Which brands of black lace trim are better off

However, this kind of lace trim is thick and suitable for spring and autumn, and it is more soft and comfortable than mesh jacquard lace. Which brands of black lace trim are better off?

● Dimensional stability, good softness, comfortable feel, good mobility, good glossiness, comfortable feel, good light and hard quality, etc.

● Knitting yarn: it is made of 100% long staple cotton and is woven with warp and weft spun yarn. After weaving, it is dyed to make the surface of the fabric appear uniform color plain satin. It has soft feel, hard texture, soft feel and good warmth retention.

● Spun silk: 100% long staple cotton is used and dyed to make the color of spun silk brighter; It is soft, smooth, and has good sag recovery, and has the beauty of natural fabric style.

● Exquisite: 100% combed cotton is used to make high count and high-density spun silk, which is soft, shiny and smooth, and has good moisture absorption, air permeability and drapability.

This website does not need to be serious about the above information. If the information transmission is not smooth, it may lead to job hunting or we breach of contract or judicial authentication of some information on the website.

How many yarns are put in my quilt? The density of these yarns is very fine, so they do not have good heat preservation performance. Therefore, they do not need to be used any more. However, a small sporting goods is enough to make people feel very friendly, that is, the one-piece suit at night. Now we are connected in winter. Xiao Bian suggests that we still wear it. Remember to buy cold proof clothes made of pure cotton.

Fabric: pure cotton fabric 47% worsted wool fabric 15% linen flakes 14% rabbit wool flakes 14% polyester 1%.

Color: gray, brown, white, black, red, light yellow, purple, camel, gray, green, light purple, light green, orange, purple, orange, linen or tannin cloth.


Due to the difference between yarn materials and fabric characteristics, differentiated yarns must be selected according to the requirements to position the unique fabric visual effect. Because they can not rush to production.

Cotton, modal fiber, cuprammonia fiber, bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, milk fiber, etc., have strong electrical conductivity and good antifouling property.

Cotton fiber series: polyester staple fiber: cotton yarn series: polyester staple fiber: polyester fiber series: cotton blend series: polyester/cotton/viscose,/polyester/viscose,/cotton/polyester/viscose/polyester/linen cotton blend,/cotton and/viscose blend,/linen cotton blend,/viscose cotton blend,/chemical fiber blend,/rayon blend, fiber and yarn; Interlinings for knitted fabrics, filter materials, masks, filter cloth, webbing, needle felt, flat tower wire, filter bags, clothing linings, composite linings for shoes, slippers, luggage clothes, linings for underwear and clothing, linings for clothing accessories, linings for packaging products, linings for clothing accessories, and handbags; Industrial interlining and textile interlining, etc; Non metal composite materials (cloth, paper, plastic, rubber, eva, SI glue, vinyl acetate, wound adhesive paper, film paper, conductive adhesive, etc.); Light knife die, rotary table, disc paper, roller paper, conductive adhesive, etc.

Cloth: vibrating direct pressure tank, polyester grid flat carrier, nylon cloth carrier, heat resistant glass composite non asphalt base silicon felt.

● Conductive adhesive: it is a chemical coating method used in electrical insulation and resonance manufacturing process. Its internal surface resistance is greater than 10C, so it is shielded by metal and widely used on the surface of various chemicals.

● Pattern cutting: Organic glass surface is cut into bright color blocks, with clear master pattern, large photo effect and good adsorption performance.

● Hollow out: hollow out patterns are applicable to decorative ornaments such as glass flowers and crystal balls, which need to be carved and cut.

lace trim

● Self adhesive: It is difficult to make hollow out and dye, and it is easy to be ignored. Commonly used as printing materials;

● Offset printing method: the materials are acrylic adhesive, adhesive, glue, transfer agent, ink, etc., and the adhesive source; Its characteristics are between adhesive and ink, and it is suitable to set offset die, materials, etc., and adhesive source; The ink can be transferred to the surface of the transferred material with thermal transfer paper, and the surface of the transferred material is coated with photosensitive thermal transfer paper with slight changes, the surface of the transferred material and the exposed thermal transfer paper; The heat transfer paper is used to transfer the hot stamping trademark heat transfer paper, the package paper of the goods wrapped by the transfer paper and heat transfer film, etc; Heat transfer printing is also set up as a product heat transfer related industry for DIY products, electronic products, plates and other packaging, motherboard e-commerce and other products.

The heat transfer paper for heat transfer products is set as DIY products, electronic products, plates and other packaging products. The heat transfer paper manufacturers will scratch the edges of their own products and print the company’s name, address or independent brand products. In addition, the information about the sale of commodity heat transfer paper is also gradually diversified.

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