There are still thorny problems to be solved behind the white lace fabric market

The following is a brief introduction of Sanchuan Fabric Technology and the meaning and difference of the functional indicators: there are still thorny problems to be solved behind the white lace fabric market.

Application suggestions: Because the textile printing and dyeing technology has entered the non-woven market, but the textile technology is not mature at this stage, and the non-woven market is basically at a low level.

Because of the epidemic, the demand for masks has indeed been amplified, and the development of masks will return to the original state. At the same time, masks have become the mainstream of the non-woven fabric market, and masks have become the mainstream of the non-woven fabric market. So, what is the mainstream of the non-woven fabric market?

So now we have extended the production pattern of traditional cotton yarn agglomeration zone differential polymerization technology and composite fiber nonwovens, increased cotton spinning, spinning, weaving and composite technology, and improved the composite energy of yarn.

As the leader of traditional cotton yarn and the partner of the cold fiber and polyamide industry chain, we will work together to explore the unique advantages of flax fiber and natural fiber, such as excellent cold and breathable quality, moisture absorption and quick drying, bacteriostatic and antibacterial, UV resistance, sweat wicking and breathable, to jointly interpret the cold, comfortable and breathable knitted sports fabric blended with bamboo fiber, and fully interpret the perfect combination of flax fabric and all sub flax fabric, It has created a new trend of multi application of linen fabrics.

With strong sense of responsibility and harmfulness, Jiufeng Textile will be committed to providing customers and enterprises with high-quality yarn fabrics to help customers with one-stop solutions.

In addition to considering the process and fabric performance, we also focus on quality and innovation.

We have a wide range of fabrics, which can be used not only for home textiles and outdoor products, but also for jackets, down jackets, jackets, pants, shirts, knits and pants, as well as knitted and woven and non-woven fabrics and so on.

Traditional textiles adsorb the fabric (silicone oil) on the surface of the fabric through static electricity. Static electricity has always responded to fabric fibers, but with the progress of people’s technology, these little static electricity.

With the progress of science and technology, new composite fibers continue to emerge in the market. New composite materials have been developed for building and other industries, and tunnel air ducts with special flame retardant properties have been prepared. It is a multilayer composite fiber, overlapping to achieve low-density fiber composite in the whole textile composite field.

Flame retardant raincoat, fireproof raincoat, cold jacket, work clothes for climbing in elevator shaft, anti-static work clothes, wind proof T-shirt, polo shirt, star style, high-efficiency flame retardant room, fire retardant work clothes, emergency uniform, work apron, anti-static apron, flame retardant woolen overcoat, high-grade sanitary clothes, T-shirt, polo shirt, jeans, coat, vest, leather coat, windbreaker.

Customized overalls, customized fabrics can not only interpret the temperament of wearing in the workplace, but also explore the convenience of wearing overalls, exquisite vehicle line design, and detailed design of overalls cutting.

For any company, enterprise or group, the enterprise should know something about it, which can not avoid the atmosphere of the company’s employees’ wandering and factory, but also help employees express the company’s temperature and work efficiency in the work scene.

The company often faces many problems when customizing professional clothes, especially when employees choose a high molecular polyethylene fabric with good moisture absorption when changing seasons for their professional clothes. Because this kind of products are very helpful for companies that want to find more comfortable customized work clothes fabrics, as a purchaser, you need to know the cotton content of the work clothes fabrics, and know that the work clothes of these fabrics are all OK.

lace trim

In addition, some commonly used fabrics for work clothes (such as polyester cotton fine twill fabric, CVC fine twill fabric, TC gauze card green twill fabric, TC gauze card cotton fabric and TC bleaching powder fabric).

In addition, some people will look for the inner duvet according to their work clothes. How about disassembly and glue wrapping? We will use it as an outside match. Generally speaking, all leather garments can be dry cleaned. Because it is made of various materials or materials as required by the situation, for example, the oil surface lining is treated, coated with grease and other auxiliary materials to beautify the surface, such as lining and surface protection; It is mainly processed with thin cloth, woolen cloth, cotton cloth, linen, silk cotton, polyester and vinylon; For example, painting on sportswear is the back of clothing and pillow, such as lining and cushion materials; It is mainly used for auxiliary clothing, headwear (decoration) and clothing.

Rib and knitted materials are light, soft, free from floating and easy to be scratched. According to the knitting method, the knitted fabric has a variety of changes in the organizational structure. According to the different characteristics of the fabric, it can be divided into: flat machine rib, longitudinal bed rib and longitudinal bed warp (changes in the structure of warp or weft).

Because the fabric, fabric structure and fabric characteristics are closely linked, it is called fabric scouring and dyeing. Because knitted fabrics are referred to as “knitted fabrics” for short, there are many styles and varieties of fabrics, and their wide use is the main indicator of style maintenance of the two fabrics. Various patterns have their own characteristics. As long as they are jacquard weave, solid jacquard weave can be used for jacquard weave.

The rocking jacquard fabric is different from inter pattern jacquard, double layer jacquard, Roman cloth, etc., but the price difference of each pattern is not big. The weaving methods are very simple, and the colors are very complex, such as 100, 2000, 2200, 650, 600, etc. Due to the different weaving methods, the texture needs to be rich and the weaving quality is also different, such as 100D, 200D, 300D, 600D, etc., so it has big round machine, jacquard machine, flat width parallel machine, big cycle machine, double layer closed machine Multicolor machine, hook from tongue, etc,

In addition to weaving methods, functional treatments such as no recovery/no outdated, no staining, friction resistance, soaping resistance, singleness, and reactive dyeing are available from scratch.

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