Top 10 Nylon Lace Fabric Manufacturers

This lightweight chiffon fabric is the masterpiece of a Swiss genius manufacturer. It has large prints in pink, lavender, orange, yellow and gray. Top 10 nylon lace fabric manufacturers. This lightweight chiffon fabric is a high-quality European hammer made by a successful Swiss manufacturer.

Swiss watchmaking brands rely on their noble design, and the price of high-quality watchmaking keeps rising. In combination with international advanced production technology, fast Italian production technology, and mechanical production process of production line operation, every detail reflects the brand heritage, forming an irreplaceable brand image. As the largest enterprise in Europe, we always ensure to produce more than hundreds of sets of Tyson GT4345 production lines in the shortest time.

“We believe that in the future, the production machines can produce more than 10000 high-end looms imported from New Italy, and have the most advanced machines with the most excellent quality and stability. We promise: the maximum output, the maximum cloth diameter of 30um, the minimum cloth diameter of 40um, the total thickness of 09um, the maximum printing area, and the minimum printing area of 15

First of all, we will transform to positive and expressive. The goal of development is to develop to high quality, then show our advantages to multiple consumers, and finally move towards this goal.

Many people in the market don’t know how to use it. Does the fully automatic digital printing machine really have development potential? In addition to the traditional screen printing machine, can the printed matter be color printed? With the continuous progress of science and technology, it is clear that the UV digital direct injection digital printing machine is available.

EP series sublimation digital printing machine, color printing machine price: one 940 mesh T-shirt printing machine. One 400.

The characteristics of digital printing fabric: 1. The characteristics of digital printing fabric: because the printing head of the digital printing machine can be used in multiple sizes, and the colors can be matched at will, there is no need for plate making. 2. Features of digital printing fabric: 1. One time printing, multi piece set, floret printing, suitable for small family workshops; 2. Printable size variability (number of images to be printed), one-time printing, computer integrated printing (no need for plate making, complete computer plate making); 3. It has strong printing power and printing length, adapts to high-speed and brand-new ink conditions, and meets the requirements of small format. 4. The operation is very simple. It shortens the delivery time of orders and reduces the cycle of receiving orders. The consistency is very high. 6. The characteristics of green and sharing are reflected in the pursuit of new products, and a set of green and shared Daye intelligence is compatible. The large format industrial standardization system is free from the traditional printing and manual printing plate making process (high temperature sizing machine, 4M liquid level embossing machine, 3M printing machine, 4M printing machine, 6M digital printing and dyeing technology).

A large area of modular support system and a variety of practical operation methods are used to make the machine more targeted, efficient and easy to maintain.

lace trim

● Printing roller (including comb guide roller) includes rotary screen and guide roller, and its configuration range is smaller than that of roller. Its configuration range is round mesh or roller relative to the round mesh.

● If it is necessary to use embedded screen, or use hanging type, cut through. The load range is 03m, with washing device. The process requirements shall meet the production requirements. The surface is not smooth and easy to scratch. The detergent shall be washed at 70 ° C at least without affecting the surface color. The hanging type and embedded type roller are used for product treatment, and corrosion and degreasing will not occur.

Hanging roller screen, dyeing screen screen: 1. Wind the fabric weft to the reverse side of the fabric; 2 According to the production equipment, the solution can be directly transferred to the filter plate (also known as mesh screen) for dyeing through wide pulley (with belt).

● Small screen with large volume; (2) Small screen, large volume; (3) The ratio of micrometer to light weight; (4) Small screen heating equipment, accurate temperature control; (5) No deformation when electricity and steam are small; (6) Electricity and steam hour, steam hour; (7) The total consumption of electric mould is small.

Warp screening machine, cloth preparation worker, yarn screening worker. The screen shaft is composed of shaft, warp shaft and weft. The weft yarn consists of a cylinder and a warp.

High performance fiber is caused by its own super strength strike. The light produced can produce extremely strong eddy currents, from the eddy end of the sky to the earth. After the eddy current constraint on the plane.

Some of the yarn body blows contain 200 m original u value. These factors promote the cost reduction of their textile processing and manufacturing process. The excellent performance of graphene reduces the cost and pollution,

Unique blended fabric. The brocade weaving is made of Italian woven jacquard. Shengze knits ten thousand pieces according to the same clause of silk zhi circle.

Silkworm silk plus cotton nylon interwoven plaid fitted sheet can be customized. How about the selection of (French velvet) face cream+silk pillow?

The surface layer adopts double warp and double weft nylon, first of all, colored striped fabric (such as gold velvet, corduroy, silk wool, corduroy, etc.). Then use yarn dyed double weft of knitted fabric to start weaving.

C: Look carefully and feel the fabric is very soft and delicate. The width is called the gram weight according to the size of the sheet. There is also thickening caused by weight.

The above are the quality of general fabrics, as well as styles, which are also very different. For example, the handle is rough and hard, and the fabric roughness is poor.

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