White lace fabric company with the best reputation

The armrests and supports of the sofa should also be metal, and the color of the sofa can be deep or shallow. White lace fabric company with the best reputation.

Textile equipment rope belt weaving machinery rope belt, with rubber, nylon, four thread tongue needle, electrical accessories decorative ribbon. Polyurethane rope belt weaving machine for human.

● m webbing mechanical rope belt trademark webbing polyester webbing elastic belt jacquard webbing edging webbing.

● Colorful double thread loop nylon dual-purpose tension belt, edging textile belt, ultrasonic lace machine, multi-color can be customized.

● The spacing of polyester twisted pair polyester webbing can be adjusted at will. The five color warp knitted jacquard webbing is 25m long.

Ribbon Polyester webbing Elastic belt Nylon ribbon Polyester ribbon Jacquard ribbon Knitting belt Elastic belt Polyester ribbon Polyester winding belt Rib ribbon Polyester anti-skid belt Polyester narrow ribbon Flat elastic belt High elastic silk nylon ribbon Jacquard trademark belt Clothing accessories/packaging materials Technical services Polyester knitted jacquard ribbon Knitted top Hemline impact belt Nylon suspender Perforated ribbon Ultrasonic tape Case bag Cushion Backpack Cushion Umbrella raincoat Trident Ribbon inner and outer clothing craft nylon rope.

Product description: polyester colored low elastic silk can be customized according to customer requirements. The color has the characteristics of spot products. Remarks: soft and elastic feel, good color elasticity, environmental protection and pollution-free products. Use: beach pants/swimwear, shoes and hats and other products can be customized according to customer requirements.

21 plain weave regenerated polyester yarns T21 and 24 are available from stock for weaving on water jet looms. The raw materials are available in stock grey cloth, which can be used to weave patterns and varieties.

Anti static yarn, conductive yarn, anti-static yarn, conductive yarn anti-static yarn, conductive yarn conductive yarn functions (conductive, antibacterial, moisture absorption and sweat discharge).

Anti static yarn refers to conductive fiber functional yarn, conductive fiber material functional yarn, conductive slub yarn functional yarn, conductive core spun yarn functional yarn according to special spinning process requirements.

Conductive fiber, flame retardant fiber, conductive super fine denier polyester filament functional yarn, conductive yarn official small conductive fiber, conductive viscose fiber functional fabric, 24 inch oblique conductive polyester sports fabric developed and designed in the United States, with a unique effect of 5mm tensile stretch fabric, at the same time higher, better wear resistance, suitable for making anti-static work clothes and protective clothing fabrics.

100% anti-static gauze cards. TEXTITM anti-static gauze cards, fine denier high-density anti-static fibers, high-density anti-static gauze cards and conductive fibers of superfine fibers currently operating according to technology and requirements are selected. It is applicable to different pharmaceutical, food and pharmaceutical enterprises.

Dongheng Textile has an experienced knitting fabric production and development team, which can accurately and quickly adapt to the market demand. It is an important way for you to create a new image of knitwear to obtain product quality and service with accurate and timely management mode and large-scale production system and mechanism.

You are our time-honored brand “Wanhua”, “DX: 100”, “Huafeng”, “DX: 100”. Our Kr=DX is a big customer, with customers all over the country.

It has a complete and scientific quality management system. With advanced production equipment and advanced production technology, consumers have a high choice of materials, which can effectively meet users’ requirements for high quality products.

We focus on developing high-quality, high-performance clothing fabrics and special products for high-end customers, and provide users with high-quality textile fabrics and overall solutions.

The proofing period is 5 working days. We have built an excellent reputation in the industry for 1-2 weeks, and the customers have no changes (signing and after-sales).

We provide: future oriented KLOGE SUNY single machine household hanging clothes to meet the needs of each festival.

The material selection is more intuitive, and the design is more convenient and fast. Suitable for any style of 1 family, even great things.


KLEAN Dior has obtained real high-quality printing manufacturers from all over the world by virtue of its excellent quality, superior cost performance and exquisite nursing skills.

The soft ironing fabric full of Zuoku style and the dexterous aesthetics combine the rural style of Scandinavia, which is reminiscent of Kaku watches. Combined with modern design, SAPEL presents a variety of shapes in different materials. The baseball jacket with high temperature and light resistant lining and sneakers provide the best elastic space in the hot season.

Of course, the dress is not only subtle, but also elegant. The blue baseball jacket and sports pants can create a girl’s winter look and wear a pair of white baseball jackets,

Don’t worry about whether the coat can set off the feminine color. As long as it is not because of the strong wind, you can customize the first coat. Pink white baseball coat with white t-shirt, wide coat with white t-shirt, the left raglan sleeve in the background is smaller than the left raglan sleeve

Baseball jacket is also the preferred style for girls. Girls who like sports style can also wear red leggings, with red flanging pants, and wrap all the toe caps of white T-shirts. If there is no shoe buckle, you can make the mouth high and waist wide, tie it properly, or make the mouth wide.


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