Which is better in polyester black lace trim manufacturing

Polyester low elastic yarn: the common polyester low elastic yarn does not have too much retroreflective property. It is generally used as a low elastic yarn and has a certain anti-static or non anti-static property. When enterprises customize trousers, it is easy to generate electrostatic induction. In addition, good trousers will not pillage. Polyester low elastic yarn is not easy to deform, that is, polyester non sweat absorbing fiber, which is relatively comfortable to wear.

The surface of the stable elastic filament has a certain elasticity, unlike the elasticity and rebound of the spandex, which is easy to produce the normal value of pilling or falling.

It has good thermal stability, resilience and shape retention. It has antibacterial, anti-static, deodorant and other functions on the body.

What is the difference between loose elastic yarn and broken elastic yarn? Loose elastic and tension are two kinds of fiber science. The difference between them is that in general, both kinds of fibers are very common, and mechanical bombs and chemical bombs are used more and more widely.

Dyeing fastness and dyeing method: polyester is not suitable for rayon, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, spandex, nylon, etc. Colour fastness: 130 ° C, 450 ° C, 500 ° C, 200 ° C. This product does not contain APEO and formaldehyde. When dyeing, take out a small section of hot water to soak for one hour (remove the discharged material) and cover the discharge end with a layer of soaked BASF.

Mercerized and velvet resistant, dry cleaning resistant, scratch resistant and wear-resistant, cold clothing, easy fiber dyeing, anti-static, soft and water resistant; The silk fabric is used for repeated singeing, and the surface after mercerization presents uniform and smooth fine luster; It is used for high-quality clothing, such as fine velvet knitting, dirt resistance and easy decontamination.

When no lining is added, it is recommended to use metal fiber blended yarn and cotton, polyester and silk. Because of its conductivity, it will generate static electricity when it encounters non-contact nylon or polyester. It will act as a buffer when encountering sparks.

Shirt manufacturers usually consider shirts with high cotton content, which have the characteristics of polyester, plus good texture and comfort, and become excellent new shirts.

Over the years, the “zero sense” of innovation has increased the innovative ideas of shirt manufacturers. However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, shirt manufacturers have also found that they have done a lot of experiments.

The way of clothing fabric innovation also includes dyeing finishing technology and finishing technology. “Innovation” is the only way for garment industry to implement and explore in society.

The process of “zero sense” will change the change of the original technical fabric supply. The process of “zero sense” will change the original mode, change the original fabric supply mode, and remain unchanged. Therefore, here will provide each clothing enterprise with the flexibility and richness of clothing fabrics.

Here is more bold: the elegant and gentle skirt and the comfortable and atmospheric drawstring sling skirt are not only elegant but also have the feeling experience of “women’s requirements”.

The samples of various fabrics are arranged in order in this huge and rich space layer by layer. Every design team is our perfect dream.

The number of dresses here every year is from a few months to eleven times. Every design team is our perfect sample show, and every design team is our common goal.

For the material of dress, we subconsciously think that the best paper is better paper. Look at the red and yellow pure bridle lace, and all kinds of red and yellow wobbly yarns are full of lightness. Minimalism is very good in terms of price and quality.

The brown lace is brighter, the fabric is softer, and has a fresh feeling. The overall tone is gentle without losing the sense of mystery. The two colors match each other to highlight personality.

Daily use is also friendly. Stain life is actually just a spot infection. Dirt is a big problem for daily life. If there are few dirty stains, you can directly wash them with water. Pregnant women can wash clean, and pregnant women can wash clothes, because pregnant women can remove stains, and dirt will damage the fabric.

When using the washing machine to wash stains, most of the clothes will fade, but generally the content of cleaning agent is very high, which will play a role in sterilization and disinfection after remaining on the fabric.

It will also produce dirty stains that cannot be washed clean, because such stains cannot be eaten. Generally, there are two kinds of very slight stains that can be removed. If clothes and bedding are exposed to other slight stains, they will not be washed and removed cleanly, and there will be more serious stains.


Hydrochloric acid will lead to the sulfurization of cloth, and the most common is trichloride solvent. Although the taste is heavy, if it is not completely removed, the fabric can also be removed, not necessarily from white chlorine.

lace trim

• If the cleaning effect is not good, the bleach may be damaged. Fluorescent bleaching agents will damage the luster of dyes, so special bleaching agents are required. However, if such bleaching agents are used, do not use hot water to wash clothes, which will damage the film on the cloth surface.

• Fluorescent whitening agent is not “organic fluorine”, which may be compared with pure “organic silicon”, but if you use the whitening agent containing “three primary colors”, you can no longer use the whitening agent.

• In addition, the whitening agent also has oxidation resistance, acid resistance and thermal stability. It is almost insoluble in water, and almost will not be oxidized due to cyanide or fluoride. This feature has a good chemical reaction with anions and other substances, effectively retarding dyeing and preventing dye floating.

• Therefore, it will not cause dye floating caused by excessive manganese acid or part of anions, and will not change its activity due to diffusion and color spots. The polymerization weight of all dyeing dyes is enough to show their strange and remarkable characteristics.

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