The products of black lace fabrics have been innovated and changed rapidly, making endless progress

When selecting such products, customers must pay attention to the product labels and see the product name clearly. The black lace fabric products have been innovated and changed rapidly.

Take the curtain fabric as an example. The texture of the curtain fabric determines the quality of the finished product and determines the beauty of the finished product.

● Curtain cloth: After leveling above the same window, use a steam iron to heat at a rate of about 80 ° C, and then turn the iron to flatten the curtain. In general, it is necessary to take water to make the curtain hang underneath, and pay attention not to generate steam, so as to avoid wrinkles.

● Gently pull the curtain to make it softer and more reassuring. 4. The length and width of the curtain can be easily sewn with a steep vertical section by the vehicle or road sewing method, and the line can be properly tightened.

● Crystal curtain, because of its light shielding particularity, is often different from curtain fabrics and filling materials of different materials, so it can become a beautiful decorative fabric. Therefore, many decoration consumers will have such doubts when buying crystal curtain: can crystal curtain make the curtain more “eye pleasing”? The crystal curtain has its absolute advantage over the ordinary crystal curtain. Next, let’s follow Shenzhen Xionghong’s fence to find out!

The small crystal curtain solves the problem that ordinary crystal curtains need careful maintenance. Mike’s “hair planting” is not normal. It can make the curtain look brand-new, and it is also a very good maintenance method. In any place where the sun is not shining, or where the sun is directly shining, our wool fabric will become wool fabric. Therefore, it is very effective to avoid high temperature and strong light. After washing, you should clean it and hang it for ventilation. It is a good way to use it in every place with high sunlight. Under continuous temperature, microorganisms will diffuse, reducing the loss of secondary ozone in the air and reducing the odor of the air.

When we wash the wool fabric and place it for drying, we need to dry it, but do not damage the fluff. Therefore, when drying, do not force the air to dry, so as not to damage the villi.

In order to dry the moist air on the clothes with a hair dryer and ensure the strength of polypropylene, we need to fill polypropylene on the clothes for more than 4 months. At the end of the filling time, the decrease of the strength of polypropylene will cause the decrease of the surface density of polypropylene, and the air odor after polypropylene filling will slowly decrease. The drying speed can adjust the time of polypropylene according to the melting point and percentage of polypropylene fiber. We re measured the surface density of polypropylene fiber and fabric with anti-aging method, and finally found and solved the corrosion resistance method, which is the impact of wearing work clothes on human body when polypropylene fiber continues to use polyamide based plastic fabric.

The treated polypropylene fiber is mainly polypropylene resin, which has tensile strength, resulting in the decrease of adhesive strength and affecting fracture or breakage. Based on the connection between fibers, polypropylene fibers produced in China are relatively mild. Therefore, polypropylene fiber has good chemical resistance, flame retardancy, thermal stability and biocompatibility, and is a promising product in the fiber field.

Polypropylene has outstanding crack resistance, high delivery rate of polypropylene fiber, high specific strength and low elongation at break, and fibers with strong spinnability of polypropylene fiber meet the transportation needs, greatly reducing the weight of concrete and the ability of cement adhesion. Polypropylene fiber has a very wide spinnability, from structure to performance, stability of performance, high added value, strength cutting through and many other aspects.

Polypropylene modified fiber has excellent spinnability, with fiber fineness below 025mm, especially excellent spinnability. Polypropylene fiber has extremely wide spinnability, and the fiber fineness can reach 450 μ Vertical and horizontal, double the production of high-end suits. Polypropylene fiber has universal spinnability, excellent spinnability, and fiber fineness can reach 995 μ Vertical and horizontal, double the production of high-end suits. Polypropylene fiber Up to now, long polypropylene fiber for spinning, which can expand more than ten times, can be used to spin light and loose compounds. The greatest characteristics of polypropylene fiber are: 1. It has an extraordinary oxygen ion binding force, which can improve the inhalation orifice to stimulate the skin’s sense of vision. 2. Long life of imitation wool, reaching the lowest room temperature. 3. Bright color Visual effect: Compared with polypropylene fiber, the color of polypropylene fiber is mostly black, dark blue and white. The performance of the filter material is excellent. After being treated with fiber raw materials, the water resistance of polyester fiber is stronger. 4. Polyester dust cloth bag is also easy to peel dust, and it is easy to clean when replacing the dust cloth bag.

Metus needle felt dust removal cloth bag can be used continuously at 204 ° C, and has strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, and wide adaptability, with high temperature up to 50-120 ° C.

lace trim

PPS acid alkali resistant high temperature dedusting bag Polyester needle felt dedusting bag is a kind of high temperature resistant fiber, which has high temperature resistance, good folding resistance, good deformation stability, corrosion resistance, and P84 high temperature resistant fiber. PPS high-temperature resistant dedusting cloth bags mainly include polyester needle felt dedusting cloth bags, P84 high-temperature resistant dedusting cloth bags and polytetrafluoroethylene dedusting cloth bags.

PPS acid and alkali resistant high-temperature dedusting cloth bag is the INSP produced by Austrian LENZING Company. The product is woven on a water jet loom with satin weave. After processing, it is shaken at high temperature to obtain cotton fiber.

Our company absorbs foreign technology and provides customers in different fields with high-quality high-temperature dust removal bags.

According to the characteristics of dust from different manufacturers, polyester needle felt filter bags are often treated by mixing antistatic fibers, singeing, calendering, water and oil repellent impregnation.

Maintenance of DMC single bag type dust remover Precautions for commissioning of DMC single bag type dust remover Precautions for installation of DMC single bag type dust remover Precautions for commissioning of DMC single bag type dust remover ZC mechanical rotary reverse blowing flat cloth is used for dust remover in quarry

Manufacturer of single bag dust remover, pulse dust remover, boiler dust remover, single dust remover, pulse dust remover.

lace trim

Select one set for sale. All the products of the company are made by laser and sold to the outside world. If the user sells the unpurchased pieces of clean cloth with a shipment code of 3500 pieces, they can be cut manually instead. If the order payment code is 30/5, the cloth twist knife can be used for many times per kilogram (customers with knives, active non-woven fabrics).

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