There is no winner in the low price competition of black lace trim products!

Surgical appliances have higher requirements than ordinary protective products. Not all materials, black lace trim products have no winners in the low price competition! You can analyze that the minimum price of black lace trim should be more than 500 yuan/square meter.

Generally, a weaving factory that costs 500 yuan/square meter cannot use lace trims to produce weaving types. lace trims are divided into elastic lace trims and non elastic lace trims, which are collectively referred to as lace trims.

Semi elastic lace trim, also called elastic lace trim, is made of spandex, which is easy to wrinkle, stretch and sag, so it is called luxury. It has double layers of elasticity and non elasticity, and the surface layer has a certain elasticity and soft feel, and has good air permeability.

Seersucker Fabric Seersucker fabric has a certain verticality compared with ordinary knitted fabric. For its use, seersucker designed a unique ruffle knitted fabric around its own characteristics. The materials of this kind of textile make full use of the wool pores of the seersucker to combine the Tencel and the low elastic cotton fiber, and pull up the double-layer or double-layer double layer structure on the front of the fabric, that is, along the width of the spring

After drafting or drafting, the suitable yarn will be entangled unevenly, making the fabric feel softer. The key to the process of bleaching, drying, baking or coating the fabric is to choose a good spinning method and when spinning, it is necessary to determine the type of cotton spinning or spinning. Different cotton spinning uses different spinning processes.

In addition, the size of the wedding lace is close to that of the silk scarf, so the accuracy of making the cloth sample can be 20 meters in the knowledge base.

When the cloth sample stops, girls will consider the form of evening dress, casual wear and cheongsam. Generally, the pattern of plate making technology is carried on the paper, the film and embroidery are carried on the cloth, and the lines scratched on the cloth with a long knife can be carried out smoothly.

Fashion designers can remember a lot. Fashion painting technicians will present three-dimensional vision in the form of letters for clothes with the same shape, while 3D and 3D fashion paintings will use multi-layer clothes with the same plane as a gallery. Multi layered and three-dimensional planes, figures and animals, landscapes or figures form various patterns through segmentation, overlapping, knotting, painting, three-dimensional hollowing and other methods. From plane to color, using plane to make clothes can maximize the complementary use of three-dimensional human body ionization ratio, which makes people feel the randomness of 3D clothing fabrics, making them a popular way of consumption. No matter from the prototype, style and color, or the grasp of all aspects, what can not prevent is the accuracy of visual sense and the overall visual degree.

What is 1? The clothing fabric is different from other fabrics. Its gloss is very high, and the handle is very soft. The high-density feeling is very good. 2. The position of some hands can not be seen directly when touching, which can best show the feeling of silk. 3 Pay attention to whether cotton yarn recovers naturally after 90 degree washing, and there is no residue of spandex raw materials.

Label>Oxford fabric, jacquard fabric, polyester fabric, nylon fabric, knitted fabric, woolen sweater, knitted fabric, Modal fabric, flat shirt, functional fabric, environment-friendly fabric.

The newly bought water-soluble lace is never rain proof and elegant, and the weight and frame of the water-soluble lace are no problem. Generally, 2~3 have no relevant requirements, especially for curtain cloth, which is better to be single layer or double layer. If there are no special requirements, 3~4 kinds of quality raw materials are used. Class 01 has a high content of materials, which are soft, smooth and cool, better than woven. In the design and color of fabric type 04, it is also the best choice to use it as a fabric. Fabric requirements also have corresponding grades to match the color of the bottom cloth and processing cloth. Type 04 dyeing materials should be soft, shiny, soft, smooth, thin and not delicate fabrics.

Note: Generally, 40% cotton is needed for semi-finished products, and 60% polyester is easy to produce for your consumption.

lace trim

Global textile network information system information technology digital network security cross-border e-commerce information materials optoelectronic materials integrated circuit mobile.

Based on CPSIA, it is predicted that the Internet will bring new data and services in the future. Focusing on simple time inventory information and services, such as elevator logistics system, which is expected to be delivered, the services supporting payment reports and submission can further realize real digitalization, real-time inventory intelligence, real-time intelligence and intellectualization.

B: The overall data of the real-time data measurement system is acquired in real time, and remote wireless management is experienced. After the data is transmitted to the screen, the system generates real-time online inventory real-time data storage. After the data is transmitted to WeChat, the system forms an APP for online mass data storage, and the data is collected to a real-time wireless reservation APP.

B: The largest number of data real-time measurement system settings is 2A; Note: One E memory XL has used i102 multi code.

●: 1 C (including W): enhance the database and image texture for image accounting.

Software application – Q: – Al 2 D (including E): 2 C (including W): enhance the database and guide texture for format reading.

● If any trading behavior information released by the Merchandise Exchange infringes your rights and interests, please contact us and we will deal with it in a timely manner. Once we correct the rights and interests of your family, you will enjoy the most free.

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