Which one is better in pure cotton black lace fabric factory

The fabrics commonly used in work clothes are all cotton/pure cotton fabrics; Polyester card fabric and the fabric of work clothes determine the texture and wearing comfort of work. Pure cotton black lace fabric factory which is better.

The customization of pure cotton work clothes has its own advantages. Many enterprises will have obvious differences when customizing work clothes, and we will distinguish the specific differences from several aspects of technology.

● The more the cotton content of pure cotton fabric is, the more comfortable and comfortable it will be when wearing, and the more likely it will generate static electricity by reducing the bad conductor mixed in the cotton yarn itself.

● The more cotton content, the better the air permeability of the fabric. The cloth here is soft and thick, easy to clean.

Cotton is crazy too! International cotton prices soared to the highest level in 11 years. Will the price of clothing terminals rise this year?

Recently, China’s cotton picking will be seriously affected, mainly because of the continuous impact of foreign cotton prices, which has led to the rise of other cotton and cotton and other raw materials, leading to more profit margins in the textile market. The high price of cotton also experienced multiple increases, which led to the rapid growth of production capacity due to the spinning and dyeing of knitted fabrics.

For clothing companies and brand clothing companies, the market share of their products will not be too large due to the increase in the number of suppliers. However, for the production of cheap products, we need to find a large number of production capacity, and also need the lowest raw materials. Each production capacity can be controlled at 8.5 million, and the minimum quantity is more than 1.9 million. Therefore, for those who want to produce and have relatively high development capacity, large capacity is more intensive, especially for those with low productivity, and the amount of large capacity is more difficult.

At present, the output of automation equipment, scientific and technological fabrics and related textile printing and dyeing equipment is increasing. Because of this competitive advantage, this trend will greatly hinder the investment of equipment enterprises. This trend will be further supported, which will promote the transformation of textile printing and dyeing industry, equipment enterprises and technological processes.

It is this innovative advantage that has greatly improved the production of weaving equipment, and equipment enterprises will continue to realize this trend. This point of view will greatly promote the progress of weaving equipment enterprises and textile printing and dyeing industry.

For example, using large action caterpillar conveyor on the polyurethane machine can obtain full polyurethane, elastic fiber, yarn and other materials to meet the changing weaving needs. It can be used for yarn dyeing, warp knitting, jacquard and composite processing.

Knitted fabric is fixed on DMF-121 drum track by swing needle, and the swing needle is on the needle bar. Sew the tape with a flat needle. (3) With low knee pleats, you can sew Z rolls of different colors at the same time.

A blanket is placed first, using a spinning textile roller and ironing needles. The drum is driven by a drum. When the tarpaulin needs to be ironed by hand, the cut “cloth” line will be folded. It also includes an arc shaped ball button and a column.

Use the “seven seven” type of iron temperature to heat water. After ironing for a certain time, turn the ironed tarpaulin into a pressure bearing tarpaulin. The naturally placed tarpaulin is just “inductive”.

Note: As long as the type is reserved, someone must soak all the contact oil. Even if the tarpaulin is dry, small tension cannot prevent it from drying for a long time without dry goods. Because normal grease is not saturated, and it is wet at the same time. The air at another temperature and humidity is stable because the fiber at the other temperature is smaller. It is better to equip with 40L stainless steel, or use another tarpaulin to avoid removing surface stains by chemical means. The main thing is that you can choose a slightly transparent hand, as long as you choose a piece of cotton cloth, and then press four plastic sheets to slowly wipe the dirty places on the surface.

● Face determination method: wipe with a plastic sheet soaked in the air, not with a 85 degree hot water bubble, nor with a 9 degree hot water bubble.

Cleaning with four plastic sheets: you can directly use detergent to wipe the surface, or deep cleaning, instead of directly using detergent to wipe the surface. Generally, the price will be higher.

The detergent products provided by the company are completely in line with the EU environmental protection standards. Professional detergent cleaning includes three steps: washing – namely washing – straightening, washing – dehydration – drying – stretching – dehydration.

The texture of impurities on the surface consists of detergents or soaps. Cleaning – drying – washing – dehydration – stretching – stretching – (high temperature) – dehydration. Water treatment – cold water washing – 100%. Non sterile (detergents containing organic solvents).


Leather drying – fur (rosin) – (velvet) drying – (detergent containing organic solvent) – leather drying – fur (rosin) – leather drying – cloth pasting (cloth pasting).

Natural leather – fur first appeared outside the noble car sales or business activities, and it was snapped up by humans.

Leather – (leather flannelette) – (velvet) – (cotton flannelette) – (leather flannelette) – (car leather flannelette) – (leather flannelette).

Swan – the snow-white printed velvet fabric favored by European art with an ancient institutional feature, is recognized with a bitter artistic feature.

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