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Glossy surface, three-dimensional network structure, white lace fabric industry commonly used website or tool summary!

The aging of TEX viscose fiber is basically considered as a kind of uncontaminated substance, but the TEX group type of TEX viscose fiber has become more and more popular due to its good characteristics.


As a result, some long-term capacity of TEX Material City has been solved. Due to the impact of low temperature, some production plants may have serious overcapacity problems. If TEX Material City is produced under 50% overcapacity, many production enterprises will generate a large amount of capacity, and at the same time, a large amount of capacity balance will be required to make up for it. Therefore, we can not only focus on these problems, but also hope to add some small industries so that enterprises can effectively reduce operating costs. If we have seen these problems, we can help enterprises reduce costs and improve profits.

The surface of fine denier filament is smooth, with high strength and high conductivity. Due to the existence of fine denier fiber in a single yarn, it is easy to break a yarn after breaking. Therefore, in order to solve the fracture problem of single fiber, we adopted the American algorithm technology, commonly used low dip angle polypropylene fiber composite fiber.

Due to the high strength of a single fiber, it is easy to deform. We also use these methods to make them improve the fiber elongation and fracture.

Due to the low strength and elongation of a single fiber, it can not be replaced and fixed in time when it breaks, and it is difficult to obtain a solution for this fiber.

Since there are many fibers in a single fiber, the shear opening of the fibers that stretch and grow up and extend laterally is usually between 3% and 16%. However, only the strength and relaxation of the fibers are considered for the sample, and only the elasticity of the fibers is considered.

As there are many single fibers, the fiber shearing mouth is longer when breaking. The capillary action is uneven when passing through the carding time. The unit diameter shrinks section by section with the increase of fiber twist in each section, and the breaking elongation also decreases accordingly.

● The filament of nylon, spandex and their blends are mostly expressed by elongation. “92%” and “92%” yarns mean nylon. Compared with ordinary “spandex”, they feel softer and smoother, which is simply the style feature of nylon; On the other hand, with the increase of spandex content, the wearing comfort also has a downward trend, which mainly comes from the physical properties and safety performance of the fabric. High quality ingredients are absolutely reassuring materials.

The third generation polyurethane fiber is made of knitting yarn with outstanding elasticity, good temperature resistance, good light resistance, chemical resistance, water washing resistance, chlorine floating color resistance, chlorine bleaching resistance and other properties. This unique elastic fiber strength almost meets all requirements. At present, this kind of clothes made of spandex has increasingly met the requirements of consumers. As long as there is a nylon rope with buttons on the inside of the clothes, you can leave a pull rope on the beautiful clothes. More than 98% of denim fabrics are used alone, while the brand is solid and smooth. When the amount of exercise is large, if the sports pants are pulled, it will cause embarrassment.

The choice of manual materials will bring new functions to the sweatpants. Consumers will also like them if they are not in a crazy place. They look very complex, but they are modern and will not go out of style by virtue of their softness.

The design concept of, while ensuring the comfort of sports pants, can be marked by the size of the T-shirt, and the vision is quite natural, at the same time, it is important for some design capabilities.

The difference between knitted cotton and pure cotton is that the fiber fineness of the yarn is more delicate, soft and breathable than conventional fibers; The characteristics of the yarn are: good impurity removal effect, no impurities, even sliver, high staple fiber rate, smooth yarn surface, no crease of grey cloth, and the inherent light and soft style.

The characteristics of pure cotton yarn are thin, breathable, good water absorption, easy to absorb sweat, and good drape. Due to its high strength, good abrasion resistance, strong impact resistance, and in addition, it is not easy for men in most areas to consume, sponge and other raw materials are widely used.

Of course, the relationship between yarn count and quality is very important, because we can easily reach a commodity price by mastering a process detail of raw materials.

After seeing the difference in the economy of raw materials, we choose different yarn counts and design the raw materials for the products

After distinguishing features, we will further deliver detailed data according to the customer’s needs, and then try to make the appearance of the service as beautiful as possible, and then give our own samples according to the size required by the customer, because this is a very important step in determining a good product, which will also bring more benefits to the customer.

The above is an introduction to the steps we should take in the production process, so that we can find a customer who is suitable for our needs. If we encounter some problems, we can also directly find the customer service of the customer as a delivery, so that we can find the customer for the delivery problem.

Combing preparation, fiber opening, drawing, roving preparation, spinning preparation, drawing, roving preparation, spinning preparation, double twist preparation, sliver arrangement, spinning, drawing preparation, combing preparation, sliver arrangement, spinning, bobbin filtration, combing preparation, sliver arrangement and sizing preparation, pre twisting, drawing, spinning cup, roving preparation, sliver arrangement, deformation capacity of nonwovens, nonwovens and industrial cotton yarn, import, installation Frequent adjustments and high sharing rate make it the most popular even when it is the lowest.

●: The raw materials of the yarn are pure cotton combed yarn, polyester cotton combed yarn, recycled polyester cotton yarn, recycled polyester combed yarn, Tencel yarn and high-grade plain cloth.

●: The raw materials of the yarn are pure cotton combed yarn, polyester cotton combed yarn, recycled polyester cotton fine count yarn, viscose fiber blended yarn, man-made fiber blended yarn, elastic yarn, acrylic wool top blended yarn, etc.

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