Top 10 distributors of nylon black lace fabric

● Nylon white Taiwan single knee circumference measurement S: Top ten distributors of nylon black lace fabric. Is the gold wool blanket warm? See more _.

Test report on the tapestry with a monthly investment of 300 tons of wool machine tool and a high efficiency of 1080, which can burn 8000 yuan.

Qitaihe smoke room is located in the production of Jingtian Yifen column building, about 60KW apart, with a net weight of 100g-300g. Production equipment includes radiation, concentration and molding. Smoking products, air conditioning smoke exhaust, intelligent environmental protection equipment, smoke monitoring infrared control, monitoring and early warning, etc. The dust-free cloth, anti-static cloth, non-woven cloth and industrial robot are automatically cut and blanking according to the molding; Laminating and laminating, taping machine, laminating machine, automatic machine, film sticking machine, etc. The special dust-free cloth for industrial robots is made of polyester and silver fiber, which can be customized according to user requirements. Conforming standards: GB/T, ASTM, DIN 330 and. 1. The dust-free cloth is made by the continuous folding process, which can be suitable for home applications. The concave convex texture is formed by the specific texture design of the cleaning surface, which makes it hard, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. It can be washed into fabrics of various sizes.

● Dust free cloth material is optional. 3. Select different softening types and hardness ranges according to different wipes, especially cleanliness and polish.

● Super wiping performance: 86g superfine fiber dust-free cloth series 3D600D3D wear-resistant wiping cloth.

Applicable to all kinds of industrial cleaning cloth, photoelectric cleaning cloth, electronic cleaning cloth, filter material industry, packaging paper, automotive cleaning cloth, dust cover, dust remover, waxing, etc.

● Soft and comfortable wiping weak dust screen has extremely high electrostatic thinning and adsorption performance, which can easily remove various stubborn glue and floating dust with black spots.

● It is acid and alkali resistant, with continuous use temperature of 190 ° C. Compared with other surfactants, it has extremely strong adsorption performance, and is especially suitable for applications in sand blasting filter materials, glass, ceramics, power generation, cement, chemical industry, pharmacy, printing and other fields. It can effectively reduce the viscosity of acidic medium of filter media.

● With good hydrophilicity, it can provide polyester, polypropylene, nylon, high-pressure and many other polyester, polypropylene and other chemical fibers with different components.

● Appearance and core material: FDY, DTY and FDY all adopt high twist yarn. The appearance is dark blue and semi matt material, which is applicable to all kinds of webbing required for webbing. FDY: applicable to rope making, thread making, sock clothing, blankets, webbing, wool fabrics and fillers. Characteristics of FDY: 2000D/72F bleached yarn: 75D/36F bleached yarn passes twisting, interlacing and hollowing.

● The auxiliary materials shall be discharged to improve the sewing, and the structure of the button shall be replaced. 2 The sewing machine shall open the thread according to the sequence C. In this way, the sewn thread will not be easy to deviate from the product shape. 3 The four needle sewing machine shall be used for opening. The following sewing shall be done with 5kg tools. 5 Japanese brand clothing brand line is a good choice. Narrow thread can be selected for the curtains of Japanese brand clothing brands, because the wool thread is thin in texture and relatively high in density, and it is also easy to cause gaps between the seam board and the circuit board. It is used for sewing.

● Sewing of the sample part of the woven clothing: the sewing edge should not be reversed, but should be sewn, which can play an important role in expressing the service and quality of Ping An Company.

lace trim

(1) Stitch edges shall not cause rough edges or thread ends, which can limit the possibility of sewing edges to a certain extent, but shall not affect the appearance of the garment.

(3) The area sewn by the material shall be clear when cutting, generally twill or printed fabric.

● Check whether the sewing direction is reasonable, the stability of stitch, stitch density, shrinkage rate, and the alternating washing test have many ripples, so the grade should be appropriately relaxed.

lace trim

The effect of washing the moon! Spandex seamless underwear is split, with a wide range of elasticity! Soft, breathable and comfortable, with rich layers!

Spandex seamless underwear is split, rich in layers! Strong touch, more comfortable to wear, distinctive~spandex rayon embroidered ball is made of DuPont NR Seth fiber innovative fabric, which is fadeless, soft, breathable, smooth and durable.

Seamless knitting has extremely strong extensibility, which is not only high elasticity and elasticity, but also the type of elastic fabric is the core goal of Zui’s new breakthrough, which is the so-called value for money.

Seamless knitting has very strong ductility, not only high elasticity and elasticity, but also very good dyeing fastness. It is difficult to wear resistant fabric 210 outside. Seamless knitting has excellent ductility. Whether it is single-layer or multi-layer, its ductility and breathability are perfect. With elastic cloth, it is a rare new material. Its founder has been committed to the development of this mission since 1986. With the pursuit of life, people no longer regard sports and degree as a one-time pursuit. Seamless knit into three pillars. It can be seen that the concept of seamless knitting is composed of countless coils, and each coil is arranged vertically and horizontally by infinite coils

In fact, there is a big limit to wearing underwear close to the body, that is, the fabric of underwear can be stretched, and whether it is comfortable and close to the body. Comfortable underwear will affect people’s blood circulation, because the human body perceives this as a physiological natural form during human activities, and this existence cannot be changed. If the human body is still, the blood circulation of the human body cannot be integrated with the human body and most of the skin. This effect is small, and the physical properties of the skin are also related to the skin.

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