White lace fabric industry expansion and consumer interaction space

The competition in the textile industry is fierce. Due to the separation of production and consumption in time, space and main body, the white lace fabric industry expands the interaction space with consumers. It is reported that the enterprise has developed white lace fabric, black two-color lace fabric, black double line rectangular lace fabric, black vertical lace fabric and other varieties. These products not only provide customers with high-quality products and superior products, but also provide enterprises with a wise sense of quality to create valuable consumers.

According to the technicians, in the first three months of this year, the company, with the care and support of the technicians, now has several technicians at a high level after an important closure of a week. “In 2021, the company will launch sustainable ecological textiles to protect national negative ion materials, protect people’s health and safety, and eliminate human health.” Technicians have always been concerned about consumer detection.

With the gradual development of the chemical industry to high-tech technology, economic and international activities in the new three years are accelerating. The energy consumption of environment-friendly products made of recycled fibers from PTA, PTA and MEG has achieved sustainable production, and disposable plastics will become waste materials and commercial disposable household products.

Lianxianyuan has established the principle of offline service for environmental protection, followed up by specially assigned personnel for chemical enterprises, carried out regular research on the basis of comprehensive management and organization of employees, played a service role in an all-round way, promptly reported the application of new green environmental protection technologies and investment projects at the first stop of the meeting, and promised to communicate and guide while tracing opportunities and harvest modes.

The main way of Lianxianyuan is to provide the current situation faced by the chemical enterprises, and adopt the new process that needs to be used together with the supporting facilities and well handled safely.

The main and auxiliary methods are as follows: 1. The environmental performance, anchoring state and cooperation of the borrower can produce modification and no suspension;

● It is applicable to the unsaturated salt hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen chloride gas (water) with two as required, which is prepared by the methods of hydrogen titanium salt making catalyst, acid reducing titanium and catalyst α Reduction to active compound;

● It is applicable to anti mixing agents, non-ionic reducing agents, etc. with water as the dispersion medium, and anti mixing agents with important performance in equipment, fabric, printing and dyeing, etc., mainly used for dyeing with reactive disperse dyes, acid and reactive disperse dyes.

Under the influence of normal temperature PH, carrier PH, water, static electricity, etc., the aggregation state of dye dyed fibers is treated with low yellowing.

There are many factors affecting the dye selection, such as color fastness, washing size change, whiteness and capillary effect.

Different dyes have different thermal affinity. The molecular structure, texture, type, activity and crystallization of dyes directly affect the affinity of dyes to fibers. For example, hydrophobicity of the dye is the main factor causing discoloration, that is, the crystalline state of the primary fiber is different from the ionic state of the fiber; The mechanical, physical and mechanical properties of dyes are different due to different moisture absorption and warmth retention of fibers. It depends on fiber types, chemical properties of dyes, dye processing conditions, tensile properties of dyes and heat setting conditions.

● The improvement of fiber properties is mainly from the perspective of fiber properties. The process of improving fiber properties includes the following four aspects.

● The improvement of fiber characteristics makes its yarn structure more compact, that is, the fiber has high strength, improves the weaving process, greatly improves the production efficiency, shortens the production cycle of textiles and clothing, and also promotes new changes in fiber.

● From the perspective of fiber characteristics, the weaving process is closer than clothing, which improves the structure of knitwear and greatly increases the added value of clothing.

● Different yarns are classified according to their thickness, and soft and smooth georgette yarns are targeted; Use plain denim; Use twill jeans.

● Selection of T/C fabric: denim has a special style, good softness and drapability, smooth handle, natural style and straightness, and is made of heavy textile.

Knowledge mode of fabric selection: 1. Do not use wide volume to describe the quality of jeans in front of you. Open your body to the layout. 2. Try not to put it on the tablecloth, mattress or desk.


The casual version of the office will choose customized fabrics because of its unique characteristics of fitness, taste and tailoring.

● There are some very good fabrics in the market, which are not easy to be out of date, and also have a good sense of comfort. Functional characteristics of some zippers, selvages, and handles.

Another option is for those polyester, cotton or hemp with fine handle, which can also make the fabric more crisp and not easy to deform. Generally speaking, the taste level of the fabric with a little soft feel will be slightly higher. However, it should be noted that the cloth made of polyester fiber has the characteristics of texture, firmness, light resistance, etc. It should be free from high temperature and rough surface, and also ensure the stretching performance of the cloth.

In fact, in addition to silk fabrics, there are also polyester fabrics that people usually like. In fact, there are some special materials, such as polyester fabrics, chenille, etc. In fact, I think that in different seasons, natural fibers also have their own advantages. Because I think the chemical fiber fabrics are actually the same as the invention of Chenille. They belong to a strange type. There are not so many kinds in spring and summer. The chemical fiber content is more than 80%.

As an advanced imitation fiber, Chenille belongs to the development of a new fiber material, which uses Chenille’s high technology, such as a polyester fiber for imitation fiber movement, such as a kind of imitation fabric. Chenille’s man-made fiber is also called “real high tenacity long white fiber”, which has a new concept. It is a high-tech product. The fiber fineness of Chenille is only half of that of hair, which is unique to the factory, and the price is relatively high. Therefore, there is a “Chenille” short fiber.

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May 7, 2023 Company News
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