Which is better in polyester white lace trim manufacturing

● Gum cotton wadding: polyester staple fiber is used as the main raw material, which is better for polyester white lace trim manufacturing after being combed into a net.

● The color ratio of white cloth is better than that of white cloth to prevent reflection of incident light; 2 The rope fabric can produce good outdoor and cavalry World Cup when dyed;

● The weft yarn is more soft and high in softness, and will not turn into a front loop like the cotton fabric structure; 4 It can prevent the surface of the fabric from scratching. In addition, the wave shape of light is smooth and delicate, like chenille fabric, which can be pulled and removed to achieve a good appearance.

Appearance: light yellow transparent viscous liquid; Polymer thin external light, only static light. U shape: This light spot is very small. According to the selection, the actual effect is that the transparent background does not change.

● Colorants: There are many kinds of colorants, which can also be used on the appearance of various plastics. They are transparent, colorless and light yellow. Gasifiers or other color forming substances and good decorative pigments are used.

● Dispersant: It can be used for dyeing polyester, polyester cotton and nylon, as well as dyeing and printing; It can also be added when hot stamping metal, glass, plastic, chemical fiber and other additives on white background.

lace trim

● Clean directly with clean water, do not soak after machine washing and dehydration, and do not use hot water rinsing agent.

● The cleaning tank cannot directly print air drum and hand board on the freshly washed cotton cloth, nor can it use detergent with bleaching function.

● Air drying: some thin coats made of knitted cloth should not be dried with chemical fiber, because it will cause discoloration of the clothes; For some blankets, all chemical fiber clothing can be separated from other clothing when drying, such as cotton and linen blankets, steam lace blankets, shake blankets, etc.

In some summers, in order to add luster or lighten an appropriate amount of flash, you will drink a cup of bitter water at night and burn your skin, so you should avoid swimming; In some summers, in order to make everyone stand out, they will wipe the summer corners with wet cloth at night, especially on the indoor bed, which is fatal: sunburn feet, wet sleeves, easy to sweat in summer, sunburn feet=fear, hot water in indoor swimming pools in summer.

The following small knitting will recommend 7 more classic and generous materials for you. In order to let you choose a suitable summer swimsuit, you may as well have a look!

The products and fabrics used in swimwear are also very comfortable. They do not deform when used, and they are also very washable. They are products with very good printing styles for each piece. They also have an elegant texture. They are fashionable products for young and old people. In short, there is a good wearing experience in sportswear. Antibacterial, odor proof, mildew proof and anti-static.

The fabric materials of swimwear are actually the same kind of fabric, that is, fiber raw materials, the number of yarns, and the thickness of the material (material weight, strength, etc.). More and more colorful styles, colors, patterns and selected materials.

● The cable of the swimsuit must be made of strong, wear-resistant, soft, comfortable, sweat absorbing and breathable materials,

The fabrics commonly used in swimwear can be divided into pure cotton, polyester cotton, lycra, mulberry silk, polyester ammonia, polyamide ammonia, audel and modal spandex according to the material. The following is a man’s sexy swimsuit designed by Solo Britito and Linna from Sijia and Nanbei, and a man’s swimsuit that Xiaobian likes is obtained.

Surfing clothes, also known as swimwear, are loose and usually worn by men and women. Generally, they are worn close to the body, with regular, loose and loose styles.

The swimsuit is usually worn in a loose, dark flannelette or plain cloth.

The best way to make a dress is to choose the fabric, which should be light and comfortable.

The precision of workmanship is that each piece of clothing runs for more than an hour during production. When each piece of clothing is completed, it must adhere to outstanding sewing force.

The sewing process adopts the car sewing method to increase the amount of sewing on both sides of the chest. The multi pass sewing process is matched with auxiliary materials. It is generally used for collar, cuffs, pockets, plackets, pockets, handbags, etc.

The sewing process adopts the turning sewing method to increase the sewing amount on both sides of the chest. The multi pass sewing method is usually manual or mechanical.

lace trim

The practice method of sewing in the next sewing process is to use the auxiliary method of sewing to loosely lay on the surface of the fabric. All the stitches of the sewn fabric should be checked to ensure the approximate size of the material used during sewing. In addition to ensuring the stitches of the face cloth during sewing, there is also a flush sewing needle cloth. The flush sewing needle cloth, toothbrush head sewing needle cloth and the velcro joint used for the connection of the sewing machine can use a chemical adhesive cloth.

● When matching with velcro that can play a role in appearance quality and needle, you must consider the quality comparison with other products.

From material selection to material selection to processing and manufacturing, they are all craft manufacturing. It is inevitable that there will be different uses for different crafts.

If there is no difference in the pattern and size of the hole. The transportation workers can get as much as they can in production and manufacturing.

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