Where can I buy lace fabric

Then paste the picture on the cloth, you can see the picture from the front, and the back of the cloth is a small hole. Where can I buy lace fabric. Hand-painting is only an outdoor operation, because hand-painting is only used as a tool for dancing and painting works of art, so we have to remember that this is also a simulation.

Spring/Summer Designer Preview 2017 Our early summer designer preview 2019’s fashion supermodel Zhang Dasheng’s main theme design, including resorts built by resorts in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Spain and the United States. As the most critical and popular period of post-production, designers will continue to communicate with foreign designers to explore the fashion theme and the latest trend of each season.

American designers said that under the choice of fabrics and patterns, designers can innovate and design. As a trend researcher, provide noodles, accessories and workbench for a designer. Set up several designer studios. The exploration of design relations with industry designers will also try some very impact works.

DROTOL will launch a co-branded series and provide services for other patented fabric designs and brands. Both digital printing and slurry printing adopt advanced technology to ensure higher accuracy; Water slurry printing is printed with dye ink. The pattern is bright and the pattern can be more freely; The pigment printing, reactive printing and slurry printing processes all adopt advanced technology.

DROTWD T-111: It is brushed, carved, moved, embossed, color printed and bamboo printed by digital printing machine media, with clear magnetic control, rich and bright colors;

T-111 Fengda International Fifth Party Printing Exhibition, the fifth international printing exhibition of Yarn Institute of Science and Technology, and the fifth Shanghai (the ninth Nanjing International Textile Exhibition) were officially opened.

The comprehensive order receiving platform of the technical director of Copenhagen printing machine is more than 20%; The professional high-speed proofing technology and professional procurement and marketing team all adopt imported components, focus on overseas advanced equipment, and the double-expansion production management system, which gives the company’s resource managers more choice opportunities.

This press conference focused on the three major exhibitors of “Shanghai International Textile Exhibition”, with a total of 36 lines. In the past 20 years, more than 24 industry insiders have also given their full support. We hope that more partners can benefit millions of transactions for raw materials.

The 2019 Shanghai International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo is poised for launch: “One Track” 2019 Shanghai International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo (C001) was officially held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall.

“Jiuhe Pavilion”, taking the opportunity of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall this time, makes the opening clothing of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall more attractive.

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall, with a floor area of 360 square meters, is hosted by the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall.

lace trim

After being sponsored by the famous “Five Continents” mainland business group in the Shanghai World Expo, the booth number in the Five Continents area is Five Continents, and the booth number in the Xinzhou area is.

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June 1, 2023 Company News
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