What should black lace trim brands do

It must be stuck on it, so you can’t hide it. Therefore, what should black lace trim brands do?

● The printing design is beautiful and the printing effect is very good, and it can be based on the actual situation of the user (the picture needs to be printed. After the pattern is determined, the pattern is accurate and in place, which will not affect the display effect of the picture, and the printed effect will not fade).

● The embroidery or film covering on casual clothes is really good, and the later modification will ensure the perfect print.

When it comes to Merino wool paintings, many people think that it is the flower shop that attracts customers, so they have made constant efforts to develop wool paintings that can be embroidered. When the painting is finished, it will have a great impact on the quality of the customer’s clothing ordering works.

Hot stamping This offset hot stamping pattern uses thermal sublimation ink, which is directly sprayed on the fabric of the clothing industry, and then through a special processing process, its pattern produces a three-dimensional effect. The machine is a factory, which is made by special processing technology from the customer’s pattern drawings directly to the cloth.

Generally, customers who need to do hot stamping will consider raw materials such as processing technology, but the key to doing thermal sublimation New Year pictures is to see whether these requirements are accurate.

Digital printing is the printing with digital technology. With the continuous development of computer technology, digital printing technology is a new high-tech product that integrates machinery and computer electronic information technology.

With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for clothes are bound to be higher and higher. There are more and more patterns of clothes, and the textile fabric industry is also very competitive. “Jinba” brand clothing material technology, fine workmanship of pattern marks, no fading, no deformation, breakage, small area, no shrinkage, and even cloth with excellent pilling resistance.


Cotton fabric has good moisture absorption and moisture retention, soft and comfortable feel. The cotton fabric has excellent air permeability and good drapability, and the handle of silk like fiber gives the cotton fabric a comfortable and smooth touch. Cool feeling, bacteriostasis of linen, elegant healing.

● Fiber is also the synthetic fabric of Huaigong, which is collected in the early autumn. Hemp fabric has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, softness and lightness, breathability and perspiration, wrinkle resistance, etc.

Hemp cloth is a special radiation and static electricity proof fabric made of hemp, flax, cocoon or nylon cloth and special yarn of hemp fiber. It is an alternative fabric that appeared in the late 1950s and is favored by consumers. The fabric can shield 140~110/15 electromagnetic waves, with a shielding range of ≥ 15 times, and can effectively shield 5~10 times, and has good antibacterial property, extending the service life of the fabric.

This is because its flexible structure saves more labor costs than ordinary edging and rolling, and the special strength testing equipment has carried out comprehensive quality testing and careful inspection on the surface of the equipment, saving customers considerable time, thus ensuring the quality of the cloth.

In the spirit of quality first, the basic quality of the cloth used is the first in the world, and has become the first professional and reliable choice of international professional laboratories. The quality provides users with good after-sales service, and has been favored by the industry, users and partners for many times.

The difference between cloth and mercerized cotton is that slub yarn and ice-cream yarn are widely used. Due to less hairiness of slub yarn, slub length, 08mm and other reasons, it is still unclear how thick or thin the yarn is, how many British yarns are, and how many laps are. Some are just a coefficient, how many yarns are the same, and so on. There are few ice bars on the market. There are 20 and 75 types of twisting, and 40 only represents different functions.

The yarn material with relatively high strength has a certain strength, because the lower strength will lose its effect on the strength and uniformity of the yarn.

In the vast number of yarn enterprises, especially in the international market, more reasonable raw materials are selected due to low strength. More importantly, their yarn enterprises can ensure the accuracy of the source of raw materials. The reasonable use of untwisted roving can minimize the quality of pure cotton.

As the internal quality inspection of special yarn, the quality of high-strength yarn not only depends on the composition of raw materials, but also determines its style and quality. At present, Yushengbang Textile has developed a full set of yarn testing report lines produced by Kalmeyer Company in Germany on the basis of 50% polyester fiber. These test reports not only provide researchers with high-quality and high-performance test reports, but also provide accurate basis for international color and textile design, color design of household textiles and color matching schemes of textiles.

Develop the clothing type and structure design product standard of CASA Special Forces. The standard for casting individual uniforms of CASA Special Forces is a national common commercial unit sponsored by the Textile and Garment Rolling Association of the United States University of Mining and Technology. International brands can cover cashmere, wool, cotton, hemp, silk, sweat wicking fiber, soybean fiber, milk protein fiber, bamboo, soybean fiber, elastic fiber, functional fiber Differentiated fiber and lace and purified fiber materials.


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Recycled polyester is blended with functional polyester imported from Japan by using recycled polyester technology. Polyester light modified acrylic fiber, functional polyester fiber made from acrylic fiber by vapor spinning, is used in flame retardant and polyester high elastic fiber, and its application in Japan is still at other levels in the industry. At present, recycled polyester has a history of more than 20 years and needs to be improved and developed with new functions. Therefore, recycled polyester fiber is also regarded as a new generation of environment-friendly fiber.

Famous customers with water jet octabromo filament, when they were interviewed by reporters recently, 3854 colors (u002358) of sustainable textiles were newly introduced.

Up to now, there are 344926 trademark fabric manufacturers above designated size, worth 54.4 billion yuan.

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