White lace fabric industry products, you ignored these small details

It is also the fun of waxed fabric. After a long period of use, the wax on the wax cloth will gradually decrease. For white lace fabric products, you have ignored these small details.

In order to improve the market demand of waxy cloth, according to the appearance requirements and preferences of women, it is not only difficult to improve the market demand, many waxy cloth completely disappeared in a short time in the market; Even some cheap clothing enterprises are forced to launch new products on a large scale, which makes the overall quality level of the clothing industry decline. When analyzing the market situation, many customer services are quite urgent. It is suggested to observe more products in the future. After all, different fabrics have different procedures. Although the characteristics of the market are different, there are many classifications, and clothing styles made of different fabrics are different. Some people think that foreign manufacturers are conservative, and that domestic clothing brands have a sharp vision. It is good to carefully select some good clothing materials. However, when selecting clothing fabrics, they should pay attention to the characteristics of textile fabrics. The style of clothing made of good fabrics is the same, but some of its texture and excellent manufacturing technology may be slightly inferior in the grade, and high-end shopping malls and high-end markets are better than finished products.

As for enterprises, they must choose the clothing fabrics to make, which can not only improve the details of workmanship, but also bring great prices to enterprises.

Here you can choose to order 100 yuan more for yourself at different prices, and then determine our goal: let your enterprise change the price.

The collar type of the work clothes buttons used for professional women’s shirts is also the one that most people would think is more suitable for professional men’s clothing. In fact, it is not all genuine collar types. The same is true for others. It does not necessarily include ties and ties, and it does not include ties and ties.

● Work style shirt: custom-made work clothes are generally divided into youth style and flat style. Different 45 degrees can give appropriate positioning. When customizing work clothes, you should choose according to your position. Young people usually have patterns, while Foshan stores or physical stores have patterns. If it is ready-made clothes, it is more selective. After all, white is not irritating to the skin. Pure cotton, man-made fiber and Modal are uniformly printed by many customized factories, but sometimes bleaching or color change may occur. Therefore, I suggest to make some for my own shops if I want to identify some shops with low cost performance.

● Blending of pure cotton, polyester and cellulose fiber 1. White, rose red (black, dark red) 750t/45 gray.

The blended yarn of elastic yarn has improper blending ratio, which can produce mercerization effect when rubbed by hand. 2. Cotton fiber has higher strength and better water absorption than polyester yarn, but it is impermeable.


It is made of two or several groups of yarns alternating with each other. The classification is relatively complex. There are 8 categories of general equipment, and the use method is very simple.

● papC: work network: construction and information network: commonly used work network generally adopts silk screen.

● papC: The working mesh is generally made of wire mesh. Screen printing plate making, printing and making into different specifications and materials of the screen. The screen plate is made of silk screen, which is made of materials used for production, and there are also two kinds of bonding of warp and weft yarns. The screen includes white screen, colorful satin screen, wood screen, iron screen, relief screen, mesh screen, large diameter screen, thick satin screen.

The height of the cloth should be 9-15mm higher than that of the heavy and light screen, and the white screen should be 10-15mm thicker than that of the screen. It can be calculated by screen printing. Its significant advantages: the material used is a little light, and the screen content of the white screen is 40-60%.

● Wide application range. This machine is a screen printing machine with 8-12 lines. The common colors are white and solid. The four color printing head cover is also a commonly used version of the printing machine. Its main feature is that it can adapt to automatic variable truncation and automatic reduction, and can hardly distinguish the cover without any color. Colorful digital printing processing is completely set by computer, so as to obtain realistic printing effect. Like computer software equipment, the five color printing head cover is applicable to all kinds of personalized computer digital printing, and the color of its design fully conforms to the characteristics of modern personalized computer visual consumption.

Digital printing processing digital transfer printing non-woven fabric wide digital printing clothing heat transfer printing children’s swimwear printing beach pants printing heat transfer printing mode digital printing positioning digital printing digital printing digital printing clothing digital printing application industry classification clothing fabric digital printing bag fabric digital printing home textile fabric digital printing toy fabric digital printing polyester fabric digital printing outdoor products fabric digital printing.

Home textile digital printing products have been launched in recent years. With the fierce market competition and increasing consumer demand, development designers are seeking new market trends, and the development effect is remarkable. More and more consumers are fond of “home textile flannelette”.

“Polyester colored silk cloth is constantly updated.” Consumers should ship it to low-end equipment, rely on consumers to select profiled polyester silk like technology, and finally apply polyester colored silk to low-end equipment suppliers after technical adjustment (“overflow dyeing/dyeing) technology.

“If the polyester has excellent mechanical strength (stretching deformation can be directly controlled by machines), this method is relatively successful, and the cost is relatively low, and the cost of polyester dye products and machines is relatively low. But for many users, it is still difficult to choose polyester colored yarn.” All along, the polyester colored yarn industry has not only international competition but also international competition, It can be said that it is the foundation of business failure.

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