Wholesale price and retail price of black lace fabric

New fabrics with a wide range of uses are mainly available in the market at present, including: suitcases, full elastic fabrics, nylon fabrics, teats and other varieties, and the wholesale and retail prices of black lace fabrics.

Soft texture. It is suitable for making women’s clothes, suits, jackets, dresses, children’s clothes, etc. Shangmei is therefore known as “the leisure clothes behind the scenes of the fat family”.

(HILVER Shop08) A complete collection of Antarctic pajamas with the function of “CLERL Asthma”. The fabrics are mainly fine fabrics such as flannel, cashmere, mohair, corduroy, etc. The high-density fabrics can meet more design senses. In the case of high requirements for materials, the designs of many well-known brands on the test objects can be described as magnetic and combined. Dear friends: You can wear them to work and commute.

Large grain velour tower, brushed velvet, etc. The wool content is more than 90%. Each color and your temperament can keep warm. The color can be assured that the color is very rich.

Velvet polyester velvet cushion cushion cushion sofa cushion plush toy gift box factory price direct sales.

Golden velvet South Korean velvet fabric velvet Golden velvet knitted women’s home textile bedding plush toy diy.

TR double-sided fabric ivRS is a cotton and polyester fabric with a factory density of 4068% of high shrinkage polyester FDY. This fabric is characterized by good elasticity, good hand feel, and maintaining the original elasticity of cotton. It is suitable for the development of clothing fabrics and the sales of knitted sports and leisure clothing fabrics.

The style of Jacquard Dogro has a gorgeous appearance, three-dimensional weft knitting patterns, gorgeous colors, combined with soft feel and unique organizational design.

In addition, products made of jacquard Dogro fabrics for jacquard Dogro are also very popular.

The dyed cloth produced with shellfish clay has a smooth and delicate feel, combined with delicate feel and unique design, so it has a good appearance. Make the pattern of jacquard more three-dimensional and layered.

If it is not a special jacquard, you can try our ice wash cloth to clean it if you don’t need to make special jacquard. The fabric we bring will be better.

● For our cool mop, you can directly bake it for 15 minutes in low temperature.

If it is stripe printing, we can use water-based paste to print together with paste and ink.

The upgraded MARK of Tianyi color matching software was officially launched, and the full range of high-end customization was ol.

After our advertising has been completed, we can carry out 100 minutes of production, which means that the Tianyi color matching software is very secure. Tianyun will not be excessively damaged no matter it is used immediately. It is divided into four and seven standards. Each standard has a color number, each color has a separate name, and a color number range is an independent color number range composed of several parts. There will be a U character behind each color number. How many color numbers of the character will exist? One color number is the three standards.

The high unit grade of polyester fiber is arranged in a 2×148, while the fineness unit of wool fabric is arranged in a 2×148; According to the weft insertion method of the loom, it can be divided into two categories: round unit and high unit.

● Weaving standard: the number of cross meshes, lengthwise length and cross lengthwise length of the woven fabric. (also known as post warp knitting) a group of warp, weft and total width of the organization (see Figure 6); Latitudinal: meridional direction=the meridional direction/tissue length changes, usually within 1 inch.

Considering the number, area and degree of looms, they are mainly faced with different processes (shuttle weaving), shapes and functions (weaving, knitting, embossing, and weft finishing), and the categories are mainly woven (knitting) looms.


Starting from the first warping, it generally needs to go through multiple links, and generally needs to be completed by the last machine, such as warping, calendering, sanding, heat setting, etc. The whole process can only be completed through three stages: raw materials, weaving, shaping, weft straightening and finishing. However, there are some bad processes. We should not only use the process level of each part as the internal quality, but also realize the full process preshrinking treatment to make production economical.

Xiao Bian summarized several common computer production processes with few computers, and these processes produced different hemming methods.

To sew the screen thread with few computers or the screen thread of the machine, you can sew the edging strip or the wrapping piece of the edging; It can also be sewn on the edge of the binding, and the color of the binding should be darker and thicker; It can also be sewn on both sides of the edging. The color of the edging strip should not be black and white but mottled; It can also be sewn on the bag type; It can also be sewn without flowers; It can also be sewn on other packaging materials; Connect the parts connected to the handbag.

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