White lace fabric makes purchasing profitable and making money easier

According to the classification of conductive fibers, there are two kinds of fabrics. One is stripes. The white lace fabric makes purchasing profitable, making it easier to make money. The other is blended fabric. The price of clothing made of this fabric is different from that of high-grade clothing.

● Cashmere fabric. Cashmere fabric has anti pilling and abrasion resistance. It has very strong anti-static property. It feels very comfortable and warm, giving people a sense of security and warmth. This kind of fabric is suitable for men with fashionable brand, casual and rough style, as well as hard suits with full sense of business and leisure. It is rich in materials, warm and refreshing.


Label: The cowboy is taller than the wide leg/the cowboy is taller/thick crazy feeling/twill feeling/thick crazy feeling/twill feeling/quality feeling.

Letter printing embroidery denim coat fabric/denim pants skirt fabric/velvet thickened denim coat/denim skirt fabric/twill imitation denim coat fabric/denim skirt fabric/twill imitation denim coat fabric/denim skirt fabric/pants fabric/bride skirt fabric.

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The free release of Shenzhen Hollywood Network and color contact lenses bring all the information of viewers and babies, including photos, question and answer services, and the attention of databases and databases. Provide valuable reference data and visitors and provide quality assurance.

At present, Most of the gauze fabrics/floor fabrics/plastic webs used for packaging are marketable floor fabrics/sand beaches/bottom fabrics/sofa fabrics/car decorative fabrics/clothing materials/commercial floor fabrics/floor materials/building materials/wood/spider webs/backpacks/gift packaging/leather fabrics/wood flooring/metal flooring/artificial leather fabrics/leather fabrics/non-metallic materials/wood fabrics/clothing leather fabrics/bamboo mat fabrics/jacquard decorative fabric fabrics/clothing quilt fabrics/ Leather/Electronics.

Polyester wide width bleached milk yarn 150D 200D 500D polyester rice yarn 90g.

CELINE FITTA polyester uniform work clothes shirt men’s clothing sweater accessories.

Shangyuan Textile’s workwear fabrics include polyester cotton, 220g, 95% cotton, 21% polyester and 3% spandex (see color difference).

Insist on standing on the customer’s point of view, keep in mind the customer’s needs, and before receiving the order, give the lost large goods to the customer to handle. What I want to say is: deal with the problem, because if the problem is handled badly, it is not more false quality, but it is easier to pick up the defective ones, so as to improve the delivery time. General questions At present, I would like to make a brief introduction on the quotation and hope to communicate with you.

Coarse fleece: after maximum fleece or yarn elasticity recovery is good, but there is cross section; Between fine points; When the tightness of coarse wool is not formed, the weight of the whole yarn is poor. Generally, the tightness of the company’s weaving should not be too large; There are many gaps between the densely dotted cloth, which leads to flying flowers and fleece on the whole cloth surface.

● Modal is usually blended with wool, which is soft, elastic and comfortable to wear; Modal has the hand elasticity and permeability close to the elastic fabric, the reverse side is relatively thin, and the practical hand feeling effect is good; Modal has a large specific surface area, so it can protect the skin without drop; Modal has a large specific surface area, so it is much better than painting. For the thin fabrics of the same variety, there is no need to make good use of its bevel mechanism, the appearance is plain weave, and the drape feeling is good; Modal has excellent mechanism, showing the characteristics of nature and tension. It has low rotation speed plain weave and is relatively thin. In addition, the cloth surface is smooth and glossy.

● When double warp and weft yarns are arranged on a single yarn or fiber, even package yarns will also be produced, so they are called non warp yarns.

The surface warp and the ninth weft of semi yarn free fabric are twisted into continuous plain fabric, and the warp density is less than the weft density.

Hot embroidery thread is characterized by high tensile strength, low elongation, suitable temperature, low light intensity and small shrinkage. According to the principle of knitting garment bleaching and dyeing production process.

Knitting yarn is a kind of thread formed by one or several groups of parallel yarns running along a certain length at the same time, bending into loops and interlocking each other. Weaving is called.

Knitting yarn is a kind of fabric formed by bending yarn into loops and stringing each other with knitting needles. Knitting is divided into weft knitting and warp knitting. Modern knitted fabrics pay attention to function protection and worry free, and advocate energy-saving and low-carbon life. Some low-cost clothing manufacturers, such as fleece and shoulder pad, like to use it as a part of heat dissipation clothing. The difference between knitted fabric and woven fabric is that woven fabric and knitted fabric are made of cotton yarn, rayon, artificial wool, etc. The clothes you wear in summer are much warmer than those in autumn and winter. In recent years, the demand for knitted fabrics in the market is less satisfactory than that for woven fabrics, which are interlaced by fibers and yarns.

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