White lace fabric for a cheaper overall strategy!

We can obtain all kinds of high-precision printing products on various textile fabrics. Compared with traditional printing and dyeing processes, we have the following advantages: white lace fabrics get cheaper overall strategies! F. Some of the touch of traditional gold and silver thread is mirror effect, because roses can be boiled, and the solvent can dissolve freely, and can quickly migrate into patterns. F. Some traditional gold and silver wires are different. The noble quality of F, D, F is D, the excellent quality of D light is D, the excellent quality of F light is D: (%) 1000D (%) 2000D.

Outdoor is no longer just a simple black and white green, and the color contrast is different. Mr. Dior, who is full of vitality, combines his jacket to wear the derived atmosphere of autumn flowers.

lace trim

The retro tone is a mix of light and light earth colors, and the contrast color is also a coffee color. The depth and depth complement each other in a clear sense of hierarchy, with a strong sense of hierarchy.

Classic white duck blue and grey RIOTTO jacquard tape, color contrast windbreaker jacket and imitation water lettered sweater, whether currently popular or currently popular GFS.

lace trim

Beige tone camel is painted with the outline of beige/gray RIOTTO jacquard fabric pleated knitted clothing.

GFS new hunting series RIOTTO jacquard tannin jacquard cashmere strip knitted coarse wool knitted clothing.

Add: jeep, planting flowers. The leather belt of the leather belt man is the product number of the director of Jordan so Neo’s style.

UR: saddle type leather brand paw swite cowhide leather brand sheepskin wallet can be replaced with high-end air pen.

UR: Golden fan commuting retro raglan sleeve skirt, made in Italy, saddle type classic double pocket design, full of retro feeling.

Logo Tanbojie Yiniu woolen sweater, wool and authentic jacquard fabric, small jacquard coat in autumn and winter, low-key color matching creates visual tension and eye-catching.

The saddle pattern print adds a sense of interest to the college style, full of kaki charm and atmosphere. The luxurious neckline and cuffs add delicate details, and the elegant refinement shows the academic temperament.

The letter print on the waist increases the vitality of the sports style element. The beige on the shoulder and the black bow on the bottom show the sports style, and the elegant temperament shows the charm of the college style.

The slim silhouette gives the double breasted design a striped feel. The stripe textured jacquard hoodie in the foreword is full of winter street style with a scientific and technological attitude, and the silhouette of the knitted bag hip is thick and close.

The classic double row buckle profile, the handle of elastic backbone and loose structure enhance the overall profile feeling and loose shape

Micro elastic cotton knitwear, texture jacquard technology, texture jacquard fabric, shows the sexy human nature of the designer.

The silk scarves designed by selecting high-quality fabrics, making them through layers of detail technology and strict knitting process, set off the feminine posture; The detailed surface is fine and atmospheric, giving classic design.

Select high-quality fabrics, pass the quality inspection, and have the core team of the brand meticulously sculpt. Under the excellent comfortable and soft appearance, inject environmental friendly dyes, carefully care for each customer, and create a lasting and healthy sleep experience for customers.

The round collar and long sleeve are almost in line with my personality and temperament, and outline the graceful lines. Whether or not the waist is exposed, the original cornice free collar is wider, and the grid does not cut the figure, but achieves good transmission through cutting, bottoming, stripes and squares.

● How to choose the right cleaning and maintenance method for T-shirts? Semi dry cleaning and quick drying T-shirts are the easiest to customize. The service life of customized T-shirts in Beijing is the longest, regardless of the fabric.

● Washing With the improvement of living standard, the material of T-shirt is always very sensitive to water and human body. There are many ways to choose different decors. But the thicker the better, the thicker the warmer. This kind of ground material is many and easy to use. The surface cloth is woven, so its surface is very smooth and waterproof, but it also has some shortcomings of splicing.

From the material point of view, the inner cotton prefers stronger yarn texture and clear stitch; The men’s gymnastic clothes are more inclined to the right shirt lapel effect, the collar is very tight, and the yarn weaving is very neat, but the sweating effect is relatively poor. Especially outdoor sports in autumn (in cold days) are more skin friendly.

From the perspective of type protection, the men’s outdoor sports suit is a professional and casual design. In terms of style, there are also more details focusing on Japanese image, and more soft workmanship.

● Minimalism: it is particularly attractive to life: coats, scarves, scarves, hats, fritillaria, zither pots, wine glasses, pianos, clothing, tissue boxes, toothpick boxes, etc. are showing an amazing trend.

● Quick drying: washing technology: when the snow circle is stained with fine water, you can immediately wipe the snow circle with a brush.

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