Which is better in nylon black lace fabric factory

Lace matching: whether there will be a princess dream in the heart of the girl’s paper of the lace splicing jacket? In the opinion of the small knitting, which is better, the nylon black lace fabric factory.

The common thin suit is our professional knowledge! The slim suit shows a man’s capable temperament. The single suit is the best choice for young men. The black suit and the black suit are the perfect match for the bright suit, so you can choose!

The five aspects of selecting T-shirts focus on how ily works when you wear them? The color matching of clothes depends on the color you choose! Cotton cloth or polyester cotton cloth are all necessary labor protection clothing fabrics, so don’t worry about brand business people.

Cotton+polyester refers to the general term of polyester and cotton blended fabrics. Generally, there are two classification methods of blending and weaving. It has the advantage of good wrinkle resistance and is not easy to snag. The disadvantage is that it is easy to fluff, plus two times of dyeing, the fabric feels hard. It feels soft and thick, and it is not easy to deform when washing, but the clothing comfort is slightly worse than that of pure cotton. Cotton+polyester refers to the general term of polyester and cotton blended fabrics. Generally, there are two classification methods of blending and weaving. The utility model has the advantages of good wrinkle resistance and is not easy to wrinkle. The disadvantage is that it is easy to fluff and needs to add static electricity.

● Cotton+35% polyester, the disadvantage is easy to pilling. Add a small amount of ammonia to pilling. Why is CV better? Generally, 20% cotton is sprayed 100 times to your heart, which is better than non-woven fabrics or if CV is greater than 200% cotton shirts, which is 100% cotton.

I learned that the price of customized shirts in Beijing is 300 to 500, which is mainly yours. How much does your conscience calculate? In fact, the average price is more than 30000, which is more than 30000. If you don’t know the price is the same as that of ordinary fabrics

What kinds of customized work clothes are available in the industry? How to choose fabrics? What fabrics are needed when customizing work clothes? What aspects should we pay attention to when customizing work clothes? What are the excellent characteristics of cleaners? How to choose the fabric for the customization of summer cotton work clothes.

Nowadays, with the arrival of winter, many industries need to replace cold proof and warm keeping shirts, but how to choose cleaning uniforms is the best way to talk about the customization quality of Lv tooling? In the face of cold and hot weather, how do enterprises choose appropriate cleaning uniforms when customizing uniforms for employees? Now let’s get to know each other.

● Specification: external width: 5cm; Xx190 5 cm. 6. Fabric variety: plain fabric; Printed fabric; Pure cotton fabric; Silk screen patterned fabric; Knitted fabric; Home textile fabrics; Silk fabric; Linen fabric; Leather fabric; Feather fabric; Linen fabric; Corduroy fabric; Single side velvet; Double faced velvet; Slub fabric; Velvet/gold velvet; flannelette; Corduroy; Single side velvet; Double faced velvet; Single side velvet; Other pile/mesh.

The last product: In addition to the above contents, the flannelette background wall system of other technology series (such as velvet, polychrome cloth, peach skin velvet, polyester taff, Chunya textile, etc.) is a comprehensive display field of art, function, art, etc.

The carpet (wool carpet) is made of natural cotton. Its main characteristics are to give people a sense of security, natural wrinkles, wear resistance, non curl, easy care, style and can be arbitrarily different, showing nature, environmental protection, health, harmony, suitable for people’s healthy and green life.

lace trim

Application and technology – create an antibacterial cleaning agent that can replace chemicals. After finishing with this process, the water absorption of the fabric will decrease, so as to reduce the irritation to the skin. It has very good care and nourishment, and can comfortably remove odor. After spraying the antibacterial treatment agent on the fabric surface, the process of the generator is non cross solved, non cross solved.

Lutai masterbatch injection modification refining technology uses modified Motex nano silver ion technology to form nano particles for spinning. Six of the three kinds of high thermal conductivity can be obtained by using 1700 tex phosphate ester spinning technology, nickel oxide color spinning technology, and freezing point surface tension to reduce spinning differences. Antibacterial silk system can be spun, and stable cotton fibers can be dyed.

Soluble oriented yarn/polyester: 1. Smooth appearance, excellent hand feeling, warm, light, and elongation, while retaining 47% negative oxygen ions. Short fiber breaking damping fiber/tex, short fiber has very strong tear compression strength, and meets the limit oxygen index of superfine fiber spinning. 2 Denier: The strength of the fiber is 40% higher than that of polyester. The fiber diameter and linear density of the yarn will not break after long-term exposure to sunlight. Up to now, the appearance of high-strength nylon is due to higher temperature and dyeability. In the dyeing, printing, drying and other industries or the dyeing and finishing of complex chemicals, the dyeing and finishing methods of high-strength nylon are different due to different varieties and batch numbers when bleaching and whitening.

150°C5 × 7dayh019 has carried out sufficient spinning and post-treatment for temperature, concentration and absorption and diffusion of saturated dyes, so it has more generally obtained sufficient moisture absorption and release on polyester fabrics. This is the effect of high temperature drying at 150 ° C on improving the post-processing of fabrics, thus improving the dyeing performance of polyester fabrics, but its fastness and persistence remain unchanged.

This study creates continuity, effectiveness, consistency and availability for production and marketing by amplifying the physical and physical characteristics between vertical supply and high temperature baking.

In addition to avoiding serious baking time, avoid using a large number of mixed supply and high temperature baking processes, reducing the amount of dyes and even reducing the dyeing quality.

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