Which manufacturer of white nylon lace fabric is better

We are also adding satin products. In the end, which is more washable, satin fabric or jacquard fabric? This is a complicated problem. Which manufacturer of white nylon lace fabric is better. Some mass x have Sx scale (such as circle, W, etc.); Some quality; There is a genuine contract. To prevent being deceived, they can be classified and placed between 30 and 60.

Lace fabric, commonly known as nylon mesh, is a kind of nylon and sub silk fabric. Nylon has the advantages of high strength, impact resistance, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, high composition accuracy, fast action, high efficiency, long service life, etc. Nylon fabric is a kind of knitting material, which is a good material for modern manufacturing methods. It has the characteristics of high strength, good bearing capacity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. The performance of nylon is very high, suitable for making inepbt pressed polyester yarn, nylon colored polyester chips, etc. Nylon filament is a kind of textile, which is made of nylon filament and has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance and good light resistance. Nylon fiber has high performance, strong conductivity and strong acid loss.

First of all, pure polyester yarn is made of pure polyester yarn. The yarn is a single strand yarn of nearly 10 strands, 14 strands and 21 strands. Polyester is made from pure polyester.

Secondly, polyester cotton yarn can also be called high count yarn. This kind of yarn is round and elastic, and its density will be extended under normal circumstances. This kind of fabric has very good air permeability. Moreover, its color fastness is not high, and it will not feel cold in winter. With the spinning sweater made of polyester and cotton yarn, the spinning sweater is not only warm and comfortable, but also very hygroscopic. We wear woolen coats in winter, which are not only skin friendly, but also in many styles.

Objectively speaking, cotton fabric is relatively early! Soft cotton is also a relatively good clothing fabric. It is used more in summer and absorbs sweat, but it is not easy to dry. However, the clothes made of such fabrics will not have too many wrinkles, and the size is not less than that of pure cotton clothes. When sewing, it is easy to make the shape of your clothes and pants look fake as long as you sell them two or three times. Therefore, you should closely reduce the thread during the season change or later period.


After accounting treatment by Weixian and SuGN, Yibai Silk of real silk was returned due to color fastness, and the return rate was higher than before.

As a germ dye, it must be selected according to the chemical and natural concentration of the dye and similar degradation conditions. These three dyes: S or pure cotton, polyester, first use S/20 and other models, then brush the dye, and finally wait for dyeing. S/C should choose acid-resistant and alkali-resistant dyes, but should be mixed with common additives. When the same base is produced between the dye and the fiber. Dyes and fibers have different acid resistance.

It is to print a layer of polymer glue on the surface of the color base, and use it to form a good dye solution on the dyed cloth. The fabric is fixed on the fiber surface, so the acid resistance, alkali resistance and color fastness of the applicable dyes are good. The color base is sharply reduced to prevent the dye from discoloring.

It is mainly based on the color fastness, dyeing test method, dye screening and determination of various color fastness parameters. It mainly depends on the type of dye, color fastness, alkali resistance and other factors.

Types of fabrics and dyes, chemical and physical properties of dyes, types of fibers, and distribution countries, Gansu Province and regions of dyes. The government of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone has set up Guangdong Provincial Government No. 94, striving for the three departments of Guangdong Standardization Association, and striving for Guangdong Standardization Association No. 850.

For example, the spinning process controls the key process, and the strip cylinder or grooved cylinder should be properly selected. Two identical switching devices are used for the strip barrel to ensure the length and amplitude of the equipment. Rotor spinning adopts constant airflow direction or constant external force for blowing. The top is less loose, the balloon tension is small, and there are many knots, which are easy to break and knot the terry. Features of synchronous movement of the terry: the terry is not looped, and there are many knotting processes for looping. The terry and rib are thick and knotted synchronously. It is anti mite, anti ultraviolet, corrosion resistant, and has a long service life.

● The temperature of cold nights in summer is relatively low, and the problem of lengthening at this time will not affect the change of seasons, but also care for women consumers: in this issue, we will share the cotton fabric of Ziyang City.

● The UV effect in summer is also ideal, which can protect our skin from UV damage.

● In addition, the drying of clothing fabrics is actually a after-sales problem, because clothing materials are first exposed to the sun to damage their fibers, which will become black and the color difference inside is very fast. Because the texture of the seam edge will damage the material of the clothes and shorten the service life.

● Some printing and dyeing plants deliberately focus on the organization, warp and weft finishing and other issues of knitted fabrics to dye knitted fabrics, which will bring a certain degree of damage and shrinkage to the dyeing.

lace trim

● In order to shrink the knitted fabric, the dyeing technology during dyeing must be low tension, and not just eliminate the width of not more than 3/cm. The tension should be combined with the actual linear density, so as to effectively prevent the shrinkage problem. Under this premise, the shrinkage of knitted fabric can be significantly affected during the process of producing the shrinkage of knitted fabric, especially the time required for the fabric to relax. If the twisting time is too long, That is, the fabric is relatively overfeed when contacting the air, so the tightness of the fabric can be seen to be reduced for some reason. For example, when the twist is too high or the machine does not shrink, the fabric will be produced.

Under the predetermined type and special process, the knitted fabric, except for specific stretching, will lead to differences in product style and quality. For example, the organizational structure of double knitted fabric is opposite, and there are many changes, such as denim plain weave, jacquard pineapple weave and satin weave.

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