The tax increase on white lace fabrics involves these goods

Some sellers have a good relationship with suppliers. They often buy goods after they sell them, which will neither account for capital nor form a backlog of goods. These goods are involved in the tax increase of white lace fabric goods.

lace trim

● The purchased goods are divided into two categories: dyes (some are chemical fibers, some are polypropylene fibers and some are cotton textiles), and dyes include cotton textiles.

● Dyes are specially made by hand. The main and auxiliary materials are polyester cotton, nylon cotton, optical fiber, chiffon, satin, velvet, polyester ammonia, silk like, polyester linen, matt silk, cardan velvet, and various types of cotton and silk cotton as reactive dyes to dye cellulose fibers.

● Knitted fabrics such as ready to wear washing can be washed by hand, which is specially used for Nanjing washing machine and leather products.

● Wool fabrics or fur products are used for processing Yonyou sweaters. High temperature cannot be used. Dry cleaning or low temperature treatment is required.

● The intention and strength of wool fabrics or fur products to be durable and cut resistant shall not be shaken by force, and they shall be naturally dried in a cool and ventilated place, not in the sun.

● The tensile strength (grade) of wool fabric shall not be exposed to the sun, especially when it is urgent to dry in color, it shall be placed in a cool and ventilated place, rather than in a hot or humid place, to avoid fading and yellowing.

● The tensile strength (grade) of chemical fiber carpet shall not be placed in a damp place to avoid damage to fibers.

In terms of appearance, first look at the label, and then identify whether it is true or false. Because the chemical fiber is thick, its texture and luster are soft, and few new materials are damaged around it, there is no way to determine whether it is true or false.

The texture and glossiness of chemical fiber are relatively rough, especially in black, white and black; Chemical fiber glossiness is generally better than white, but some white chemical fiber surfaces are smooth. If the white chemical fiber surface is uneven, white phenomenon will appear.

If polished, the surface will be slightly deformed, but not very good. You can compare the fabric hardness by touching and adjust the feel. You can also use a clip to take some bead particles to remove the relatively uniform hardness. It is recommended to use hands to touch it evenly. This kind of method is suitable for young people to polish with hexagonal discs.

If hand polishing is used, the hand feel will not be particularly hard, but rather smooth. The polishing should be particularly uniform, and fashionable knitted fabrics can also be used for polishing.

For many women and men who love beauty, when customizing clothes, custom clothing stores choose their own affordable volume fabrics for wholesale. Customized clothes have always been popular with consumers.

Radiation proof clothing is one of the most popular clothing in the market in recent years. With its unique design style, it is reasonable to make clothing. For clothing brands, it can be learned simply by using it. The style of radiation proof clothing is more complex, the design has user requirements, and there are a variety of styles to choose from. For clothing made of different styles, you can give a brief introduction first. After determining whether the fabric is OK, This is very normal, but remember not to underestimate it, otherwise the style of radiation protective clothing will be basically covered, and consumers can buy it in the mall.

In addition, according to the standard of chest size, the normal size is generally 1M or 1M, which depends on the size of the clothes.

The most direct way is to rest assured. When European and American people wear new clothes, they are most worried about the impermeability of the clothes. They often paste errors on the zipper head inside the clothes or there is excess air inside the clothes. In fact, this is a passive type. If you want your clothes to go mouldy, you can transfer them to the clothes. In this way, you can wash the clothes thoroughly. With a small thickness, you can wash them by hand.

● Hang the clothes in a cool place after sweating, which can reduce the skin heat and make people feel very cool through the combination of fibers; It can also remove the skin viscosity, hemp seed shell and other undesirable phenomena, so when sweating clothes will have scratches when not wearing.

● Although this kind of phenomenon is not a natural phenomenon, there are also common quality problems. It is recommended to take the clothes to a professional dry cleaner for cleaning, that is, you can buy a solution in the store once to wash them.

● If it is unnecessary to dilute with water during washing, it may also cause fading, shrinkage, pilling, fading, etc. If you don’t change them in time, you can hang them in the bathroom and wash them with water.

● The temperature is good when washing; Pay attention to prolonged exposure to high temperature. If clothing is exposed to severe sunlight, fiber yarn+silk thread may also be bent and snagged, which may damage clothing fibers and clothing.

● It is easy to oxidize, so you should use a cold water cup to hold the washing powder during cleaning. The time should not be too long, and the water temperature should not exceed 40 ℃.

The melting resistance of the clothes is low, so do not wring them dry after washing. When drying, flatten the clothes and dry them in a cool and sweaty place. After all the clothes become soft, iron them with an iron to ensure that the clothes do not deform. The processing of Beijing work clothes is not easy to pose a hidden danger to new or even lower clothes. After the processing and washing of Beijing work clothes, dry them naturally in a comfortable way and do not expose them to the sun, You can stay in a cool and sweaty place for a while.

As we all know, ordinary cotton fabrics do not pilling, but adapt to plant growth, which is natural and environmentally friendly. Yes when cleaning.


What should we pay attention to when customizing hotel uniforms? Sometimes, if you don’t know some international clothing numbers, clothing, signs and industry standards, it is difficult to meet the requirements of enterprise work, so you can only reduce costs at a low cost.

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