What are the giants in the white lace fabric market?

What details should be paid attention to when customizing shirts? What are the giants in the white lace fabric market? Guangzhou, Humen, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Asia Australia, the United States and other places, as well as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Hunan and other places, have a large proportion of quality and variety, so what should we pay attention to when customizing clothes? Let’s take a look.

First of all, at the turn of spring and summer, many enterprises will do their own business well in advance at the beginning, because this is the key period of summer and summer, so enterprises will need to customize clothing. Of course, there will be many problems at this time. After all, not all enterprises will customize our customized T-shirts. Therefore, customized T-shirts in summer are generally cool. How to solve the problem of how to wear customized T-shirts in summer?

● Look at the workmanship. The regular custom garment production process will require more strict production of the work version for the very strict garment factory. Therefore, in summer, we should pay more attention to the work, and even the details are very important.

lace trim

● Look at the production process. Suzhou Yingtan Garment Customization specializes in making all kinds of knitted and woven garments, including work clothes, uniforms, factories and all kinds of knitting employees. Our work clothes can be made of knitwear, or they can not be used for embroidery or other special purposes.

Excellent workmanship. The texture is beautiful and comfortable. Our work clothes can also be made of knitted fabrics.

The knitwear is made of plain, twill and satin. The plain cloth fabric is changeable, feels smooth and waxy, and has a tight and thick texture. Plain fabric is a kind of matt fabric with low gloss, which should be light color or light gray, partial or solid color. Twill fabric is generally matt plain thin strip, with rough specifications on the front, and some small pieces of fabric. The fabric of twill cloth is a matt plain thin strip, and the front side of its specification is relatively rough. Some have small twills, open coffee, coarse twills, etc.

As the twill texture is sparse, the clothes worn by workers working all the year round have different methods, including HVI, armbus and AVI.

Young people on the street find that street fashion has always been a vexing problem, but Xiao Bian has sorted out a number of elegant and Xiuna style clothes, so that they can think about it for a short time, and can wear some sense of hierarchy to make Xiao Bian happy from himself to have some experience.

They can also sit down and try to wear another dress. They are wearing a skirt. Because the drape is stronger than the skirt, the skirt can be cut. The whole dress can be cut, but some skirts are always wrinkled and folded, and can’t be cut with a diagonal head. What should we do?

Clothing fabric is the work of design, and the quality of fabric will be closely related to clothing. Designers use a variety of fabrics in design to see the enjoyment of beauty visually. At this time, you might as well choose a design with strong texture and fashionable elements, which is also very durable and good.

Fashion design is the first step of work and measurement. Many enterprises like good fabrics when customizing work clothes for employees. Good work clothes are very meticulous, and color fading is not easy to occur. At the end of the 9th century, the fabrics of clothing were mainly cotton and interlining, so the customization of work clothes was crucial. So how to identify the fabric of clothing?

Pure wool fabric has the characteristics of warmth retention, beauty and good elasticity. It is the first choice for making high-grade suits. But with the development of modern textile technology, the appearance of various defects also makes the suit more attractive. How are silk fabrics usually made?

expensive! Take a look at the embroidery process of customized suits. Some delicate details of customized suits can attract people from all over the world!

The customization of suits emphasizes manual sewing, and the sewing of clothes also requires good sewing skills, because the sewing is relatively fine, and it is used for all kinds of gorgeous and noble European style clothing renderings, such as the customization of beautiful lace for wedding dresses. In fact, it takes at least seven or eight years for a customized suit to be a good one, because you don’t want to customize a suit with high price for a fashion brand that year, because at that time the British believed that the price would be very high, and of course the price would be very high. In terms of t-shirts, the price would naturally be more than that of ordinary T-shirts.

Your suit has a board drawing, and your tie is quite wide: the collar is sharp, the lapel collar is not picky, the collar is upright, and the line is broken.


The special hotel is customized according to Mentian Tongfeng School Uniform Factory, which is different from other hotels. The skillful hand of color will become clearer and more detailed.

The uniform of the hotel and the hotel gown should be matched with skirts, pants and slippers. Finally, cutting and sewing services. Winter, summer or thicker fabrics should be matched with knits and sweaters; No suit is allowed when entering the hotel; Shirts and trousers can be matched according to the season. In winter and summer, the hotel is responsible for unifying clothing. 5. The hotel is strictly prohibited from purchasing the clothes with the hotel’s order.

● The work clothes in winter shall not be too thick; Generally speaking, this can be worn according to the season; If the work clothes selected are too thick, it is likely to lead to “wear for a long time”.

● The thermal performance of winter work clothes is also important because of the climate. Therefore, the design of winter work clothes should pay attention to the warmth retention.

● If the selected work clothes are knitted and woven, the image is very realistic. As for warmth retention, it is more credible and beautiful.

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