What is Chantilly lace fabric

Mesh jacquard lace: The components of mesh jacquard lace are polyester fiber and cotton. This fabric is characterized by its three-dimensional shape. What is the Chantilly lace fabric.

Compared with spandex, mesh is elastic and comfortable to wear. Spandex is slightly thick and can be used frequently.


The gauze has good elasticity and is suitable for autumn and winter wear. However, due to the poor elasticity of the mesh, it is light in weight, slow in rebound, light in harm, and easy to be hooked, jammed and knotted.

As the goods we often use, the quality of gauze is almost professional, and the specifications are in line with the underwear. But many people still don’t know about gauze and net.

We should buy clothes in wholesale and online, because these clothes are purchased directly and online in shopping malls, which may cause inconvenience or credit,

lace trim

North Sea mesh and sandwich mesh are two completely different concepts. The main functions of polyethylene foam net bag and polyethylene foam net bag are: to prevent PVC foam net, the price and color of foam net bag.

The difference between warp knitting and mesh fabric is that the two quality fabrics are very different, and the production requirements are also different. Warp-knitted fabrics are woven with yarns intertwined. Therefore, the difference between the texture of the mesh and the weaving method will show more grid-like meshes. Distinguish the difference between the texture of the mesh fabric and the material, and there will be larger and smaller. Although the tensile strength of the two is not different, the tensile strength of the two is.

Tencel yarn has the softness of cotton and the feel similar to natural cotton. It can make the flat needle of hairiness fine and dense, and enhance the thermal insulation performance. Tencel is a kind of regenerated cotton. Tencel is similar to cotton in appearance. It actually uses fine denier or matt to have super strength but not strength,

Tencel cotton yarn has the softness, smoothness and comfort of rayon, and some are very silky. At the same time, it also has the luster of silk, which is whiter than the color of cotton. What are the characteristics? Next, let’s introduce the advantages and disadvantages of Tencel fabric in detail! The value of producing and processing a piece of clothing with Tencel fabric.

Cotton viscose elastic polyester elastic fabric Tianshi fabric wholesale human silk fabric cotton nylon elastic fabric wholesale textile knowledge.

Spring and summer new Tencel Modal polyester woven small jacquard fabric Tencel thin fabric for women’s wear is a highlight of the women’s wear industry, because women’s wear fabric will be made of spring pure cotton or blended cotton with good texture, which can be both the thick and cool of spring spun silk, and also can be made of polyester chemical fiber local silk 220 category woven Tencel fabric 460 category.

Design and research, combined with domestic and foreign fashion trends and developed various patented technologies for women’s clothing, successfully developed a part of new line products, and solved the popular problems of many thick, fashionable and simple lines of rough fashion in Europe and America.

To save time and equipment, we have developed competitive popular yarn and fabric technologies including low-torque yarn and untwisted yarn, high-elastic fiber and composite fiber yarn by means of raw material selection, new process selection, rapid response development and aesthetic principle development.

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