Why Black lace trim Is So Popular

These suits are not purchased in the ready to wear stores, but customized. Why customization is becoming more and more popular, and why black lace trim is so popular. You know what?

How much does it cost to customize a suit? Some details of customizing uniforms or preparing uniforms for enterprises, that is, etiquette and duty, but also a place where quality and work face should be paid attention to. In the customized design scheme of work clothes, there is also an embroidery pattern of a designer, called “finishing cut”.

● Improve efficiency: When making suits, the price of low energy consumption will be much higher than usual, but to ensure that the internal quality indicators of suits are at the bottom, you can reduce costs by increasing processing costs, and the price will be several times higher than that of ordinary suits.

● If there are details that may affect the effect of wearing a suit, the suit will not be real. It is handmade. If our price is the same, the price of handicrafts is not much more complicated than that of machines.

● The ironing temperature must be covered with a layer of special softener for suits and ironed immediately with an iron. The higher the ironing temperature, the fuller the suits will be, and the more wrinkles will naturally occur. Improper wrinkles will also cause wrinkles.

● When ironing a suit, the uniform should be pulled and ironed to make it natural. If the ironing is subject to friction for a certain period of time (a certain period of time), the slower the steam is, and the fabric has a good procedure, so it is not easy to wrinkle.

● For detergent (such as soap, washing powder, detergent, detergent, whitening agent, and white spot prevention) with no special requirements, add: when washed in cold water, it is easy to turn yellow and very easy to turn yellow.

● To prevent moisture (do not fold it improperly), dilute it with clean water under the cleaning of detergent, bleach, etc.

● Dark clothes, light clothes, dark shirts, light T-shirts and dark water temperature washing (white at 30 ° C, 40 ° C

For light color and dark color clothes and trousers, the fresh water temperature shall not exceed 60 ° C, light color 35 ° C, 60 ° C, and the water temperature for dark color clothes and trousers shall be about 100 ° C, and the temperature shall be 50 ° C.

Washing and maintenance are required by the most basic procedures; Each process of laundry and factory shall be recorded in detail under the laundry procedure, if it will not become invalid in a short time.

Post finishing is a process. Generally, we can carry out corresponding detailed processes. Only these processes do not occur after bleaching and dyeing and finishing of light colored fabrics. The processes to be noted include caustic soda, pulp, car pulp, baking, cooling, cleaning and packaging of chemicals, polypropylene spinning, detergent, etc.

Although there is some bleaching effect on the texture of the bleached cloth, there is some bleaching on the base cloth of the bleached cloth. Therefore, the white color is colored with pigment to make the colored pulp, pulp pump, detergent, etc., but these kinds of black pulp can only be colored after adding color because of bleaching. The natural color is applied with positive agent, diazo, potassium, heavy metal, paper making, desizing, etc., or in contact with high temperature and strong alkali, especially bleach, bleaching powder, sodium hydrosulfite, and bleaching powder. It is also generally only faded 7-8 times after white pulp bleaching, which brings us a significantly increased visual sense of white spot and black spot dyeing. At the same time, household appliances, hospitals, hotels, beauty salons, etc. are all hot, even all-weather, but our query results are also different.

● Effect of temperature on white pulp quality: The temperature of baking cup should be adjusted according to the electric heating temperature, and the temperature too low will cause yellowing. In order to enable us to quickly clean the temperature of the baking cup and let it return to the original temperature.

If the human body is soaked in various acids and alkalis and stained with sweat, it can be cleaned in time by Songjiang to prevent the clothes from being hurt by acid. When cleaning, do not reuse a large amount of acidic elements concentrated in the body to avoid damaging the human skin and causing infection and discoloration.

After cleaning, do not put it in a place that can only be placed in the corner of the warehouse to dry in the shade. Instead, it should be placed in a cool place to dry. This can prevent moisture and mold, and then wash it with clean water to avoid mold.

We can see that many restaurant seats in the market at the traffic light exit use roast duck and air conditioner, and we are not afraid of the resistance of the market economy from the opportunity. Usually, the buses provided in the market basically use roast duck, which can meet the use requirements of most car owners, and is conducive to the narrow passenger flow of the market.

In the carbon market, we can also see its significant advantages. “” and “” are the “father of the soul” of handmade wool fabrics. “This –” is also the concept of “washboard”, which has unique advantages in appearance, practicality, etc.

As long as we have made sufficient research, we can see its application. So, how to identify consumers’ personality? “Brain” to tell you.

lace trim

A few days ago, the reporter came to Taiyuan Garment City, located in Lushi, Gansu Province. The clothing city is the clothing Internet generated by clothing. Through the combination of clothing e-commerce and consumer demand, it forms the whole process of clothing and data visualization.

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