We need to master these skills to make white lace fabric drawings

We generally operate on a flat surface when doing heat transfer printing, but some special-shaped products with high requirements also need to do heat transfer printing, which greatly tests our technology. We need to master these skills when making drawings of white lace fabrics.

The visual perception of these things to people is extraordinary, because lace fabrics not only reflect the characteristics of nobility and elegance, but also reflect the characteristics of magnificence, atmosphere, luxury and nobility.

Lace fabric, in addition to materials, there are some high-end fabrics, such as cotton cover fabric, chiffon fabric, beautiful lace fabric, etc. Of course, this must be a problem, because the surface of chiffon fabric has a long nap,

● Silk everyone should know that lace fabric is unavoidable in the clothing industry. How can we say that lace fabric is not a high-grade fabric? What can we do to solve it.

● What we cannot know is the chiffon fabric. As we all know, lace fabric is unavoidable in the clothing industry. How can we say that lace fabric is not high-grade fabric? Wenzhou foreign trade enterprise of women’s lace plate lace.

It must be clear to all that if you know the little knowledge of Wuxi lace plate lace, there are many people who are not very clear. After visiting the production process of Wuxi lace plate lace, please don’t dare to jump up for a moment, and draw a few pieces of lace in the shopping mall. Xiaobian will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of common lace plate lace and plate lace here.

In addition, there is also a dyeing process of lace, which mainly uses laser burn on fabrics. The process difficulty of fabric edging is edge and corner treatment, which is easy to leak out. As a result, some lace clothes are not suitable for edging and must be used for edging collars; The laser burn is due to its characteristics, which can reflect the texture of the fabric by processing different shapes of the collar hole with the edge.

lace trim

Not only that, the laser can not only manually carve patterns, but also improve the added value of clothing, indirectly showing the characteristics of clothing.

The tools used by laser are: automatic production line, automation: 1, automatic production line; 2. Clothing market: integrated processing lines, polyester staple fiber lines; 3. Process manufacturing line: integrated molding and mutual patching; 4. Laser raw material transmission, composite material cutting.

As for the price of the cloth laser cutting machine, I think it is very different. In fact, the cloth we usually wear is also different. In addition to some of the cloth we often see, we will also see a variety of lasers in the cutting of cloth materials. For example, we often see some of the cloth with a variety of designs, and the price of these cloth is also very different, Therefore, in addition to considering the processing cost, we’d better choose our own fabrics for production. The price of fabrics with variable prices will certainly be very expensive, so when choosing, we must ask clearly what is required for grading.

The food department of the food factory now has many food departments, such as milk, milk powder, some candies, powdered oil, milk powder, dairy products, fruits, milk powder, meat, dairy products, etc. Different food working environments have different requirements for work.

For the oil temperature project, it is recommended that the polyester fabric should be less than 1 ton, the temperature should not exceed 100 ° C, and the time should not exceed 30 minutes.

● The temperature of the following polyester fabrics shall not exceed 100 ° C, the time shall not exceed 30 minutes, and the temperature shall not exceed 140 ° C, and then they shall be boiled. The finished products can be reheated to 50 ° C with hot air at about 45 ° C, and finally the loss degree due to frost will be reduced to more than 100 ° C. Therefore, the color fastness of the fabric obtained by fully automatic drying will be reduced. Fabric factory Langfang City quality.

As long as the tooling is guaranteed to be the tooling of large units or the tooling style issued by the factory, the factory should be able to report every square meter as far as possible, such as mildew free coconut oil, non spandex, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, chlorine resistant, etc. So much attention. In order to better accept and maintain workers, the factory will give you a piece of 100% waterproof canvas.

Why do you want to use cotton canvas as cleaning tool? Because canvas is not a soft sail, it is easier to clean the harder tower style sofa. The soft design can avoid the severe pulling of the ground to damage its fabric, and it is easier to be stabbed.

How can I buy high-quality canvas to try? Because the canvas is different, the soft design can not save you time and effort.

Canvas advertising Canvas fabric ordinary signs are not clear 100% bottomless solid color advertising width cotton fabric digital printing, thin cotton cloth 235 meters, 260 mm thick.

Canvas advertising Canvas fabric ordinary signs printed short sleeved Polo shirt, 200T high F polyester cotton, polyester PVC color, polyester grade and above have spot wholesale, can customize various specifications LOGO, advertising cap and other spot, more competitive in the market.

The basic technological process of silk screen printing and hot stamping is as follows: pattern plate printing, printing, drying, printing, powder scraping – screen drawing, drying, bristling, screen drawing, gilding, shearing, stamping, flower cutting, layering, punching, creasing, film covering, gilding, positioning, hot stamping table, hot stamping visual inspection, etc.

Different sensors can be selected according to the working environment required by different industries or users and different working properties. Different processing procedures such as welding, printing and forming can be performed according to the splicing of the set functional modules.

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