Top 10 Manufacturers of Polyester White lace trim

In Tissura, we cooperate with a series of the most famous European wedding fabric manufacturers, such as Frontline. Top 10 manufacturers of polyester white lace trims. Price and style We can inquire about the domestic and foreign fashion trends, cases, etc., regardless of the quality, service, are mainly decent. It has a wide range of uses and may be popular with designers.

Garmin Tence, an American company, is the world’s largest petrochemical company, and its technical level is far higher than the global average. At the same time, they are also free to use both from the United States.

DROTEX ® The aramid flame-retardant fabric is made from aramid yarn by spinning, weaving and dyeing. Because aramid fiber itself has the characteristics of incombustibility, excellent electrical insulation, excellent chemical stability, excellent mechanical properties, and lasting thermal stability, the aramid flame retardant cloth woven and dyed with this fiber combines the advantages of ordinary flame retardant fabrics, and has excellent fire retardant performance, arc resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, thermal protection, environmental protection, durability, excellent appearance and excellent chemical resistance, It is used to protect the road surface from noise and heat insulation. The temperature resistance and washing flammability of fabrics and clothing are similar to those of color materials. Flame retardant cloth has good reaction and effective flame retardancy. It has been used for clothing, tents, vehicle sunshade cloth, thermal insulation protective clothing, sunshade and wind shield, thermal insulation and wind shield cloth, agricultural wind shield cloth, animal shield cloth, curtain rain shield, air control heat insulation cloth, high and gentle cotton, coated light shield cloth, outdoor wind shield and rain shield cloth, thermal insulation cover, high temperature resistant sewing thread, light tire, wind tunnel, protective clothing, microfiber cloth, light leather Checker pattern, microfiber cloth, etc.

Products are widely used in: advertising gifts, clothing lintels, gift packaging, etc; Industrial/printing and dyeing industry, digital ink-jet painting, portrait, mural, personalized customization, etc.

● According to the regulations of the company, for every 100 square yards, the personnel who are used to make samples at any time use “Why didn’t I?” to solve multiple problems.

● Silk screen silk generally refers to silk, a thin fabric, especially brocade, nylon or other thick textile fabrics, which should be printed firmly.

Label: screen printing is impermeable, screen printing does not reveal silk label: screen printing is often used for screen printing.

Difference between screen printing and screen printing Screen printing is a precise printing method, which can be printed into very fine building materials leather substrates, and screen printing plates can also be printed with digital printing.

In addition to screen printing can be used to make exquisite concave decoration/primer, it can also be printed by digital printing square high resolution spraying method.

Digital printed intaglio/concave decoration pictures – color – size – full version (too restrictive, too restrictive.

When purchasing the brand of Odelio, it contains special patterns. As long as there is enough sample arrival notice – including package materials, it can also be printed. Odelio can directly report (PSD). The samples of large goods can be taken for free. As long as you confirm whether they are printed or not, if you can’t buy 000 goods, you can give them to other customer service free of charge. You can take your own sample clothes and thin outer fabrics, which will save you 80% of the cost.

The styles we need include printing, letters, cloth, leather, high-density abrasive tools, cloth patterns, etc. We provide you with prints, letters, fabrics, letters, patterns, etc.

We provide you with printing services of other styles, saving 80% of your costs and increasing 80% of your benefits.

We provide vulcanization process for the industry, and we provide printing processing services for you. Vulcanization process adopts high density abrasive, low abrasion, efficient indigo dyeing and other processes. We bring light high-capacity value to the industry.

lace trim

Corduroy sandwash flannelette, cotton binding treatment, sanding impregnation, wool erosion processing, textile impregnation, printing, sandwashing, wool fabric padding, printing, printing processing includes silk printing, jacquard fabric impregnation, printing.

We provide polyester cotton color spinning solutions, polyester cotton color spinning solutions, color spinning solutions, and polyester cotton color spinning solutions for the brand color spinning wool yarn specially made in the industry. Now the prices in the market have become common. Polyester cotton colored spinning, polyester cotton slub yarn, polyester cotton colored spinning, polyester cotton slub yarn, polyester cotton gabardine, polyester cotton Ougen yarn, polyester cotton slub yarn, polyester cotton indigo dyeing, polyester cotton slub yarn, polyester cotton indigo dyeing, polyester cotton slub yarn, polyester cotton indigo dyeing, polyester cotton slub yarn, polyester cotton jacquard dyeing, polyester cotton indigo dyeing.


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