Where to buy lace

Add light brown lace on the light yellow clothes to make the outline of the clothes more obvious. Where to buy lace.

● Alkalinity problems. When you decide which dye to use to test and select disperse dyes, the problem is that although it is alkaline, it cannot be diluted or cured. Therefore, it is also recommended to use sunlight for effective results.

● Disperse dyes. Dyes, fibers and yarns are important molecular structures. The aggregation of dye molecules will cause damage to the dyeing rate and molecular structure, which will promote the aggregation of dye molecules and lead to the decline of color.

Wet dyeing of fabrics is a textile method. The finishing process of cotton dyeing has a certain impact on the water absorption of fabrics.

In the dry state, the silicone work cloth can also maintain the soft feel, which is conducive to the soft and bright feel. In addition, because of its own differences, many fabrics will be added with a certain proportion of softening agent during dyeing and finishing, making the fiber soft. It can improve the feeling style of the fabric.

The advantage of this product is to increase the luster of the fabric and improve the smoothness and resilience of the yarn. It can make the fabric more colorful when it is exposed to excess and bleached. This makes the fabric have certain elasticity within a strong bleaching amount.

This product is a kind of yarn woven with exquisite horizontal cylinder specification, with high breaking strength and stability, tension and elongation of the amount of color.

● The computer program controls the influence of the weft tension change of the knitting machine on the fabric quality and use.

● Influence of production curve on fabric variety and pattern design. A reliable bad selvage organization has caused a profound history of production and can not measure producers.

● The bad selvage is positive, and the bad selvage is not colored, resulting in the bad selvage and the anisotropic phenomenon of the bad selvage.

● Poor selvage and uneven wavy edge caused by poor selvage, resulting in poor selvage.

● If the selvage of the cloth used is not good, push it to both sides by hand. If the clothes can be pulled out, the fabric used should be more.


In order to keep the appearance of the top cloth consistent, the back of the top cloth must face outward, and the back of the edge of the cloth cannot be touched at one place (bottom edge), so as not to iron it when washing;

At present, the most common casual suit fabrics on the market are those made of mercerized cotton, plain and twill polyester.

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April 7, 2023 Company News
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