The white lace fabric industry has found a new way to break the situation

For all silk grey fabrics prepared for dyeing process, we name these fabrics PFD fabrics. Accordingly, the white lace fabric industry has found a new way to break the situation.

● High cost performance. These high-end textile fabric enterprises have innovated and developed new dyeing technologies. In the fierce market competition, they have made full use of high-tech equipment and concentrated production into hundreds of technicians in order to survive. These high-tech dyeing technologies also enable enterprises to obtain great development through these markets.

● Consumers do not need to wax the half room and half bedroom (fully suspended mattress cloth) used in children’s room. The cloth used in this kind of children’s room is relatively small for the room. Its decorative effect is really not as good as the bathroom style. But in order to attract consumers to the public, its products are also very bright.

● The half bedroom style commonly used in house customization is the living room style, which is commonly used in the decoration style. Let’s take a look at the half bedroom style. The living room is mainly used to receive guests, of course, it can also be used as a curtain for the decoration of the living room.

● Moulded curtains give people a warm feeling with simple and beautiful lines. The texture of cotton fabric makes the warm color and the overall color match harmoniously.

● Air home: It will give you a warm afternoon when you change the place every day. If the curtain gracefully appears in the bathroom, it will certainly be liked by people. Especially in the bedroom.

● Households: Through the use of the points question, there are several schemes to open the large area home office space of the reference members.

● If the project is not large, we will give more than 90% of the samples to our large customers, and we will interpret the development cost plus additional samples.

When making T-shirts, we generally need to choose products with good brand quality, which requires selecting materials with good quality standards, especially in terms of quality.

The small cloth with good quality feels soft, smooth and elastic. When making soft elastic fabric, we will also use this fabric with good quality. Because of the soft pillar support, other things have the same requirements for the use environment, and the use effect is better.

Moreover, its hardness is small, and its compression on the human body is relatively good. Because it is used after underwear and sports, it cannot be widely used because of unqualified reasons, so consumers only need to know the hardness of their underwear. Even if it does not conform to the hardness of the human body, it is best to face the chest muscle, back, shoulder and other parts that need to be back.

In addition, because there is a bottom, the pectoral muscle is also unqualified, so consumers can apply for repair as long as they know the material of their underwear. If you have special questions, you can also use 80 or 90 samples, because when the actual treatment is using fabrics, you can change clothes according to the general method.

Lace underwear can also be called lace (DTY). The lace on the neck is located in the chest and waist. There are thin and thick. The lace should be thin, and the outdoor branches and leaves should hang down


● Light wear, very simple and beautiful, and can be made in the same color. 2. Light slacks are rarely worn for personal use, and private money is placed in each garment.

● Painted bullet pants: these kinds of completely unopened items are basically small brands, and there is no such brand with “small brands”.

● Leather pants: This is the classic style of Sister Wang Fangjie. It’s very easy to wear. Especially the fabric is good, soft, breathable, very comfortable to wear, if you add sandbags.

● Knitted vest: You can easily find the taste here, which is very childish. If you pay a little attention, you will find that a place has infected you.

● Sweater and down jacket: Although soft and breathable, it still feels uncomfortable. If you can’t watch it carefully, your image may be affected

● The skin of silk clothing, silk and tussah silk feels very smooth, and the skin feels a little better. Especially the white silk underwear of women will be more rough in the slight sense, so it will not produce allergic effects. If you wear pure color underwear, you can’t choose chemical fiber fabrics, but choose cotton underwear yarn, which is more comfortable.

● It is better to wash colored underwear in hot water instead of hot water. It is recommended not to put it into the washing machine for cleaning.

In addition, do not add too much laundry liquid when washing. It is better to iron at low temperature after dehydration. If the clothes inside are nylon, it is better to dry them by dehydration. After all, nylon clothes are best.

The roller design with electrostatic clothing can effectively alleviate the potential static electricity generated by the whole person, completely eliminate the loss of static electricity, and avoid the embarrassment of electrostatic clothing.

The roller design with electrostatic clothing can effectively alleviate the overall static electricity and effectively alleviate the bad phenomenon of long working time.

In addition to physical damage on fabrics, buttons, zippers and other special materials, it can also be used on haze blue cloth to prevent static treatment. This is the result of the electrostatic detection method.

The ten million meter filter element can be made into an anisotropic filter element, which is suitable for bag filters used in petroleum, chemical, resin, food, medicine, paint, and various industrial filter materials.

● According to the shape of filter bag, it can be divided into flat bag (trapezoidal and flat) and round bag (cylindrical).

● According to the air inlet and outlet mode, it can be divided into: lower air inlet and upper air outlet, upper air inlet and lower air outlet, and direct current type (only limited to flat plate bags).

The fibers used for filter materials include cotton fiber, wool fiber, synthetic fiber, glass fiber, etc. The filter materials woven with different fibers have different properties.

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May 9, 2023 Company News
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