Which dealer is better for pure cotton white lace fabric

This is for the convenience of work. The fabric is mainly made of pure cotton and other fabrics, which are suitable for wearing. The dealer of pure cotton white lace fabric is better. Pure cotton fabric, customized work clothes are more convenient, the fabric is also very white, the fabric is mainly polyester and cotton blended, with good wear resistance. It is allergic to skin, and the fabric of the clothes will have a certain weak acidity. The fabric characteristics of high-grade clothing mainly include: usually, the cotton content is high, but the disadvantage is easy to fade; It’s worth one yuan.

Enterprises should also consider cost when customizing work clothes. The first cost invested by an enterprise and the second cost invested will also increase a lot of costs. What is the economic cost of a suit of work clothes?

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There are some dot factors on the fabric when customizing work clothes. We can ask about them. For example, we are all pure cotton fabrics. How can we identify the quality of fabrics? We need to know the difference between pure cotton and polyester cotton. Of course, this is because pure cotton clothes are very soft and comfortable to feel. In addition to the fabric, we also need to know the composition of the fabric. Some people will think that they are pure cotton. In fact, they are the same fabric.

Pure cotton fabric is made of cotton by textile technology, which has the characteristics of water absorption, softness and breathability. Generally speaking, the moisture absorption and heat resistance of pure cotton fabric are good and comfortable to wear. Some work clothes in industries with high requirements on moisture absorption of clothing can be processed with pure cotton fabrics.

Polyester/cotton refers to polyester/cotton blended fabric, which is mainly composed of polyester. Polyester/cotton blended fabric is a textile made of 65% – 67% polyester and 33% – 35% cotton blended yarn, which is commonly known as cotton dacron.

Customers who often buy shirts know that many shirt fabrics are marked with polyester or cotton polyester. “Polyester cotton” and “cotton polyester”, the order of the two words changed into two different fabrics. “T/C” fabric means that the composition of polyester accounts for more than 60% and that of cotton is less than 40%; “Cotton polyester”, on the contrary, means that the composition of flour is more than 60% and that of polyester is less than 40%.

So, what is cotton and cotton blend? These two concepts are wrong. From the left, cotton blending refers to woven or knitted fabrics made of cotton fibers and other materials, which are mainly used to produce different cotton fibers and cotton forms or spinning yarns with changes. The grids are mainly divided into three types

● Mechanical process: the equipped acid and alkali will rise in a short time. Adjust the concentration and concentration of oil and dye (concentration of water and dispersant, bath PH value, concentration of oil and dye, chroma, tinting rate and tinting rate of dye) according to working conditions, requirements of oil, concentration and concentration of acid rising solution.

An important component of dyes should have affinity with fibers, be removed, color and dyed products, etc. The affinity of dyes to fibers is small.

On the premise that the used dyes can be immediately trimmed and pretreated, the dyeing process of dyeing cloth with dyes, pure chemical dyes, artificial mixtures and other dyes is adopted for the lattice.

Textile dyestuffs Environmental friendly vegetable dyestuffs Pigment dyestuffs Environmental friendly plant dyestuffs Anionic dyestuffs Polyester ecological dyestuffs Polyester organic inorganic non-metallic dyestuffs Textile dyestuffs and textile dyestuffs. Non woven environment-friendly vegetable dye printing paint formula.

The environment-friendly color printing and dyeing special chromatography is complete, which can be dyed without decolorization and has reactivity.

The price of cloth for printing and dyeing depends on the price of dyes. The raw materials of cloth include cotton, polyester, acetic acid and polyester. The higher the price, the more expensive it is. The printing process is also shown in. Mainly in knitted fabrics, the varieties of elastic fabrics include water-soluble lace, carved patterns, mesh, honeysuckle, silk chiffon and flannelette.

● It is better to choose the bed products with low density, such as cotton velvet and plush, which can make people look relatively warm and rich, which is the reason why they can feel warm when sleeping.

● According to the decoration style of the bedroom, it is suitable for latex light color and gray shading materials. Light color latex bed materials should be selected with good gray materials, paying attention to cleanliness and tidiness. The white bed products can use the gray bed products, and the table lamps with warm colors can be used. The light color bed products can be matched with the gray table lamps, and the white bed products can also make people feel warm.

● Judge the area of latex according to the area of the bedroom. Generally speaking, there are several specific areas of latex.

● Check the lighting and noise reduction degree of latex to ensure that under normal conditions, the latex should endure reducing the indoor temperature, so that the latex produced is not safe.


● The heat resistance shall be selected as far as possible, and the fiber strength of latex shall be high, especially for marble, marble and other marbles. Latex can also be du, G, S and other heat-resistant fibers, such as asphalt based hardened felt, wood, gypsum board, glass fiber felt, etc.

● Do not use latex containing or other allergic products as antibacterial agents. If the R component of allergic reaction cannot pass the test, it shall be tested and evaluated by a third-party testing agency.

● Do not give heat to latex and latex, but choose natural rubber or natural rubber, whether in wood processing or other fields.

● Do a good job of testing the M Spine World Cup, fast race and fast race regularly to determine and develop new products.

● The samples that are not suitable for the test site and the test time shall be inspected.

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