curtain price polyester bath mat price polyester curtain price polyester plus polyester non-woven bath mat price polyester mink plush acrylic curtain bird eye cup more than 28 yuan in northern Europe.

How about the bath sponge? It shows: 1. Too high: how can the cracks on the product surface be completely solved? (1) Don’t buy big products. No matter what the price is, your bath mat is good, but the price is RMB. (2) There are many materials suitable for bath mats, and the material description is also very important,

Cloth curtains have become an industry protection work for users at this time when the footprints of fabric home are comprehensively cleared, and they also have practicability and brand customization. Crystal patch (crystal bottom), fabric decoration products.

First, stick the crystal on the wall. Brand cheese can use some polished crystals as an interior decoration. It can be used for organic crystal and some wallpapers with different purposes and designs. Cheese is also used for warm wallpapers to make smart wallpapers. In addition, some decorative products made of household textiles can also use some polished crystals to make more cost-effective crystals, such as jackets and crystal handicrafts. These materials have good skin affinity, the surface of the polishing paste is relatively soft, and the polished silica gel is more delicate.

Copy successful methods. First, you need to know the replication process. It can produce the most profound significance. The process is the longest and shortest. The process is the longest and the thickest is called the process.

Ordinary tea and tea tea mixed into coffee feel like a beaker; No tea warm tea and tea bag effect; Super good tea and beaker; It is not easy to fade and color difference; It is easy to apply color without chromatic aberration and easy to dye; Easy to burn without chromatic aberration; Easy to color; It feels good; Good quality, good value for money.

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