The white lace fabric industry is stronger when it is stronger downstream

Rayon is easy to break when wet, and chemical fiber is stronger. In the white lace fabric industry, the downstream is strong. In addition, under the background of special application, high molecular synthetic fiber materials such as acrylic cellulose fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber, polyester fiber also have good mechanical properties. According to statistics, acrylic cellulose fiber (Lycra) can be used to make high-grade women’s clothing fabrics, linings and lining materials such as Roman cloth.

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Acrylic cellulose fiber and polyester fiber also have good physical and mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, tear resistance, etc. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the research on the application of acrylic cellulose fiber has become a breakthrough and innovation in the structure of jeans. Of course, the development of more abundant technical equipment is also a technological breakthrough in the field of textiles and clothing.

Up to now, due to the rapid development of its unique new form and high-speed integration system, the production capacity of acrylic cellulose fiber has been reduced, which leads to the difference between the sources of coal and coal in China; Acrylic cellulose fiber is different due to its unique color characteristics. Due to the factors of the global industrial chain (in terms of content), the processing volume of China’s textile industry has reached 4 piles in the country, and the fiber productivity has been unprecedented for more than half a year. However, the work of most textile industries is not perfect, especially the work uniforms of developed countries in Europe and America. Textile manufacturers are looking for transparent or dust-free, flexible exterior and interior because of its dense surface, high abrasion resistance and high permeability. However, some textiles with excellent heat resistance and flame retardancy will cause fire and explosion. For transparent or dust-free textiles, special materials with high flame retardancy should be considered. And special materials such as breathable, wear-resistant and moisture-proof will become the key of flame retardant. Whether the air permeability test of textiles matches the type, specification and function of materials and meets the requirements of relevant standards.

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In addition, due to the raw materials, transparent or dust-free fabrics use different dyes after bleaching, although the moisture absorption of the raw materials is reduced, because the thickness of the structural formation of the dye itself is smaller than the fiber diameter. The mobility of dye molecules becomes transparent due to changes in molecular chains. According to the dyeing characteristics of dyes, the temperature is reduced by 50 ° C.

Under this condition, when using the water-soluble fiber yarn, please test in advance and prepare the yarn for use. When the fiber linear density is low, 15%~30% egg yolk should be added to dye it. When the dyeing line absorbs water, use 40 #/25 clear water to add repeatedly, mix 100% soft, and soap for 10 minutes to dye evenly. When the fiber density is high, add softener. Light colored yarn will slowly swell, and slight ones can also be adjusted, but pay attention to soft silicone oil spots: wipe back and forth with cotton yarn or soft cotton sheet, and then scratch.

Softness – pure cotton softener (with very high softness after improvement), which does not affect the original characteristics of the fiber.

Bleaching and dyeing post-treatment – The pH value of the acid residue on the fabric and the amount of reducing cleaning agent have a certain impact, but the affinity of the fiber can be low through alkalinity, and generally NaOH is used for re dyeing.

Softener – mercerizing softener, which can improve the smoothness and luster of the fiber and improve the decline of fiber strength, especially for cotton, hemp, wool and mercerization, it can increase the cohesion between fibers and improve the new luster generated by friction of fiber surface.

In order to improve the fiber and its fastness and prevent low pressure, elastic and smooth filaments are introduced. When selecting a high elastic softener, attention should be paid to the cohesion and compression elasticity of the fiber.

How to eliminate the static electricity on the flannelette? Is there any anti-static agent for concrete? The timeliness of antistatic agent How long can the antistatic effect of external coating be maintained? How to prevent electrostatic hazards of rubber products? How to use internal antistatic agent to prepare antistatic film bag antistatic agent PE polyester resin antistatic agent ANTI-130 three anti composite conductive fiber cloth, which has the effects of alkali free, decontamination, static removal and antibacterial, can be used for conductive grounding circuit board or cable manufacturing. Let’s explain it in detail.

Surface resistance 2310 revolutions 7 Surface resistance 3315 revolutions 2 treated by oxidation process Surface resistance 2315 revolutions 2 treated by active process Surface resistance 3315 treated by active process.

Physical properties Surfactant Inorganic salt coating Inorganic salt coating achromatic agent Waterborne coating organic silicon flame retardant coating almost (other colors.

General paint raw material Industrial paint High polymer polyethylene surface coating (oil) water-based paint Screen printing ink General paint Several water sweat printing ink.

Waterborne paint ink: developed by a complete set of water-based paint ink technologies, it applies a variety of new inks, and can achieve professional applications in leather, coatings, adhesives, medical devices and other fields. It is a comprehensive solution for key chemical and environmental protection.

Waterborne paint ink: it is mainly developed by water-based paint ink, and the basic principle is to achieve various characteristics applicable to water-based paint ink. It can be applied to oily paint inks of leather, polyurethane, elastomer coatings, elastic fiber coatings, artificial leather, coatings and other components, as well as organic paint inks.

Waterborne paint ink: mainly from water-based paint ink research and development of main color pure ink research and development of main color mixing technology research and development of diagonal printing water permeable paint ink.

Fluorescent brightener | Leveling agent | Reactive dye agent | Wet rubbing fastness improver | Dry and wet rubbing fastness improver | 3

Textile size: Teflon waterproof agent TS-10219 ★ scouring agent ★ scouring agent.

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