These new rules of white lace fabric are officially implemented

This eyelash lace fabric has a pure black rose pattern in full bloom. Based on cotton, it has a unique soft feeling and delicate texture. These new rules of white lace fabric were officially implemented.

This lace fabric makes pink lace fabric embellished as soft as crystal chiffon. It has a sense of lace texture, while highlighting the delicacy of the place where women do not need to modify when designing. The retro white lace dress matches the delicate jewelry ivory wedding dress, which shows the charming collarbone and mystery against the backdrop of this pink lace dress.


The combination of light blue and simple patterns embellished with delicate crystal bows is suitable for banquets on various occasions. The exquisite marble cake and white hollowed out lace skirt give people a sense of quiet time.

Elegant white skirt, coupled with steady lace, is capable of details. It can create various shapes of single products visually and create more smooth lines.

The white clothes give people the feeling of modern avant-garde. They are the words with the longest time. The lines are concise and capable, which is the main tone of beauty. People with different skin colors and postures should have different types. People of different shapes have different dress styles, wearing white clothes, light colored clothes and black and white clothes.

First of all, don’t choose to deny the material. The work of the stock market is the same, but you must do what you hear. You can buy a variety of things. For example, when you see some home appliances, shopping malls or online shopping, you prefer them because of these.

In winter, the down jacket has thick and thick styles. The common style is light and breathable. Generally, the down jacket is just a style inside and outside, and the texture and cutting of the fabric can reflect its filling capacity and nature. Fabrics basically have high requirements for clothing. Unlike ordinary sweater fabrics, ordinary sweaters are made of cotton, linen, composite and other man-made fibers or chemical fibers. This kind of fabric has a better draping feeling than ordinary sweaters, and its elasticity is more comfortable than ordinary sweaters.

● Common double faced woolen fabric: including woolen fabric, octagonal fabric, double warp and double weft double woolen fabric.

● Woolen fleece fabric: it has a smooth appearance, soft and thin feel, and soft and fluffy feel. This kind of fabric is suitable for spring and autumn. Although it is slightly thick in appearance, the biogas digester can be used in thinner winter.

● Woolen fleece fabric: Woolen fleece fabric can often keep warm in cold winter, and its handle is soft and smooth, very thin, neat and stylish.

● Woolen fleece fabric: woolen fleece cannot be blended with wool or other wool, and woolen fleece cannot be blended with wool either.

● Woolen fleece is often blended with wool or other woolen fabrics, which makes it lighter than other woolen fabrics and should not be placed after washing.

● Woolen fleece is often contaminated with other woolen fabrics, and wool cannot be dyed. Other fur fabrics are washed without bright colors.

● With the increasing proficiency in workmanship, we have insufficient choice of textile materials, and we will spend extra time to accept and manufacture various personalized knitted fabrics. These are new clothes that we can’t get here because many customers don’t understand. We will propose more advanced solutions according to customers’ requirements, so that customers can make more scientific and unified choices, find us more effectively, our technical support is more stable, and the environment is more customer friendly.

Finally, when determining the size of clothes, according to the length requirements, through mesh cloth, we have three sizes, one is four colors, one is purple, one is pink, and the clothes in these three colors are the same as the length.

Mesh cloth is a kind of jacquard mesh cloth, mainly used to cover various fabrics, such as cold proof, down jacket, skirt, luggage and other clothing.

Mesh items: generally divided into 24 holes and 28 holes. The mesh used for production and wholesale networks is 20-25cm in size.

The manufacturing process of mesh cloth is the key to the production of mesh cloth. The reasonable use of various density raw materials makes the life of mesh cloth easier to eliminate than unstable materials. Raw materials such as mesh cloth and sandwich mesh cloth can be used.

The quality and the quality of the mesh made of raw materials will not only affect the appearance quality of the mesh, but also cause some problems on the surface. The following points must be followed for washing and maintenance: 1. Do not use the washing machine to avoid unclean washing (it is also harmful that you cannot take photos, stretch or stretch after washing, and it is uncomfortable if the elasticity is large); 2. Precautions for washing with a washing machine: use a special washing bag for the best rinsing. When washing clothes, please pay attention to the following precautions: 1. When washing clothes, do not stretch hard, and do not relax after washing. If the cloth is washed clean, it is better to dry it in a cool and dry place; 2. The crystal bead earth shoes are the best choice for high standard non water contact shoes. The crystal bead earth shoes are hung in the natural light to prevent distortion. 3. Crystal bead earth shoes, with a single layer as the outer layer, are stored in a cool and dark place. Because of its transparency, you should avoid wearing thick clothes; 4. The crystal bead earth shoes are designed with fresh and natural colors, with a smooth and clean appearance, and easily show a perfect figure; 5. Canvas shoes made of silver/brass are treated with anti-collision ingenuity. Excellent material modeling and reasonable weight reflect perfect details;

We should all know that our life is the same as ours. We live in the south, while in the north, we live in the north, and there will never be a leap in living. So we can simply become an ideal lifestyle. The “Sikang” brand will be born, and its founder is Li Bingfang.

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May 28, 2023 Company News
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