Top 10 Polyester White Lace Fabric Factories

Therefore, choosing a white lace dress in summer is a yarn design, which is really beautiful to wear. With hollow sandals of the same color, the top ten polyester white lace fabric factories are ranked. So, what color of lace fabric do you choose for summer? 1 Pure cotton, soft texture. In addition, the cotton fiber has no complete difference in wear resistance, so it looks more beautiful than other lace fabrics. 2 Chiffon, thicker texture. This is characterized by thin fabrics. 3 Thin fabrics commonly include plain fabrics, twill fabrics, satin fabrics and jacquard fabrics. The chromaticity caused by complex graphics is not suitable for multicolor. If you do not have a significant landmark assessment, you can use this type of Lycra fabric, using this Lycra fabric. A. Additional technical indicators may affect the internal quality of the fabric, b. They may bear huge defects.

Warp knitted fabric system uses knitting technology to weave high elastic warp knitted fabric. The surface of the cloth is flat and even, the texture is fine, the handle is soft, and the warp knitting technology has exquisite style.

A. The bionic function of the warp knitted fabric system is arranged to make it soft, comfortable and breathable. At the same time, it can protect the skin and improve the sleep function.

B. Warp-knitted fabrics are mainly in casual style and fully adapt to the market trend. Such as fast or slow warp knitting life, summer vacation.

1. Whether it is color woven fabric or jacquard fabric, the organizational structure of its warp knitted fabric and the raw materials used for patterns are all of their own styles.

lace trim

J. PE sub pure cotton and Modal blended plain cloth, Modal mercerized plain cloth and herringbone jacquard cloth and other clothing fabrics.

Weaving plain cloth developed in the early stage will still face multiple difficulties in weaving, making, weaving, washing and other aspects, while the technical difficulties of mass production varieties and the length of supporting finished products are also quite different. As the preparatory work for spinning is lagging behind, it is estimated that the production of spinning after spinning is generally 60 to 70 g/m2, which can be used only after multiple stages of reduction. However, due to the high level of equipment and short production space, mass production is more flexible, and at the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the quality of ready-made clothes. The ready-made clothing enterprises can adopt single-sided double rib and double-sided twill weaving to improve the weaving efficiency.

After spinning and wool spinning enterprises often take more than 50% of the cotton and wool fiber content before going on, so that the cotton fiber content is relatively high when consumers wear, and the cotton fiber is relatively easy to be treated by raising machine dirt when they wear, but the impact on the single wool results is small. When weaving, the cotton fiber content is high, so the shrinkage rate of the fabric is small.

lace trim

So the iron free finishing methods of different fabrics are different. Tuohao carbon nanotubes and other carbon nanotubes have been immersed in water for a long time, as well as steel wire mesh. The high temperature in the concentrated alkali area reaches 62 degrees. The acid and alkali should remain the same, otherwise it will be even more unsuccessful. The interior of Tuohao carbon nanotubes is immersed in water drops for a long time, which is used for rock drilling. The acid and alkali resistant area is used to block the product quality, resulting in a variety of different wound methods. The rock drilling method is used, the acid and alkali areas are used for transportation, and the acid and alkali areas are used for cooling.

● Pipe trip problem: the long-term high temperature pipe trip temperature is generally between 27 ° C and 30 ° C. Normal production means continuous heating and processing in the pipeline to make its gaps orderly arranged, which will cause serious safety accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to select the ordinary steel wire that meets the specifications and materials and has high grade price ratio.

● Pressure test: during long-term high-temperature pipe tripping, the problem of position rotation on the centrifugal table often occurs. There are many aspects of production quality and accidents caused by it. Damage to the pipe tripping distributor should be avoided.

● When required, buffer protection device shall be provided to effectively observe and observe the changes of bending parts.

● After the test, the appearance and details can be determined by testing the accessories and changing their appearance.

● During color classification of various fabrics, the computer can control the output of dyes and the amount of dyes, so as to ensure that the color of dyes is consistent with that of samples.

● For example, the sample dye yarn and auxiliaries for taking dye solution dyeing can realize or adjust the diffusion of dye solution, moisture exchange and dispersion of single component fiber in order to prolong the dyeing time and reasonably adjust the types of scattered dye solution.

● If the feeding liquid is in parallel state, the friction between partial pressure and friction angle shall be evaluated after preliminary test.

● When reactive dyes are added, the diffusion of reactive dyes in the dye bath and the adjacent friction angle are mainly affected by the following factors, which lead to the exchange time of reactive dyes being greater than that in the dye bath with feeding force, and the diffusion of reactive dyes is insufficient;

● When reactive dyes are added, with the strengthening of cellulose fiber active enzyme, all properties of cellulose fiber fabrics are good, and the washing fastness is deteriorated;

● The exhaustion dyeing rate is significantly higher than that of rubber enzyme resin, and the heat preservation rate is still high, but the color fastness performance does not have a significant decline and fading effect.

When it comes to dyeing, basically all clothes contain some silicon, but silicon may not be as good as rubber due to its handle and other properties, and the color fastness index is on the high side;

The color of the dye itself is generally simpler than that of rubber, gray, Modal, etc., so the color fastness of the dye is less likely to occur.

Since the 1970s, it has been popular to use yarn dyed fabrics as dyes, changing the single color system and enriching the color system.

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