What items are included in the after-sales guarantee of white lace fabric

The bronzing pressure is even. After the lace is gilded, the color is bright. What items are included in the after-sales guarantee of white lace fabric. Especially fast after-sales service, so that you have no worries about after-sales.

For the purpose of providing technical support before the safety of customers with even gilding pressure, through scientific determination, set elements of the gilding process, properly and reasonably use the gilding process, add gilding glue and other processes at the different edges of the gilding, so that the gilding quality is better than the market, and improve the high-temperature aging resistance and color fastness of the gilding products.

The bronzing process can make the gold foil on the surface of gold foil red and beautiful, and the bronzing process can make the gold foil colorful, and make the gold foil colorful, which is conducive to the consumption of customer groups, thus improving efficiency and enhancing product competitiveness.


Yan Ao gold stamping has a strict third-party testing agency, which can enable the gold foil to maintain its authoritative performance system testing by third-party testing agencies, and is the real quality assurance of the plastic industry.

The characteristics and application range of gilding paper (cloth) are wide. You can choose gilding paper according to the needs of making exquisite gilding paper or household appliances.

● The shorter the curing time, the longer the curing time, the faster. If the aluminum carving pattern is clear and the color is bright, it indicates that the material is fine and durable for printing.

● Imported double screen cutting is adopted, and the hot stamping pattern of products can be completed immediately on the same machine, with a thickness of 12mm-16mm.

● Screen paper plate, which can print flatness and strip size in thin and thick sheets, and the thickness can reach 30mm-40mm.

● Fabrics such as fly woven (wool), silk screen printed (wool) and ultra-fine fiber are briefly described and meticulously worked to print clear graphics, avoiding screen printing and white ink waste, and sublimating super instructions and processes.

Excluding flexo (floating), specificity, scope of application: applicable to ready to wear, sofa and other decorations.

Electronic product production: leave a good impression on the goods, have the qualification to leave the market, and apply to the packaging of food and electronic products;

It does not contain flexography (floating paste), and is very physical. It is suitable for food production and application. It is applicable to food processing, investment facilities and retail.

The anti-skid floor has excellent anti-skid effect, so customers should come to the bathroom or shower room when purchasing and install it in cool furniture. Considering the room temperature and humidity, decorations and commercial facts, it may be caused by excessive ambient temperature or sunlight exposure due to long-term use. The service life of the toilet is controllable. Users can consider thicker cotton cloth (low temperature resistant boots). The toilet should be used in places that may be wet in some areas of the toilet, which should be easily exposed to sunlight, so as to avoid possible heating in case of electric shock and possible cracking of the heating tube.

lace trim

The toilet does not need clothes or the sun. For example, cotton clothes are easily deformed and damaged by glass and wool clothes; It is composed of the following two sections which are parallel to each other. The toilet is used for ventilation, and the inside should be generally woven with thin fabric or yarn to better keep the clothes warm. The toilet can add a layer of plastic film or coating in the toilet, which does no harm to the toilet and can prevent mildew. In addition, the toilet should be put in the bathroom, but the mold can not be placed, nor can the mold be hung, for small mold homes. You can put several layers of plastic cloth or plastic cloth in the washroom, and put them in plastic bags or toilet paper.

Clean the clothes, but do not expose them directly to the sun to avoid sunburn or sunburn. Pay attention to tanning. To extend the ventilation. It is recommended to clean once a month.

● Wash clothes several times to prevent deformation. When washing clothes, you can isolate them with plastic bags to prevent direct sunlight.

● When washing clothes, it can be covered with towel or cotton cloth to prevent the cotton cloth from fading. If the cotton padded clothes fade, it will be troublesome. In addition, factors such as humidity and platform use shall be avoided during storage.

● The plush cloth will have mildew. This is what we call fluff. It can be washed with rice washing water and then the problem will disappear.

● The plush cloth is formed by increasing the softener of the wool washing machine. The stiffness and glossiness of the plush fiber are higher than those of ordinary wool fabrics. Now some parents on the market have bought blended fabrics such as PERLAXY, VBC and GLAXY. Most of them do not directly touch the skin, almost do not feel the muscle, and feel more “silky soft”. But it does not have water absorption performance. If this kind of fabric is shrunk and washed several times, it will become smaller, and it cannot directly repair the skin.

After washing, spray the fabric locally with cold water to avoid water aging for the second time.

We usually wear bath towels, which can be easily washed, so the bath towels made of cotton and hemp fabrics are extremely suitable.

Considering that you can protect your hair from harm, you should start from the actual situation of your family and the details of life to enjoy your own comfortable sleep.

When washing clothes, you can choose the laundry detergent with darker color. The laundry detergent with darker color will not hurt your skin, nor will it hurt our skin.

After that, the washing powder in the washing liquid to be washed should be appropriate. When choosing the washing liquid, it is better to choose the water with the temperature lower than 30 ℃, and it is better to choose the washing liquid that is not easy to harden, because in addition to cooking, the washing powder and the washing liquid are very harmful to the skin, and may also cause allergic reactions such as allergy.

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